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80s New Wave
Underground Eighties Radio

•YTRand - All Clubbin
•Mr Suicide Sheep - All Uploads
•man on a mission - 0ejmusik0
•Serious beat 0ejmusik0


Breakbeat Drum n Bass
•JungleSoundMovement, HospitalRecords, and HLD77777 - all uploads
•JungleSoundMovement - all uploads
•Innersense DrumnBass Radio
•EJMusik DrumnBass Playlists

•YTRand - Chill, Happy, Bittersweet, Bossa Nova
•all downtempo, reggae, chill, mellow, and jazz
YTRand SpaceAmbient Channel
All Downtempo - EJMusik - YTRand
•ghostlyintl (minimal clubbin, chill, retro new wave)
Big Random Chill Playlist - ejmusik
•Chill, Future, Best Retro, Trap (0EJMusik)
•Chill, Best, Flow, Bittersweet, Downtempo Soul (0EJMusik)
Chill Love
EJMusik Chill 2017
•DLoaw All Uploads
•com truise, lorn, tor, and boards of canada
•daviddeanburkhart, ghostlyintl, DLoaw, All Uploads
Neroche and Lorn
•Hawaii Playlist
•breakbeat, chill, soul, rap, brazilian
•chill, best, and flow
•All Chill
Chill Flow breakbeat rap soul clubbin type playlist 2018
•sensual soul, soul chill rap, downtempo rnb soul
•stress assassin reggae chill
•dubmission records uploads

•Colorado Classical
•Minnesota Public Radio
•WFMT Streaming
•Venice Classical (SC)
•Classical 102 at TuneIn
•KCME Colorado Springs
•Visage, Edmonds, WA
•Organ radio
•baroque ejmusik playlist
•classical playlist (all of my playlists that have "classical" in the title 2/20/2014)

•YTRand - All Clubbin
•gangster gang, dark side

Folk Renaissance
•YTRand - All Viking Folk Renaissance

Gloom Music
•solemn dark ambient music - drakulady all uploads and favorites
•solemn gloom doom drone
•0ejmusik0 YTRand - gloom
• Neroche, Caretaker, ghostly, 1940s, gloom
• Select Sombergray and Devoid
• Gloom & Doom, Gothic, Industrial, etc
• EJ Gloom
• ghostly, 80s, brazilian, gloom, gothic, jazzbient, ambient industrial, chill
•dark gloom goth tribal

Hip Hop
•Best Rap Hip Hop RnB
•rap soul disco funk rnb etc
•best hiphop rnb downtempo rnb soul arm two
•soul chill rap
•rap 2018 and rnb
•trap rap chill soul
•good rap
•mellow rap
•armrap, good rap, chill rap, downtempo rnb
•dope chill beats for freestylin
•rap, chill, soul, trap, and more
•mjNichols beats - YouTube
•Soul, Rap, R&B, MissDAdolph yt channel

•fix8sed8 - Dormicum
•fix8sed8 - Humanophobia
•all industrial, ytrand 0ejmusik0

•Jazz Radio
•90.9 jazz chicago
•YTRand - All Jazz
•Downtempo and Jazz
•jazz piano (jazz2511, Lot2learn, 7notemode)
•Daytime Jazz and Other 0ejmusik0
•traditional jazz and brazilian 0ejmusik0

Metal and Rock
•All Metal 2018 - YTRand 0ejmusik0
•black metal - Lightfox177 all uploads
•AtmsphericBlackMetal - full albums
•ytrand 0ejmusik0 - all metal and rock playlists
•all rock playlists, ytrand 0ejmusik0
•Rock Metal Blues

Mysterious Magical
•0ejmusik0 mysterious magical halo fable

•bossa nova, drumnbass, and clubbin - ytrand 0ejmusik0
•best and flow playlists - ytrand ejmusik
•rock, downtempo, chill, and mellow - ytrand ejmusik
•RecordMakers (pop, retronewwave, electronic, mellow)
•RNCmusic (clubbin contemporary pop)
•ProGuitarShopDemos (guitar pedal demos)
•LittleMissLounge (60s 70s cheesy lounge music)
•ytrand EJMusik piano playlists
•jazz, blues, and rock, ytrand 0ejmusik0
•OfficialTrapCity, AllTrapNation, ChillStepNation, AllThingsTrap, AllTrapMusic
•breakbeat, clubbin, dance, flow, trap

•stress assassin reggae chill
•dubmission records uploads
•all downtempo, reggae, chill, mellow, and jazz

Retro New Wave
•0ejmusik0 retro new wave playlists
•neros77, newretrowave, luigidonatello, ArtzieMusic, MrNONSENSE2010 all uploads
•Act Razer
•Com Truise
•Droid Bishop
•Lazer Hawk
•Mega Drive
•Miami Nights 1984
•Mitch Murder
•Protector 101

Video Game
•YTRand All EJMusik Video Game Playlists
•Castlevania OST
•C64 Style (kohina.com)
•Nintendo Radio
•YTRand 8bit NES Music (constantlimit, Styl3Styl3, 0ejmusik0, 8BitUniverseMusic)

Dad Accordion
•AIJohnsen - YTRand

•All EJMusik Uploads
•All Dystopian Sunfall Uploads

•Müldeponie (mellow ambient gloom renaissance)
•Nyx Mod (gloom and dark ambient)
•semi ambient
•Ambient and Relaxing Jazz
•1940s ballroom afterlife

Du matin au soir

•Stuart Hameroff on Singularity 1 on 1: Consciousness is More than Computation!
•Noam Chomsky: The Singularity is Science Fiction!
•Michio Kaku on Singularity 1 on 1: Science is the Engine of Prosperity!
•Ray Kurzweil on Singularity 1 on 1
•Jiddu Krishnamurti - The Energy in Emptiness
•Jiddu Krishnamurti : Freedom from self
•J krishnamurti : Can the Human Mind Be Completely Free of Fear ?
•OSHO: You Are in Prison and You Think You Are Free (Preview)
•OSHO: The Compulsion to Reach Power
•Attend and Befriend - Healing the Fear Body - Tara Brach
•Vipassana (Insight or Mindfulness) Meditation
•Four Ways of Letting Go | by Ajahn Brahm
•No-Self Esteem | by Ajahn Brahm
•Impermanence: Everything Will Be Alright | by Ajahn Khemavaro
•Ajahn Brahm - Freeing Our Minds From The Mental Prisons
•I Don't Own My Past
•Peace Is The Highest Happiness
•Blueprint to Cut - Arnold Schwarzenegger
•Ligmincha videos
•Alan Watts ~ Cultivating The level Of Detachment
•Alan Watts ~ The Addiction To Control
•Alan Watts ~ Knowing Myself By Letting Go
•Alan Watts ~ Meditation ~ The Key To Freedom
•Alan Watts ~ The Illusion Of Expectations
•Alan Watts - The veil of thoughts - complete - original
•Alan Watts ~ Seeing Through The Illusion Of The World
•Alan Watts - The Taoist Way
•Alan Watts ~ Living Life Free Of Attachments
•Alan Watts ~ The Rewards Of Releasing Control
•Alan Watts - The middle way
•Alan Watts - Escaping the Trap! FULL [Alan Watts Philosophy]
•Alan Watts ~ Enjoying My Own Suffering
•Alan Watts - How to contact your higher self
•Alan Watts~ Reality & Illusion