General Workout Rules

Make sure you breathe when lifting weights, donít want to pop a blood vessel or anything.
Warm up before and after a weight-lifting routine, donít want to snap any ligaments.
Always keep back in vertical upright position when lifting and lowering weights, donít want to pop any discs in your spine.
Always know the correct way to do any exercise, for example, some shoulder exercises, if done improperly, can snap out your shoulder joint.
No erratic, snapping motions, for example, usually it is not necessary to completely, fully extend a joint, such as when doing curls at the elbow joint. If you want to fully extend a joint, do warm-ups first with that joint without weights first.
Always know your limitations weight-wise.
Drink plenty of water.
Cardiovascular exercise should always complement weight lifting.
Know the proper time to allow between sets.
Eat right.
Always maintain proper posture: back straight, upright, shoulders back, no slouching, and no leaning on your hand when you sit.
Never add salt to foods, you get your needed salt from the foods themselves.
Be cautious whenever using any kind of over-the-counter supplement.