Sleep Music Page
tracks for combining with other tracks, supplementary or addition tracks
Combat - Desert War Battle 1hr
Combat - War footage
Combat - War footage videos
Combat - WWII combat sounds
Drone - Continually falling drone
Drone - Mysterious Sounds Heard Around the World
Explosions - Random explosions
Explosions - Ukraine war webcam
Indian - Native American Flute and Water Creek*** (good)
Indian - Native American Flute Relaxation
Indian - Native American Flute, Hypnotic Tones, Meditation Music
Indian - Native American Lakota Warrior Music
Indian - Shaman Drums
Misc - Heart Rate Monitor
Noise - Glenn Weyant misc sounds
Piano - Ambient Random Piano Music
Railroad work 1
Railroad work 2
Railroad work 3
Railroad work 4
Singing Bowls - Hermes Zygott Crystal Sing Bowls
Singing Bowls - Tibetan Bowl - New Over 1 Hour Long
Storm - 75 minutes of thunder and rain
Storm - Thunderstorm 4-30-2012, lots of thunder and rain audio
White Noise and Granular Sea Waves
Winter - Snowstorm Ambience
Winter - Howling Winds Ambience
Winter - Howling Wind

YouTube Searches
Biosphere - Shenzhou

Teal Swan
Peter Draws Uploads
Dharma Talks - WonBuddhism Manhattan

Gregorian Vespers and others for the H. Virgin.Mary
Gregorien Chefs D'oeuvre CD1 e CD2
Vozes da Tranquilidade
Job - Chant grégorien de l'abbaye de Fontfroide

ejm ambience playlist
sfd playlist
good youtube choral autogen playlist
Arrowhead Playlist

YouTube Channels
user darkdoom18 - dark ambient videos, 58 video playlist, user uploads
Free Sound search sounds like factory, ambience keywords, sort longest duration first and play
crickets and storm
ambient piano

drone generator
Naturesounds website
Ambient Mixer website - cello drone, light thunder, right to center, distant rolling thunder, thunder, crispy bang, pre thunderstorm, large windchimes
theremin sound generator
Tibetan throat singing
White Rain noise
Hypnosis Talk
Indian Drone
jungle Noise
propeller Noise Generator
misc generators

audio bibles 1

YouTube Randomizer website
epicandfake full albums ambient

Ambience (
Storm and Rain sounds (
Backyard Ghost Radio
(SC) Drone Zone
(SC) Trancemission.FM
(SC) PanAmbientFM
(SC) Chroma Ambient
Blissful Meditation
(SC) Nirvana Radio

Combo 1
Dark Ambient Playlist - Atrium Carceri
Best Sound Of Halloween (75 minutes of TERROR!)
Scarewear - Halloween Sound of Horror

Combo 2
Ulver - Svidd Neger soundtrack
30th of May 2013 thunderstorm and dawn sounds
Severe Thunderstorm in Northern, NJ 8/15/12
Living - Spooky Scary Sounds

Combo 3
SUNN O))) & Ulver - Terrestrials (Full Album)
unreal city sounding : first movement

Black Metal
Violet Cold - Magic Night (Full Album)

Ambient Album Jukebox