Complete Sayings List
To the best of my knowledge, nothing is duplicated (except for the To Be Sorted list, which is the last list). There are sayings out there that sound just plain stupid, or don't make any sense whatsoever. I try my best to omit those.
How this came to be: I saw a lot of other lists on the web that were just a big crappy unorganized mumble jumble, so I have been taking from every list I can find and started organizing everything in a fashion that seems logical.
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Table of Contents
Exclamations Greetings Saying Goodbye Rhyming Greetings, Etc. Take a Shit Diarrhea Take a Piss Intercourse
Farting Masturbate (male) To Leave Organize, Run Useful ... as ...
"Adjective"er than a ... "Verb" like a ... General like statements Words for Penis " " and " " He/she...
"Verb" ... "noun" Ones I Like Sayings for yes and no Ned Flandersisms Rhymer Eyemers Foreign Language Whatever... Movie Music Sayings To Be Sorted (Wild Territory)

Dad gummit!
Dang nabit!
Fudge balls!
Gee whiskers!
Giddee up cowboy!
Golly gee willikers!
Good God!
Good heavens!
Great chunks of shit!
Holy canole!
Holy cow!
Holy cucumbers!
Holy mackerel!
Holy moly!
Holy ravioli!
Holy shit!
Holy shmoly!
Holy smoke!
Holy smokes!
I'll be damned!
I'll be dipped in bacon fat!
Jeez Louise!
Jiminy christmas!
Jiminy cricket!
Jumping junebugs!
Leaping lizards!
Lord have mercy!
My my my!
Oh fuckballs!
Oh my gosh!
Oh shoot!
Oh snap!
Oopsie doodle!
Shit balls with cream!
Son of a biscuit!
Son of a busdriver!
Son of a beehive!
Son of a gun!
Sufferin' succotash!
Super duper pooper scoopers!
Sweet nipples!
Throw me a freaking bone here!
Well bless my Annie's ankle!
Well bust my britches!
Well butter my biscuits!
Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit!
Well dingle my dangle!
Well I'll be a Monkeys Uncle!
Well I'll be dipped in shit and rolled in bread crumbs!
Or, Well dip me in shit and roll me in bread crumbs!
Well fuck my ass bloody and call me a whore!
Well kick me in the ball sack!
Well knock me down and steal muh tooth!
Well la tee da!
Well la tee freakin da!
well paint me green and call me a pickle!
Well now if that don't beat all!
Well slap me naked and hide my clothes!
Well slap my ass and call me Sally!
Well whoop dee do!
Well whoop dee freakin do!
What the flippin fuck?
Whoopsie doodle!
What in sam hell?!
What the!
What the duck?!
What the fudge!
What the hay!
Yee haw!
Yippee ki yay mother fucker!

Greetings fellow traveler
Hidee ho!
His/her excellency
How's it hanging?
The exhalted one
Top of the morning to ya!
What's cookin good lookin?
What's going down?
What's new?
what's shakin bacon?
What's the dealio?
What's the good word turd?
What's up doc?
What's up slick?

Saying Goodbye
Adios muchacho
Au revoir
Hasta la vista baby
Hasta luego
May the force be with you
Onward and upward
Safe travels
Sayonara sucker
Sayonara mother sucker
See you on the other side
Time to get the hell outta Dodge.
Wishing you the best of goodbyes

Rhyming Greetings, Etc.
After a while crocodile!
Are you ready Freddy?
Are you ready teddy?
Better skadoodle, poodle.
Bye-bye, butterfly.
Bye-bye, French fry.
Bye bye sweetie pie.
Can't stay, blue jay.
Catch ya on the flip side Clyde.
Chop-chop, lollipop.
Fuck you, kangaroo.
Give a hug, ladybug.
Gotta go, armadillo.
Hey turd, what's the word?
How now brown cow?
Howdy do, how are you?
Howdy do, kangaroo!
Howdy do, what's new?
If you wish, jellyfish.
Let's scat, alley cat.
Negative-o billy beano.
No siree Bobbo!
Not too soon, baboon.
Not too soon, you ol' baboon!
Okeedokee, artichokee.
Out the door, dinosaur.
Roger dodger.
See what I mean, Jelly Bean?
See ya later alligator!
See you later, sweet potater!
See you soon, lil' raccoon.
See you there black bear.
See you there polar bear.
So long, King Kong.
So long like a banana..see you round like an orange!
Sorry Charlie.
Suck a dick little prick.
Sure do, tennis shoe.
Sure thang chicken wang.
Take care, teddy bear.
That's the end of that, Jack.
Time to go, buffalo
Time to squirm, wiggle worm.
Toodaloo, kangaroo.
What's new kangaroo?
What's the deal banana peel?
What's up buttercup?
Yes, I do, kangaroo.
Yipper skipper.
You got it polly pocket.

Rhymer Eyemers
Be there or be square
Bingo bango
Cruisin' for a bruisin'
Dilly dally
Don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.
Down to the nitty gritty
Eager beaver
Fine as wine
Flibberty flabber
Flim flam
Fo shizzle my nizzle (Snoop Doggism)
Fuzzy wuzzy
Go ahead gourd head
Hanky panky
Higgledy Piggledy
Hoi polloi
Hook or crook
Its all topsy turvy
Loosy goosy
No fimble famble (Joad Cressbecklerism)
Piddle paddle
Riff raff
Rootin Tootin
Rub a dub dub thanks for the grub
So far so good, Knock on wood
Tattle - tell, tattle - tell you're going to grow a big ol' tail
Wacky tobaccy
Wham, bam, thank you, ma'am!
What's cookin' good lookin'?
When in doubt, knock 'em out!
Willy nilly
Wishy washy
Young, dumb, and full of rum

Take a Shit
Blow chunks
Bomb the Oval Office
Build a dookie castle
Bunghole train has left the station
Burn a mule
Choke off a darkie
Clean the tuba
Cook some fudge
Cop a plop
Dook it out
Dropp a chocolate cobra
Drop a deuce
Drop a duke
Drop anchor
Drop heat
Fire one off
Fudge the porcelain
Give birth to a politician
Go for a longdrop
I gotta back one out
Launch a corn canoe
Launch a scud
Launch a steamer
Pinch a loaf
Roll a nut log
Squeeze the cheese
Take the browns to the superbowl
Unleash a coiler

Hershey squirts
Montezuma's Revenge
Mud butt
The trots

Take a Piss
Drain my dragon
Drain the main vein
Off to shake the snake
Splatter the bladder
Strain the main vein to make the bladder gladder
Syphon the python
Water my lilly

A bit of the old Cunning Linguistics?
A bit of the old Humpty Dumpty
Baloney Bop
Bumping uglies
Bury the boner
Bury the salami
Driving the Hershey Highway
I'd be up her like a rat up a drain pipe
Hide the weasel
Little Jack Horny
Park the porpoise
Poking the brown eye
Put the lime in the coconut and shake it all up
Riding the Dirt Trail
Sink the sub
Taking the old log to the beaver
Take the skinboat to tunatown
Take a ride on the wild baloney pony
The bone dancer
The chocolate cha cha (anal sex)
The horizontal bop
The Horizontal Mambo, hmm?

