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  • General

  • - various
    various reference links
    various information sources
    movie database - actor / movie info
    lots of textfiles on various topics
    infoplease, country info, lots of good info, but overdone on the advertising
    Urban Dictionary
    how much is your website worth?
    Word Finder
    Idioms site

  • Ask (Reference)

  • ask qustions about sex, drugs, emotional disorders, nutrition and general ailments
    Ask Cooking Questions

  • Awards (Reference)

  • Darwin Awards - stupid people

  • Boats (Reference)

  • The Mother Of All Maritime Links

  • Conversion Calculators (Reference)

  • best conversion calc site
    most conversions
    area, length, volume, weight and mass
    area, bits & bytes, density, energy, force, length, mass, power, pressure, speed, temperature, volume
    good site
    another conv calc site
    ppm calculator

  • Courts (Reference)

  • state court info

  • Documents (Reference)

  • government documents

  • Facts (Reference)

    World Fact Book of all Countries - misc facts
    the Old Farmer's Almanac
    U.S. Census Bureau - facts about people, business, and geography

  • General Tips (Reference)

  • good cleaning, cooking, and outdoors tips
    general tips for around the house - proving the validity of urban legends and rumors

  • Geography / Maps (Reference)

  • World Atlas
    USAPhotoMaps (aerial maps)
    States and Capitals - full info
    search cities
    city data - best
    city data - good
    active panable zoomable map

  • Greetings Cards (Reference)

  • electronic greeting cards
    electronic greeting cards
    electronic greeting cards

  • How To (Reference)

  • eHow - how to do anything (almost)

  • Law (Reference)

  • Law Library
    dumb laws

  • Maps (Reference)

  • Yahoo! Maps

  • Miscellaneous (Reference)

  • obtain source or all images associated with url by typing it in
    top website statistics
    website statistics
    online picture editing program
    flags of all kinds
    converters, finance, lots of data
    typing test, how many wpm?
    the four temperaments
    typology test, MBTI
    rotten library
    Sydlexia - miscellaneous stuff

  • Murphy's Laws (Reference)

  • Murphy's Laws

  • OCR (optical character recognition) (Reference)

  • Free OCR - excellent

  • Paper (Reference)

  • Free Online Graph Paper / Grid Paper PDFs - lots - print it out

  • People / Info / Business Search (Reference)

  • DexKnows - people / business search
    Yellow Pages
    Find Info On People
    People Search
    Celebrity Emails
    people finder sites
    Bureau of Labor Statistics
    World Population Awareness News Digest
    Wikipedia - Free Encyclopedia
    Essays, Research Papers, Term Papers, Speeches
    Compaq Safety & Comfort Guide
    Comlete Flags
    technical gauge reference
    find words that rhyme with another
    NNDB - search quick stats on well known people

  • Phobias (Reference)

  • The Phobia List
    Phobia List

  • Recreation (Reference)

  • search parks
    searchable movie database

  • Schools (Reference)

  • complete listing organized by state or alphabetically
    complete listing of colleges, universities, med schools, etc
    search performance statistics on individual schools

  • Time Zones (Reference)

  • get current time in any time zone
    Time Zones
    various time and date info
    get the official time for anywhere in the world

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