Computer Cleaning, Protection and Security

Computer Fixer-Upper Methods

General / Obvious / Introductory - (for people who don't know much about this area)
Unnecessary Startup Programs
notes about virus computer protection programs
computer internet setup recommendations
anonymous surfing
IP Address
network security overview

Computer Tests
test your broadband speed
test your firewall

Intrusion Prevention
intrusion prevention

Port Scanning
port scanning

Product Information
find out about cisco products

Services (that run on computer)
about windows vista services
about windows xp services

Software - Free
  • General

  • lots of free software links
    more lots of free software links

  • Browser

  • lots of good apps to protect your browser (GOOD)

  • CPU Temperature Monitor Programs

  • SpeedFan - temps, voltages, fan speeds
    Intel Active Monitor - temps, voltages, fan speeds (exlusively for Intel Desktop Boards)

  • Websites

  • McAfee SiteAdvisor (GOOD - install this one)

    Software - Pay
  • Anonymous Surfing

  • anonymous surfing software

  • Content Cleanup

  • ContentCleanup - Remove Unwanted Content or Uninvited Files from your PC

  • CPU Temperature Monitor Programs

  • Hmonitor - mainboard, cpu, hdd, cooling fan rpm, etc (free evaluation period)

  • GoBack Software

  • Drive Vaccine PC Restore Plus (GOOD)