Break wind
Bust ass
Cut the cheese
Make a trouser sneeze
Make an air biscuit
Making thunder (farting)
Play the butt trumpet

Masturbate (male)
A few wanks short of an orgasm
Beat the meat
Choke the chicken
Floggin the log
Rub the grub
Spank the monkey
Strangle the one-eyed python
Tug the slug
Whack the weiner
Yank the snake

To Leave
Let's blow this popsicle stand (or taco stand or hotdog stand)
Let's make like a baby and head out
Let's make like a banana and split
Let's make like a bee and buzz off
Let's make like a camel and hump
Let's make like a Catholic priest and pull out
Let's make like a nose and run
Let's make like a nut and bolt
Let's make like a penis and head in
Let's make like a rock and roll
Let's make like a shepherd and get the flock otta here
Let's make like a tampon and get outta this bloody hole
Let's make like a terrorist and blow this place
Let's make like a tree and leave
Let's make like an abortion and head out early
Let's make like an atom and split
Let's make like an Enema and clear out
Let's make like diarrhea and run
Let's make like gum and stick around
Let's make like hay and bail
Let's make like horse shit and hit the trail
Let's make like the wind and blow out of here
Let's make like your mom's tits and bounce

Organize, Run
Couldn't organize a dog fuck in a paper bag
Couldn't organize a fart in a chillie eating contest
Couldn't organize a fuck festival in a whorehouse
Couldn't organise a fuck in a brothel with a fist full of fifties (unlucky, stupid, ignorant just plain dumb usually refers to bad management)
Couldn't organize a piss-up in a brewery
Couldn't organize an orgy in a brothel
Couldn't run a bath

Useful (or Useless, Handy)
Useful as a blow-up dartboard
Useful as a chocolate teapot
Useful as a feather-duster in a snowstorm
Useful as a flashlight with no batteries
Useful as a hip pocket in a singlet
Useful as a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest
Useful as a pay toilet on a diarrehea ward
Useful as a piss hole in the snow
Useful as a screen door on a submarine
Useful as air brakes on a turtle
Useful as an ashtray on a jet ski
Useful as an ashtray on a motorbike
Useful as mudflaps on a speedboat
Useful as shit on a stick
Useful as tits on a boar hog
Useful as tits on a bull
Useful as wet toilet paper

