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good flash help website

Programming (also see Subjects / Mathematics, Web Design)
The New Boston - the best website for learning programming
Gaussian Elimination
Many resources
Coding Forums

Web Design (also see Programming)
  • General

  • good standards info about the internet - good site
    HotScripts - sripts galore!
    Web Developer's Virtual Library
    Webmonkey - good resource
    MSDN Online - good forum
    Web Developer's Journal
    Web Page Design for Designers
    Site Point
    About Web Design
    CGI Resource Index
    Webmaster Stop
    Starting Webmaster
    free, original DHTML & Javascripts
    free DHTML scripts
    javascripts and DHTML - animations, software, applets, tutorials
    getting started, advanced, email, d, complete tut
    ezboard - make and manage your own message boards
    SourceForge - open source
    various forums
    complete html character entities1
    complete html character entities2
    ASCII Codes, characters and symbols, dec hex octal binary conv, References, Control Characters
    search engine (only for limited size though)

  • CSS (Web Design)

  • full property list
    CSS Reference - very good
    downloadable templates, some with java too

  • Flash (Web Design)

  • lots of flash tutorials, very good

  • HTML (Web Design)

  • HTML Reference - very good
    good for learning
    HTML Goodies - lots of tips
    HTML Quick List
    good help for HTML
    W3Schools - good html resource
    Compact Index of HTML Tags
    every official HTML tag in common usage
    Complete HTML True Color Chart
    good color code charts
    AWESOME! html color selector, the BEST
    good HTML color chart
    good site
    best help for sorting data in tables

  • JavaScript (Web Design)

  • good reference, and good javascript help page with live examples
    good javascript help as well as good help style nav menu on left
    lots of java script application codes
    The JavaScript Source
    JAVA DOM tutorials
    JAVA DOM tutorials

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