The Healthy Table
Guide for healthy heart, healthy digestive system, avoiding lower back pain, and fighting constipation

what to dofighting constipationgetting healthy heartavoiding lower back painhaving healthy digestive system
don't sit for long periods of time, stand more, sitting for long periods cramps up your intestinesXXXX
always sit and stand up straight, never slouchXXXX
get cardio / aerobic exercise every day at least 1/2 hourXXXX
do crunches and sit-upsXXXX
always suck in your stomachXXX
do stretching exercises for lower back every dayXXX
kneel instead of sitXXX
avoid artificial sweetenersXXX
avoid medications if possibleXXX
don't drink caffeineXXX
don't drink coffee, caffinated or decafXXX
eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables every dayXXX
eat organic foodsXXX
minimize the stress in your lifeXXX
no high-fructose corn syrupXXX
no hydrogenated oilsXXX
avoid alcoholXX
avoid excess saltXX
avoid fatty foodsXX
avoid sugarXX
do not sit on the toilet, know when to say, "enough is enough, don't force yourself to poop, straining is very bad, let it come naturally, if you force, you can have hemmroids, constipation, bleeding, and if you keep straining these things can get worseXX
never read on the toilet, only come to poop, if there is no poop, don't stay on toiletXX
for men, always pee standing upXX
don't wear underwear or pants that are too tightXX