... as ...
Note: 'as' can usually be replaced by 'like'
American as apple pie
Anxious as a one-eyed cat watch'n two rat holes
Bald as a cucumber
Bald as an eagle
Bare as old mother Hubbard's cupboard
Beautiful as the day is long
Big as a barn
Big as a bear
Big as a blimp
Big as a goose egg
Big as a whale
Big as bushel baskets
Big as life
Big headed as a mule
Bitter as a gale
Black as pitch
Black as the ace of spades
Blind as a bat
Bold as brass
Brave as a lion
Bright as a button
Bright as a hurricane lantern
Bright as a new silver dollar
Bright as a sixpence
Broke as the Ten Commandments
Brown as a berry
Busy as a bear in a beehive
Busy as a beaver
Busy as a bee
Busy as a cat covering shit
Busy as a cat on a hot tin roof
Busy as a farmer with one hoe and two rattlesnakes
Busy as a one-armed paperhanger
Busy as a one-armed pickpocket at a kangaroos' convention
Busy as a one-armed trapeze artist with an itchy ass
Busy as a one-legged man in an ass kickin' contest
Busy as a porta potty at a chili eating contest
Busy as a whore in the navy yard
Clean as a hound's tooth
Clean as a penny
Clean as a whistle
Cheap as dirt
Clear as a bell
Clear as day
Clear as mud
Clear as the handwriting on the wall
Clear as the nose on your face
Clear as mud
Clumsy as a bull in a china closet
Clumsy as a newborn colt
Cold as a blue northern
Cold as a frog
Cold as a kraut-frog
Cold as a morque
Cold as a witches broom
Cold as a witches heart
Cold as a witches tit
Cold as an Eskimo's ass
Cold as blue blazes
Cold as ice
Cold as sauerkraut
Common as grandma at bingo
Common as turkey in Kentucky Fried Chicken
Cool as a cucumber
Cool as the other side of the pillow
Coordinated as a monkey learning to drive
Coordinated as a newborn calf
Confused as a baby in a topless bar
Confused as a blind lesbian in a fish market
Confused as a cow knee deep in spring thaw
Confused as a termite in a yo-yo
Corny as a cup of corn
Country as a baked bean sandwich!
Country as cornflakes
Crafty as a fox
Crazy as a bed bug
Crazy as a bessie bug
Crazy as a coot
Crazy as a loon
Crazy as a shithouse rat
Crooked as a barrel of fish hooks
Crooked as a barrel of snakes
Crooked as a dog's hind leg
Crooked as a snake
Crooked as a snake crawling up a hog wire fence
Crooked as rook wood
Crooked as the bend in a river
Cross as a bear
Cute as a button
Cute as a bugs ear
Dark as a pail
Dark as a tomb
Dark as the inside of a cow's belly
Dark as the inside of a horse
Dead as a dodo
Dead as a doornail
Dead as a hammer
Dead as a mackerel
Dead as a nit
Dead as dead can be
Dead as disco
Dead as iced catfish
Deep as a well
Deep as a dark blue lake
Dense as a London fog
Dependable as a fox in a hen house
Dependable as a mule
Dependable as a spring flood
Drunk as a boiled owl
Drunk as a sailor
Drunk as a skunk
Drunk as Cooter Brown
Dry as a bone
Dry as a dead dingo's donger
Dry as a herrin
Dry as a nun's tit (thirsty)
Dry as a popcorn fart
Dry as dust
Dull as dishwater
Easy as ABC
Easy as falling off a log
Easy as herding chickens
Easy as pie
Easy as shooting fish in a barrel
Easy as sliding off a greasy log backward
Empty as air
Empty as your head
Exciting as watching paint dry
Fair as a lily
Far as the eye can see
Fast as a New York minute
Fast as a sailor on a 4-hour pass
Fast as the Mexican two-step
Fat as a hog
Fat as a pig
Fat as a porpoise
Fine as a fiddle
Fine as frog hair
Fit as a fiddle
Flat as a board
Flat as a duck's instep
Flat as a fritter
Flat as a long-poured champagne
Flat as a pancake
Flat-footed as a duck
Free as a bird
Fresh as a daisy
Frisky as a puppy
Full as a doctor's wallet
Funny as a fart in church
Full as a prostitute on a saturday night
Full as a tick
Full as a tick on stump liquor
Full of shit as a Christmas turkey
Fun as watching grass grow
Funny as a crutch
Funny as a hat full of assholes
Funny as a piss ant floating on his back with a hard on tootin for the bridge to open up!
Giddy as a school girl on prom night
Good as gold
Good as new
Good as the best and better than the rest
Goofy as a road lizard
Goofy as purple shit
Graceful as a sow on ice
Graceful as a three legged duck
Greasy as a greased pig in the sunshine
Green as a gourd
Green as grass
Guilty as sin
Hairy as an ape
Happy as a baby in a barrel of tits
Happy as a coon in a cornfield with the dogs all tied
Handy as a cow on a crutch
Happy as a clam
Happy as a dead pig in the sunshine
Happy as a hog in slop
Happy as a lark
Happy as a new born tick on a fat hound
Happy as a pig in shit/slop/mud
Happy as a possum up a gum stump
Happy as hens
Happy as if he had good sense
Happier than a bus full of retards pulling into the Chucky Cheese parking lot
Happier than a gopher in soft dirt
Happier than a puppy with two peters
Happier than a fag in a pecker feild
Happier than a woodpecker in a lumber yard!
Hard as a bull's head
Hard as a millstone
Hard as a rock
Hard as a steel plate
Hard as nails
Hard as pickin'the fly dung out of pepper
Hard to hold as a greased pig
Healthy as a horse
Heart as big as all outdoors
Heart as big as Texas
Heavy as a dead priest
Heavy as a tub of lard
Helpful as a screen door on a submarine
High as a kite
High as giraffe nuts
High as the sky
Homely as a mud fence
Honest as he needs to be
Honest as the day is long
Horny as a peach-orchard boar
Horny as a road crew gal straddling an orange cone
Horny as a three dicked / peckered billy goat
Horny as a two peckered mink
Hot as a firecracker on the 4th of July
Hot as a pistol
Hot as a pot of rice
Hot as a whore house on dollar day
Hot as hell
Hot as your mom last night
Hungry as a bear
Innocent as a dirty hoof print in virgin snow
Innocent as a lamb
Innocent as the day he was born
Interesting as two blind men having a conversation in sign language
Jumpy as a cat on a hot tin roof
Jumpy as peas on a hot griddle
Light as a feather
Limber as a dishrag
Limber as a peach tree switch
Long as a country mile
Long as a well rope
Long as the day is long
Long as the river
Lonesome as a polecat
Long as a country mile
Long as a well rope
Long as the river
Loony as a goon
Loose as a goose
Low as a snakes belly in a wagon wheel rut
Low as the ex's lawyer
Low down as whale shit
Lucky as a rabbit in a kennel full of hound dogs
Lucky as a rabbit's foot
Mad as a hatter
Mad as a March hare
Mad as a meat axe
Mad as an old wet hen
Mad as fire
Mad as spit on a griddle
Madder than a baptist in a brothel
Madder than a bobcat caught in a piss fire
Makes as much sense as horns on a mule
As many as Carter had little liver pills
Mean as a junkyard dog
Mean as a snake
Messed up as a football bat
Mischievous as a cat
Naked as a jaybird
Neat as a pin
Nellie as pink ink
Nellie as pink ink with a voice that would chip paint
Nellie as pink ink, but give him a ball of twine and a box of hairpins and he could rebuild Versailles
Nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof
Nervous as a fox in a forest fire
Nervous as a long tailed cat in a rocking chair factory
Nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs
More nervous than a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs
Nervous as a pregnant possum
Nervous as a shrew
Nervous as a tick on dip day
Nervous as a virgin at a prison rodeo
Nervous as a whore in church
Nice as pie
Noisy as a cow in a rail pile
Noisy as a new saddle
Numb as a hake
Nutty as a fruitcake
Nutty as a peach orchard boar
Nutty as a squirrel
Off as a bucket of prawns in the midday sun
Old as dirt
Old as Methuselah
Old as the hills
Old as time
Pale as a ghost
Pig-headed as a mule
Pissed as a newt
Plain as a pig on a sofa
Plain as a rainy Tuesday
Plain as black and white
Plain as day
Plain as the nose on your face
Pleased as a pig in mud
Pleased as punch
Plump as a partridge
Poor as a church mouse
Poor as field mice
Popular as a pork chop in a synagogue
Popular as a red-headed step child
Popular as dandruff
Practical as a screen door on a submarine
Pretty as a calico cat
Pretty as a new wagon
Pretty as a peach
Pretty as a picture
Pretty as pudding pie
Pretty as a speckled pup under a red wagon
Protective as a mother hen
Proud as a parrot
Proud as a peacock
Pure as an angel
Pure as mother's milk
Pure as the driven snow
Queer as a three-dollar bill
Quick as a banty rooster
Quick as a bumblebee
Quick as a cat
Quick as a cat on a hot tin roof
Quick as a duck on a June bug
Quick as a flash
Quick as a lick
Quick as a rat with a gold tooth
Quick as a slug in the mud
Quick as a whip
Quick as a wink
Quick as grandma running backwards
Quick as lightning
Quick as yesterday
Quiet as a mouse
Quiet as a one-handed clap
Quiet as a spider pissing on a blotter
Rare as rocking horse shit
Red as a beet
Red as a cherry
Red as a rooster's comb
Red as a turkey's snout
Restless as a worm in hot ashes
Rich as a foot up a bull's ass
Rich as was Croesus
Right as rain
Rough as a cob
Rough as a gale
Round as an apple
Sad as a cucumber
Savage as a meat axe: extremely hungry
Scarce as hen's teeth
Scared as a rabbit
Scared as a rabbit in a fox hole
Screwed up as a football bat
Screwed up as Hogan's Goat
Secure as a house of cards
Serious as a heart attack
Serious as cancer
Shaky as a shit house rat
Sharp as a basketball
Sharp as a billiard ball
Sharp as a bowling ball
Sharp as a cafeteria meatball
Sharp as a cue ball
Sharp as a razor
Sharp as a bag / sack of wet mice
Sharp as a marble
Sharp as a pin
Sharp as a sugarbag full of wet spaghetti
Sharp as a stick
Sharp as a tack
Sharp as a tic
Sharp as a wet corn flake
Shiny as a new dime
Sick as a dog
Sick as a parrot
Silly as a dog with two dicks
Silly as a goose
Skinny as a rail
Sleeps sound as a log
Sleepy as a bear
Slick as a bucket of snot
Slick as a cow pie on a flat rock
Slick as a jar full of eels
Slick as a mink
Slick as a weasel
Slick as a whistle
Slick as cat shit on linoleum
Slick as deer guts on a doorknob
Slick as grass through a goose
Slick as greased owl shit
Slick as pig snot
Slick as slime
slick as snot on a glass doorknob
Slick as snot on a goatís glass eye
Slippery as a bar of soap
Slippery as a toad on ice
Slippery as an eel, or
Slippery as an eel in a bucket of snot
Slow as a broken clock
Slow as a pregnant nun going to confession
Slow as a snail
Slow as Christmas
Slow as dead lice
Slow as dripping syrup
Slow as molasses in January
Slow as shit through a tin horn
Sly as a fox
Smart as a box of rocks
Small as a dog
Small as a mustard seed
Smart as a steel trap
Smart as a tack
Smart as a whip
Smart as new paint
Smooth as a baby's bottom
Smooth as glass
Smooth as silk
Snug as a bug in a rug
Sober as a judge
Sociable as a bag of dead mice
Sociable as a caged ferret
Sociable as a deep sea angler fish
Sociable as a doorstop
Sociable as a festering back tooth
Sociable as a nice cup of tea
Sociable as a paranoid dormouse
Sociable as a rattlesnake
Sociable as a rock
Sociable as a scorpion dipped in syphilitic fuck custard
Sociable as shit on a stick
Soft as silk
Solid as a piece of granite
Solid as a rock
Solid as the ground we stand on
Solid as the Rock of Gibraltar
Sound as a dollar
Sound as a drum
Sour as a lemon gargle
Spry as a cat
Squeaky as a rat
Steady as a rock
Stiff as a board
Stiff as a poker
Straight as an arrow
Strong as a lion
Strong as an ox
Stubborn as a bunion
Stubborn as a lop-eared mule
That's about as stupid as a screen door on a submarine
Subtle as a smack in the chops
Sure as kilimanjaro rises
Sure as night follows day
Sure as the dawn
Sure as the sun
Sure as there's cold shit in a dead cat
Sweet as a pickled peach
Sweet as apple pie
Sweet as sugar
Sweet as you please
Tall as a tree
Tender as a mother's love
Thick as a brick
Thick as an anvil
Thick as pea soup
Thick as the hair on a dogs back
Thick as thieves
Thick as two short planks
Thin as a rail
Thin as six o'clock
Tight as a camel's ass in a sandstorm
Tight as a drum
Tight as a duck's butt
Tight as a fish's ass
Tight as a nuns cunt, so fucking tight it whistles when it pees
Tight as a tick
Tight as a virgin's pussy
Tight as bark on a tree
Tough as a boarding house steak
Tough as a Wang
Tough as an old boot
Tough as boot leather
Tough as leather
Tough as nails
Tough as old leather
Ugly as sin
Uncomfortable as a whore in church
Uppity as shit on a stick
Useful as a sidesaddle on a pig
Useless as a bucket with no bottom
Useless as a dry milk cow
Useless as a dry well
Useless as a one leg man at a butt kicking contest
Useless as dried spit
Useless as teats on a bore hog
Warm as cancer
Warm as toast
Weak as a kitten
weak as a rat
Weak as a wet blanket
Weak as piss
Weak as seven days
Weak as water
Welcome as the plaque
White as a sheet
White as pearls
White as snow
Wild as a March hare
Wild as a peach orchard hog
Wise as an owl
Worthless as a cunt full of cold piss
Worthless as chicken shit on a pump handle
Worthless as tits on a boar
Worthless as tits on a fish

