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  • General

  • Blazing Games
    Candy Stand
    Arcade Bomb
    cool fast free online games
    online emulators, play games from old consoles online
    AdultSwim - lots of funny cartoons
    armor games - the best games
    Kongregate - lots of cool games
    world's hardest game
    lots of optical and sensory illusions
    Collection of Word Oddities and Trivia
    optical illusions, 3d images, etc.
    how to perform magic tricks
    Boneland - cartoons, movies
    ZooAss - games, postcards, jokes, drinks...
    Shockwave - games
    NewGrounds - games, toons...
    Dork Darts
    weird druggy cartoons
    Yuk Yuk - games
    RinkWorks - reads, humor, games, puzzles, movies...
    translate any website to different languages
    whoohoo - translate any phrase you type - pictures, movies, cartoons
    HomeStarRunner - toons, games
    GameSpyArcade - games
    DrakesHangout - forum, jokes...
    Astatix - free game downloads
    crosswords, cryptograms, anagrams
    puzzlemaker - online mysteries, mystery games, etc
    dreamdoctor - read people's dreams
    a gadzillion things to think about
    Spark - tests
    Reader's Digest Super Word Power
    brain teaser, iq tests, puzzles, games
    funny pictures
    mazes and puzzles
    quizzes, puzzles, jokes
    newspaper funnies
    make your own snowflakes (requires flash)
    total LEGO creations
    jigsaw puzzles galore
    riddles, puzzles, games
    kaleidoscope painter
    decorate a snowman
    create quizes for others
    playing cards everything
    tons of interactive games
    Where have your bills been?
    five-finger fillet
    probability games
    sound factory, fun game, make noise at work but avoid the boss!
    Lite Brite Online
    entertaining little bouncy ball program
    blog, accidental dong (things that look like dongs)
    cool games site
    pinball games galore forum

  • Music (Games)

  • match the notes
    shoot at the correct note that is played
    memorize the melody, like simon says kind of

  • MMO (Games)

  • free MMORPGs

  • Chess (Games)

  • interactive chess board, set up pieces, move them around, play through moves
    really good chess site, lots of help
    best java chess opponent
    java chess opponent
    the chess world
    shredder chess
    very good - interactive chess analysis

    Video Games
  • General

  • The Video Game Masters Club - reviews, online emulator, gamer girls, other misc entertainment
    Team Xbox
    video game charts
    Super Cheats - a good amount of codes and decent walkthroughs
    Game Guides - really good walkthroughs and guides
    Speed Demos Archive - lots of good speed run videos

  • Emulators and Roms (Video Games)

  • online emulators, play online - everything u need
    Arcade@Home - lots of different emulators, custom emulators for custom games
    custom emulator with some custom games
    another custom emulator with some custom games
    Retro Uprising

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