"Adjective"er than a ...
Better than a black land farm
Better than a kick in the ass with a frozen boot
Better than a new pencil
Better than a slap in the face with a wet fish
Better than a slap up the side of the head with a dead fish
Better than a sharp stick in the eye
Better than bacon
Better than sliced bread
Better than snuff and not near as dusty
Bigger than a blue dog tick
Bigger than Dallas
Busier than a $2 hooker on half price night
Busier than a blind dog in a meat house
Busier than a cat covering crap on a marble floor
Busier than a cucumber in a women's prison
Busier than a one-armed bricklayer in Beirut
Busier than a one-armed monkey with two peckers
Busier than a one-armed paperhanger
Busier than a one-eyed cat watching two mouse holes
Busier than a one-eyed man at a burlesque show
Busier than a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest
Busier than a pig on ice
Busier than a racoon in tall corn
Busier than a stump full of ants
Busier than a ten-peckered dog in a hydrant factory
Busier than a three legged cat in a dry sand box
Clearer than glass
Closer than a hair on a hog
Colder than a bad girl's heart
Colder than a brass toilet seat in the Yukon
Colder than a frog's belly
Colder than a klondike
Colder than a Midwestern Minnesota Welldigger's gizzard
Colder than a mother-in-law's kiss
Colder than a mother-in-law's love
Colder than a pocket full of penguin shit!
Colder than a polar bears toe nails
Colder than a well digger's ass in Alaska
Colder than a well digger's ass in the Klondike
Colder than a well-digger's ass in the Yukon
Colder than a whore's heart
Colder than a witch's teat
Colder than a witch's teat in a brass bra
Colder than a witches toe
Colder than day old penguin shit
Colder than striped snake shit
Colder than the other side of the pillow
Cold enough to freeze the balls off of a brass monkey
Cold enough to freeze the balls off a pool table
Cooler than a cat covered in puke
Cooler than the other side of the pillow
Cornier than a corn field and half of it's owner's turds
Crazier than a run over dog
Crazier than a squirrel on crack
Crazier then a pet coon
Crazier than a shit house rat
Crazier than Joe Cunt's cat
Cuter than a bug's ear
Darker than a cat's asshole
Darker than a coal miner's lunch kettle
Darker than God's pockets
Darker than old Coalies ass
Darker than the inside of a cow
Deader than 4 O'Clock
Deader than a doorknob
Deader than a goth party
Deader than a mackerel
Deader than a slab of bacon
Deader than a tent peg
Deader than a toad with a brick up its ass
Deader than a week-old corpse
Deader than lobster in butter sauce
Deeper than the deep blue sea
Darker than the inside of a cow
Deeper than the Pacific
Dirtier than a chimneysweep's neck
Dirtier than a ditch digger
Dirtier than a farmer's clod hoppers
Drier than a nun's nasty
Drier than a popcorn fart
Drunker than Cooter Brown on the 4th of july (Now that is pretty drunk)
Drunker than Cooter Brown's goat
Easier than shucking corn in a hen house
Farther than the outhouse
Faster than a bee stung stallion
Faster than a cat can lick its ass
Faster than a comet
Faster than a deacon in a whorehouse
Faster than a jack rabbit
Faster than a race horse
Faster than a speeding bullet
Faster than a speeding crawfish
Faster than greased lightning
Faster than Moody's goose
A fate worse than death
Finer than frog hair
Finer than frog hair and only half as stiff
finer than frogs hair, split three ways
Finer than a new set of snow tires
Finer than Burton Snuff
Finer than frog hair
More fun than a tooth ache
More fun than a tornado in a trailer park
Funnier than a one legged cat trying to bury a turd in a frozen pond
Funnier than a wagon load of monkeys
Further than the outhouse
Got more cousins than Carter's got little pills
Greener than goard guts
Harder than a brick
Harder than a choir boy in a porn shop
Harder than a ministers prick
Harder than chinese algebra
Happier than a pig in shit
Harder than a wedding dick
Harder than a woodpeckers lips
Harder than breaking into Fort Knox
Harder than nails
Harder than the hobs of hell
Head is harder than a brick
Heavier than a dead preacher
Higher than a buzzards nest
Higher than a cats back
Higher than a Georgia pine
Higher than a giraffe's ass
Higher than a kite
Higher than a woodpeckers hole
Higher than giraffe pussy
Higher than puss on a ferris wheel
Holier than thou
Hornier than a nine-dicked dog in a kennel full o' bitches!
Hornier than a three balled tomcat
Hornier than a two peckered billy goat
Hotter than 8 Indians in a covered wagon
Hotter than 400 hells
Hotter than a $2 pistol on the Fourth of July
Hotter than a 2-peckered Billy goat
Hotter than a billy goat in a pepper patch
Hotter than a billygoat with a blowtorch
Hotter than a depot stove
Hotter than a fat man's ass crack in july
Hotter than a festered tit in a wool bra
Hotter than a firecracker
Hotter than a firecracker, but never hotter than a pistol
Hotter than a firecracker lit at both ends
Hotter than a fresh-frigged sheep in a pepper patch
Hotter than a freshly fucked fox in a forest fire
Hotter than a georgia whore house on dollar day
Hotter than a ginger mill in Hades
Hotter than a half-made fox in a forest fire
Hotter than a June bride in a featherbed
Hotter than a mess of collard greens on the back burner of a $4 stove
Hotter than a mouse in a wool sock
Hotter than a nanny goat in a pepper patch
Hotter than a nun's bug
Hotter than a pack of heffers stuffed in a clown car
Hotter than a pair of sweat pants full of barbecue
Hotter than a pistol
Hotter than a pot of collards
Hotter than a six peckered alley cat
Hotter than a snake's ass in a wagon rut
Hotter than a three pecked goat in a field full of nannies
Hotter than a two dollar pistol
Hotter than a two dollar pistol on the 4th of July
Hotter than a two dollar whore
Hotter than a whore's wet dream
Hotter than an ol' settin' hen, settin' eggs in a wool basket in the summertime
Hotter than h e double hockey sticks
Hotter than hell
Hotter than hell stewed down to a half-pint
Hotter than hell's basement on the day of reckonin'
Hotter than Georgia asphalt
Hotter than high noon in Death Valley
Hotter than Paris Hilton's underpants
Hotter than seven hells out there
Hotter than the devil's underwear
Hotter than the hinges of hell
Hotter than the hinges of Hades
Hotter than the four sides of hell
Hotter than two cats fighting in a wool sock
Hotter than two hampsters farting in a wool sock
Hotter than two rats fucking in a wool sock
hotter than two rats fucking in a wool sock in the desert
Hotter than two rats fucking in the sun
Hotter than two-forty Hell / six shades of Hell
Hotter than two dogs fucking in an attic on a hot august day
Hot as love in August
So hot it'd burn the hair off a pig's back
So hot I could spit fire
So hot I saw two trees fighting over a dog
So hot you could fry an egg on the hood of a car
So hot the birds have to use potholders to pull worms out of the ground
Hot enough to cure tobacco
In more shit than a faggot's dick (big trouble)
Larger than life
Lighter than air
Longer than a row of cotton
Lower than a hog's chin on market day
Lower than a snake's belly or,
Lower than a snake's belly in a wheel rut
Lower than a snake's belly in a wagon rut
Lower than a worm
Lower then quail shit in a wagon rut
Lower than snail shit
Lower then snake pussy
Meaner than a piney woods rooter
Meaner than a rattlesnake
Meaner than a striped snake
Meaner than hen shit
Meaner than Moody's goose
Madder than a wet hen
Messier than a menudo sandwich
More balls than Carters got peanuts
More balls than Tom's got peanuts
More chins than china
More confused than a woodpecker in a concrete forest
More crooked than a dog's back leg
More Degrees than a kitchen stove
More fun than a barrel of monkeys
More money than Ben Gump
More moves than a belly dancer
More moves than a bowl full of jello
More moves than a steam driven stopwatch
More nervous than a whore in church
More powerful than a locomotive
More pricks than a pair of rental trousers
More pricks than a second hand dartboard
More problems than Carter has little liver pills
Muddier than a pig sty
Noisier than two skeletons fucking on a tin roof
Nuttier than a port-a-potty at a peanut festival
Nuttier than a squirrel turd
Nuttier than squirrel shit
Older than dirt
Older than father time
Older than grandma and she farts dust
Older than Methuselah
Older than the creek
Older than the crust on your grandma's underpants
Poorer than a pickpocket in a nudist colony
Poorer than dirt
Pruder than a new sheep on the farm
Standing prouder than a honeymooner's dick (standing tall, erectly)
Purtier than a mess of fried catfish
Purtier than a new set of snow tires
Quicker than a cat tryin'to cover up shit on a marble slab
Quicker than a New York minute
Quicker than a rabbit
Quicker than a striped lizard on hot asphalt
Quicker than greased lightning
Quicker than Moody's goose
Quicker than shit through a goose
Raining harder than a cow pissing on a flat rock
Comin' down like a cow pissin' on a flat rock
Raining like a cow peeing/pissing on a flat rock
Raining like a two cunt cow pissing on a flat rock
Roar is bigger than his bite
Rougher than pig iron
Rougher than twenty mile of bad road
Sharper than a mother-in-law's tongue
Shorter than a mouse hole
Sharper than an old maid's tongue
Slicker than a buttered gut
Slicker than a harpooned hippo on a banana tree
Slicker than a sycamore sapling
Slicker than a wet noodle
Slicker than a wet weasel on a linoleum floor
Slicker than buttered cat's shit in a skillet
Slicker than cat shit on a linoleum floor
Slicker than cut okra in the sink
Slicker than deer guts on a door knob
Slicker than greased goose shit
Slicker than greased owl shit
Slicker than greased shit through a tin horn
Slicker than otter snot
Slicker than owl shit
Slicker than sin
Slicker than snot and smashed bananas
Slicker than snot on a bald man's head
Slicker than snot on a doorknob
Slicker than snot on a glass eye
Slicker than snot on a pump handle
Slicker than the grease off a b-b-q biscuit
Slicker than two eels fuckin'in a bucket of snot
Slower than a seven year itch
Slower than a two legged coon dog on a monday mornin'
Slower than a wet week
Slower than Christmas
Slower than molasses in January
Slower than molasses on a cold day
Slower then turtles in molasses fucking
Slyer than a fox in a chicken coop
Smaller than a tick turd
Smarter than the average bear
Smoother then a hairy nipple on wax day
Softer than a sneaker full of shit
Steeper than a cows face
Stiffer than a June Brides dream
Stiffer than a prick
Stiffer than a two-peckered billy goat
Stronger than a bear's breath
Stronger than an acre of garlic
Sucks cock cleaner than a platoon on latrine duty
Sweeter than honey
More stubborn than a mule
Muddier than a pig sty
Taller than a tall pine
Tighter than a bull's ass
Thicker than a bull's hide
Tighter than a bull's ass in fly time
Tighter than a clam's ass with lockjaw
Tighter than a dick's hat band
Tighter than a drum
Tighter than a fish's ass (watertight)
Tighter than a high string on a two dollar fiddle
Tighter than a skeeter's ass in a nose dive
Tighter than a tick with lock jaw
Wound tighter than a two dollar watch
Thicker than crows in a corn patch
Thicker than fleas on a dogs back
Tighter than last years swim suit
Tighter than old Dick's hatband
Tighter than two coats of paint
Stuck tighter than snot on a hot oven door
She's wound up tighter than the girdle of a baptist minister's wife at an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast
Tougher than a one eared alley cat
Tougher than a pine knot
Tougher than woodpecker lips
Wetter than a drowned rat
Wetter than a wharf rat
Wider than a barn
Wider than a double wide
Wider than the Mississippi
Wilder than a fifth ace
Wiser than an old owl
Wound tighter than a three day clock
Wound up tighter than an eight-day clock
Worse than a cloudy mind
Worse than stink on a skunk

"Verb" like a ...
Acting like a child
She is batting her eyes like a frog in a hail storm! (1. trying to stay awake, or 2. flirting)
Banging her like a screen door in a hurricane
Bends like a rubberband (in reference to a person)
Bleedin like a stuck pig
Bow up like a cutting worm
Bowed up like a Halloween Cat
Brain like swiss cheese
Built like a brick shit house (sturdy woman)
Built like a tank
Crammed in like sardines
Cries like a baby
Cuss like a sailor
Done up like a Christmas tree
Drinks like a fish
Dropped like a sack of spuds
Dug in like an Alabama tick
Eats like a bird
Feel like a fifth wheel
Eats like a horse
Eats like a pig
Eyes like a hawk
Face like a dried up buffalo turd
Face like wet cement
Falling apart like a cheap suit
Farting like a pack mule
I feel like a bag of smashed assholes
I feel like a monkey trying to do a math problem
I feel like a rung out old rag thrown out with the wash water
I feel like giving up the ghost
I feel like warmed over death
Fell like a ton of bricks
Feuding like the Hatfields and McCoys
Fight like a man
Fits like an ass in a bucket
Fought like a tiger
Gathering like flies
Get along like oil and water
Glowing like a good deed in a naughty world
Goes like shit off a shiny shovel (really fast)
Goes up like a puff of smoke
Grinning like a mule chewing briars
Growing like a weed
Handshake like a wilted petunia
Hangin in there like loose teeth
Hangin like a hooker's cunt
Hangin like a wet cucumber
Hanging open like a pea-coat sleeve
Head like a kicked in shit bin
Head on her/him like a twisted sand shoe
Hibernate like a bear
Hid like a quail in a thicket
Hung like a mallee bull
I need that like a hole in the head
I need that like a moose needs a hat rack
In and out like a fiddler's elbow
It will jar your memory like standing at South end of a North bound mule
Kicking up his heels like a cow going to pasture
Lies like a dog
Lies like a rug
Looks like a pig sty
Looks like death warmed over
Memory like an elephant
Messed up like a kite in a hail storm
Moving like dead lice are falling off of you
I need that like a hole in the head
Off like a bride's nightie
Off like a old dirty shirt
Off like a prawn in the hot sun
Off like a warm fish milkshake
on him/her like ugly on an ape
On him/her like white on rice
Out like a light
Packed like sardines
Painted up like a whore
Piss like a russian race horse at the kentucky derby with a glue truck behind him
Pulled on like an old sock
Raining cats and dogs!
Raining like piss out of a gum boot!
Raining pitchforks and plowhandles
It's a real toad choker
Roars like a lion
It rolls off like water off of a duck's back
Runs like a raped ape
Runs like a scalded dog
Runs like a spotted ape
Nose runs like a spring branch
Runs like a top
Runs like the wind
Running around like a chicken with its head cut off
Running like the hound of Hades was on him
Screaming like a banshee
Screams like a mashed cat
Shaking like a dog shittin' hammer handles
Belly shakes like Jell-O
Shakin like a dog shitting peach seeds
Shakin'like an old dog shittin'logging chains
Making him sing like a canary
Sits like a knot on a log
Sitting around like gin on a piss pot
Sitting there like a toad licking lightning (doing absolutely nothing)
Sing like a bird
Sleep like a baby
Sleep like a log
Smells like the shithouse door on a shrimp boat
Smoking like a chimney
Snap like a twig
Soars like an eagle
Sounds like a thrashing machine
Squeals like a stuck pig
Sticks like glue
Sticks like tar
Sticks out like a sore thumb
Struck like a serpent
Sweating like a pig
Sweating like a whore in a church
Swellin' up like a big ol' dawg
Tastes like the bottom of a birdcage
Take it like a man
That'll go over like a pregnant pole vaulter
Took off like a bat out of hell
Took off like a shot
Treated like a dog
Twisted like a pretzel
Up and down like a whore's drawers
Vanished like a fart in a fan factory
Warped like a dog's hind leg
Went over like a lead balloon
Whines like the wife on payday
Wrinkled like a prune
Blew up like a jackass in a tin barn
Blew up like a jackass on a 10-acre lot
Built like a brick shithouse
Built like a depot stove
Driving like he's in a hurry to get to heaven
Drop you like a sack of dirt
Drop you like a sack of potatoes
Feel like the ground floor tenant in a 2 story outhouse
Fits like a saddle on a sow
Hair like a last year's bird nest
He goes at it like a house a'fire
He had a look on his face like a rat eating crap off a wire brush
He ran like a scalded dawg
He was smiling like a rat eating onions
Her ass looks like twenty pounds of ricotta cheese in a pillowcase
Her face looks like an unmade bed
Her face looks like thirty miles of bad road
He's handy like a tool-belt
I banged her like a broken screen door in a hurricane
I feel like I was eaten by a wolf and shit out over a cliff
I feel like I've been shot off my horse and dragged through the sagebrush
I felt like a foreman at a retard house
I got to whiz like a racehorse
I'm off like a prom dress
I'm on it like an Ethiopian on a cheeseburger
It tastes like an angel peeing on my tongue
It's like a singed cat, it tastes better than it looks
It's like the woman with a nosebleed, if it ainít one damn thing it's another
It's like trying to push a wet rope up a hill
Just like squirrels, the woods is full of them
Just like tryin' to push a rope
Left like last year's newspapers
Looks like two pigs in a poke
Looks like two possums in a gunny sack
Lyin' like a dog a-trottin
Ran like a scalded dog
Running like their feet was on fire and their asses was catching
Shaking like a dog passing razorblades
Shaking like a dog shitting peach pits
She's built like a brick shithouse
Shining like a diamond in a goats ass
Sleep like Rip Van Winkle
Sounds like a breedin' jackass in a tin barn
Sounds like pigs eating their young
Sounds like somebody beating a baby with a cat
Stuck out like a turd in a punch bowl
Sweating like a $2.00 whore in church
Swelled up like a honeymoon pecker
Tasted like shit good thing I did not step in it
That looks like rat-shit rollin' off a rocky mountain
That went over like a fart in church
That would be like trying to shove butter up a wildcat's ass with a hot poker
That'll go over like a fart in a spacesuit
What's wrong? You look like you just kissed the wrong end of a baby
When that gal walks, her hips look like two bobcats in a sack
You look like death-warmed-over
You sound like a hog in a coal pile
Youíve got a mind like a cutworm

General like statements
Like a blind dog in a meat house
Like a bulldog eating porridge (a woman's genitals after intercourse)
Like a bat out of hell
Like a broken record
Like a chicken with its head cut off
Like a dog chasing cars
Like a duck on a June bug
Like a fart in a skillet (wound up)
Like a fish out of water
Like a man grasping for straws
Like a moth to a flame
Like a snowball on its way hell
Like a turtle on a fence post
Like an apple, rotten to the core
Like balling the jack
Like being at a cake walk with no money
Like being in a candy store with no money
Like breaking a new pair of boots
Like chalk and cheese (English)
Like fucking a warm can of tuna
Like getting your tit in the wringer
Like grabbing hold of a dead fish
Like ham on rye
Like lambs to the slaughterhouse
Like looking for a needle in a haystack
Like my daddy used to say
Like opening a can of worms
Like pigs in a poke
Like putting dracula in charge of the blood bank (unwise decision)
Like riding a bike
Like shooting fish in a barrel
Like spittin' into the wind! (it will come back to you)
Like stink on a skunk
Like taking candy from a baby
Like the pot calling the kettle black
Like trying to nail Jello to a tree
Like two peas in a pod
Like walking a board sidewalk in high heels
Like walking on eggshells
Like water off a duck's back
Like white on rice

Words for Penis
Spicy peppy pepperoni
Man sized manacotti
Beefy baloney
Boney macaroni
Fatty alfredo
Hard salami
One-eyed snake

"  " and "  "
A bushel and a peck
A hope and a prayer
A place for everything and everything in its place
A snare and a delusion
A time to live and a time to die
Alarums and excursions
Alas and alack
Alive and kicking
All and sundry
Alpha and omega
Always neat and tidy
At your beck and call
Back and fill
Bag and baggage
Ball and chain
Be-all and end-all
Bells and whistles
Betwixt and between
Booze and blades
Born and bred
Bow and scrape
Bred and buttered
Bright and early
Bright eyed and bushy tailed
By and large
Cakes and ale
Cheese and rice
Cloak and dagger
Cock and bull story
Cut and dried
Cut and run
Cut and thrust
Day in and day out
Dead and gone
Divide and conquer
Down and out
Eat and run
Eat, drink, and be merry
Ever and anon
Fair and square
Far and away
Fast and furious
Few and far between
Fine and dandy
Fire and brimstone
First and foremost
Flesh and blood
Flotsam and jetsam
For shits and giggles
Forever and a day
Forgive and forget
Free and easy
Full and complete
Gall and wormwood
Give and take
Give and take
God and Mammon
Goods and chattels
Grin and bear it
Hand and glove
Hard and fast
Hem and haw
Hide and seek
High and dry
High and mighty
Hither and yon
Ho-Ho-Ho- and a bottle of Rum
Hook, line, and sinker
Hoot and holler
Horse and cart
Hot and bothered
Hot and heavy
Hue and cry
Huff and puff
Hung, drawn and quartered
I came, I saw and I conquered
In one ear and out the other
Ins and outs
Just a hop, skip and a jump away
Keeps me on pins and needles
Kiss and make up
Kiss and tell
Kit and caboodle
Law and order
Live and learn
Lo and behold
Lock, stock, and barrel
Loud and clear
Movers and shakers
Nickel and dime (to death)
Nip and tuck
Now and then
Nuts and bolts
Odds and ends
Off and running
Onward and upward
Open and aboveboard
Out and out
Over and done with
Part and parcel
Pick and choose
Pure and simple
Rack and ruin
Ragtag and bobtail
Rank and file
Really and truly
Rise and shine
Rough and ready
Rough and tumble
Sadder and wiser
Safe and sound
Shock and awe
Short and sweet
Sick and tired
Signed, sealed, and delivered
Silent and deadly
Skin and bones
Snap, crackle, and pop
Sound and fury
Spic and span
Spit and polish
Stuff and nonsense
Sweetness and light
Tall, dark, and handsome
Tarred and feathered
The birds and the bees
The long and short of it
Then and there
Thick and fast
Threescore and ten
Tooth and nail
Touch and go
Trials and tribulations
Tried and true
Underpromise and overdeliver
Up and about
Wait and see
Watch and wait
Ways and means
Well and good
Wheelings and dealings
Whys and wherefores
Wild and woolly
Wine and dine
Wrack and ruin
Young and in love

He ainít worth the powder and fuse it would take to blow him up
He ain't got a leg to stand on
he ain't playing with a full deck of cards
He always been a little touched in the head
he always taking one step over the edge
He and God went to school together
he breasted his cards
he can be saddled (as in controlled)
He can talk the leg off a chair
he can't see the forest for the trees
He carries a flat rock in his pocket to fart on and save the grease
He cast a large shadow
He could cut himself with a picture of a razor
He could fall down walking'from the house to the barn
He could sell a condom to a eunuch
He could sell fleas to a stingy dog
He could sell rice to the Chinese
He could sell snow to an Eskimo
He could shoot the eyebrows off a gnat
He could talk the balls off a pool table
he couldn't hit the broad side of a barn
He couldn't hit the broad side of a barn while standing inside with the windows shut
He couldn't hit the ground if he fell twice
He couldn't see the point of a nail
he cracks me up
He didn't know who's weeds he was pissing in
He died once but Hell wouldn't have him
he doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground
he doesn't know jack about that
he doesn't suffer fools gladly
he don't know crap from crisco
he gave a hundred and ten percent
he gave me that cold fish eye look
He got his neck rung twice and he's still a-floppin
He got picked before he was ripe
he got plastered
He got pulled before he was ripe
he got screwed (cheated)
he got the short end of the stick
He had a smile that could sell used snuff
He has a ace in the hole
he has a bee in his bonnet
He has a deep well
he has a heart of gold
He has a hollow leg
He has a stomach made out of cast iron
he has a way with words
he has been shooting for keeps and lost
He has deep pockets
he has egg on his face
He has got brass balls
He has his own ax to grind
He has his tail over his back
He has lost his marbles
He has run the gauntlet
he has sand in his craw
he has the hops ( jumping ability )
He hasn't got enough sense to tote guts to a bear
He is a dark horse
He is a rake
He is a ring leader
He is a ring tailed tooter
He is a straight shooter
He is a wise old owl
He is afraid of his own shadow
He is dealing from the bottom of the deck
He is going to the dogs
He is Hell on wheels
He is hen pecked
He is over his head
He is running seven ways from Sunday
He is so bright his father calls him son.
He is so crooked he eats nails and shits screws
He is so crooked when he dies they will have to screw him in the ground
He is so lazy; he wouldn't pick his nose if it didnít taste so good
He is so tight only dogs can hear him fart
He is so tight you could shove a lump of coal up is ass and get a diamond
he jacked it out of the ballpark (homerun)
He jumped on that like a duck on a June bug
He kicked the bucket
he knows which side his bread is buttered on
he learned his lesson
he left no stone unturned
he let the cat out of the bag
he lost his shirt
he made a mad dash for it
He needs a tight rein
He never was the sharpest tool in the shed
he put me in stitches (made me laugh)
he put one over on me
He ran over me like a speed bump
He rules with an iron hand
he single handedly destroyed an empire
he speaks with a forked tongue
he spilled the beans
He stuck to me like a fart in a phone booth
He stumped his toe
He swapped legs with a jaybird and got cheated out o' a butt
He takes one steps forward and two steps back
He thinks he's shit on a stick but he's only a fart on a twig
He thinks it is gospel if he says it
he was a loose cannon
He was Aladdin in an orchard dripping with diamonds
He was dead upfront with me
he was in his golden years
he was in hog heaven
he was just a port in the storm
He was on that like a pack of dogs on a three-legged cat
He was plumb knee walking
he was talking into his hat (lying)
he was the life of the party
he went a ways down the road
he went the whole yards
he went to the school of hard knocks (university of life)
He who dances must pay the fiddler
he who hesitates is lost
he who laughs last, laughs loudest (or, he who laughs last, last laughs)
He who pays the piper calls the tune
He will argue with a fence post
he won, hands down
He would complain if he was hung with a new rope
He would skin a flea for the hide and tallow
He would steal the shitball from a blind tumblebug, give him a marble and put him on the wrong road home
He would take the quarters off a corpse's eyes
He would want a new rope to be hung
He wouldn't say "shit" if he had a mouthful of it
He wouldn't say shit if he had a mouthful
He wouldn't say suiee if the pigs were eating him
He wouldn't work in a pie factory
He/she bought the farm
He/She can eat cookies/crackers in my bed.
He/she can screw up a two car funeral
He/she could go bear hunting with a switch
He/she couldn't find his ass with both hands
He/she has a charmed life
He/she has bats in the belfry
He/she has one oar out of the water
He/she has the world by the tail
He/she is a day late and a dollar short
He/she is a pack rat
He/she is feeling their oats
He/she is going to have to bear the brunt
He/She must have learned to whisper in a sawmill!
he/she was like a brother/son/father/sister/mother/daughter to me
he/she wasn't worth it anyway
He/she who hesitates is lost
He/she would take the quarters off a corpse's eyes
He'd want a new rope to be hung by
He's a fart smeller, i mean a smart feller
He's a few bricks shy of a load
He's a one trick pony
He's an odd duck
He's been rode hard and put away wet
He's got a face that could split kindlingí
He's got ants in his pants
He's got ants in his pockets
He's got both feet in the trough
He's got brass balls
He's half a bubble off plumb
He's one of the vilest maggots ever to bore holes in carrion
He's really bull headed
He's running seven ways from Sunday
He's slow, but he's old
He's so black he'd put fingerprints on charcoal
He's so horny the the crack of dawn isn't safe
He's so poor he'd have to borrow money to buy water to cry with
He's so short he has to stand on a box to kick a duck in the ass
He's so skinny he's got to run around in the shower to get wet
He's so skinny, if he turned sideways the stuck out his tongue, he'd look like a zipper
He's so stingy, he could squeeze the copper out of a penny
He's so tight he squeaks when he walks
He's so tight he would deal flies to a flying spider
She ain't too purdy, but she can cook like hell
She could fuck up a one-car funeral
She could suck a bowling ball through a cocktail straw
She could suck a golf-ball through fifty foot of garden-hose
She could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch.
she could test the patience of Job
She didnít have enough clothes on to wad a shotgun
she gave me a withering glance
She gives me a hard on that a cat could not scratch
she goes through money like a fart through a pair of jeans.
she got called up on the carpet
she had kisses sweeter than wine
she has a green thumb
she has bats in her belfry
she has everything but the kitchen sink
She has not cast a shadow in these parts in a honyonk's age
she has pull (clout)
She has round heels
She has two speeds. Slow and stop.
She is 2 ax handles wide
She is a clinging vine
She is a diddy-wah-dossey
she is a loose cannon
She is a ring tail tooter
She is gonna have a hissie fit
She is just a weeping willow
She is so loose even Gus Doorman could score with her
She is so loose it is like throwing a hotdog down a hallway
She is so loose she makes Houston look like a virgin
She one of those psycho women that are like havin' herpes. You never get rid of 'em and they are a real pain
She paints with a wide brush
She sure drove her ducks to a bad market
She thinks her shit don't stink
she threw a wet blanket on my idea
She was all over that like a bad rash on a big ass
She was battin' her eyes like a toad in a hailstorm
She was just a moonshiner's daughter but the boys loved her still.
she wears her heart on her sleeve
she wears the pants
She will talk to a wooden Indian
she would make a bull dog chew his chain
She would run into the ladder after you put it up in the shed
she would screw a snake if she could get someone to hold its head
She wouldnít know me from Adam's off ox
she wouldn't know me from Adam
She/he would a rock pile if she thought there was a snake in it.
She'll do she just won't do right
She'll drop her drawers for a mop-handle if you leave it at a forty-five degree angle
she's a porker
she's ALL THAT
she's all twitter-pated
she's an open book
she's burning her candle at both ends
she's fighting a losing battle
she's getting the red carpet treatment
she's got eye's in the back of her head
she's got money to burn
she's hot to trot
she's in hot water
she's lost her marbles
She's my sunshine
she's not the only fish in the sea
she's out sowing her wild oats
she's out to lunch
she's quite a ONE !
She's so hot I could jump on her like a rat on a chetto.
She's so stuck up, she'd drown in a rainstorm
she's taking the bait
she's tugging on your chain

"Verb" ... "noun"
Act the fool
Bear the brunt
Beat the band
Beat the bushes
Beat the rap
Bust a move
Bill the cat
Bite the bullet
Bite the dust
Break a leg
Break the bank
Break the color barrier
Break the habit
Break the ice
Break the news
Break the wind
Bury the hatchet
Buy the farm
Cast the first stone
Chew the cud
Chew the fat
Chew the rag
Circle the wagons
Clear the air
Clear the decks
Climb the wall
Crack the code
Crossing the Rubbikon
Cruising the bars
Cue the dance girls
Cut the Gordian knot
Cut the mustard
Cut the shenanigans
Cut to the chase
Draw the line at
Draw the long bow
Eat my dust
Face the music
Fly by the book
Get the lead out
Give it a rest
Give it the old college try
Hit the sack
Hold down the fort
Hold your horses
In the buff
In the doghouse
In the money
Jump the gun
Keep your chin up
Kick the bucket
Kill 'em with kindness
Knock 'em dead
Know the ropes
Learn the ropes
Lower the boom
Make tracks
On the house
On the level
On the run
Pour it on thick
Pull a fast one
Put a cork in it
Raise the dead
Raise the roof
Run like the wind
Seize the day
Seize the moment
Spoil the fun
Steal the show
Stop the presses
That's the breaks
Tickle the ivories
Tie the knot
Tow the line
Under the weather
Wake the dead
Walk the plank

Ones I Like
All in a tizzy
C'est la vie baby
He's all flibberty jibbets
High on the hog
That would gag a maggot on a gut truck
That's my name don't wear it out
It's raining cats and dogs. I should know. I just stepped in a poodle.
That's skull duggery
Where's the Beef?

Sayings for yes and no
Do Welsh men like sheep?
Does a bear shit in the woods?
Does a Chicken have lips?
Does a fat baby fart?
Does a leopard change his spots?
Does a one-legged duck swim in circles?
Does a snake have hips?
Does ten pounds of dough make a big biscuit?
Does the Pope wear a funny hat?
Is the Pope Catholic?
Is a frog's asshole watertight?
Is the sky blue?

Ned Flandersisms
Howdy-doo, neighbor
Heidily-hey (followed quickly by toodily-doo)
Well, tippety-top of the A.M. to every-good-body here
Cockily-doodily-doo, good buddies
Wat'cha diddily-doin,' neighbor
Yes, indeedily-doodily
Roger Dodger
Sure diddily-do
That sounds super duper
Yes, indeedy
She's a beut
Nosiree, Bob
Come on over and strap on the feed bag.
We're going to fire up ol' Propane Elaine and put the heat to the meat!
Gosh-darn it
She's a beutane beut
All of us pull a few `boners' now and then, go off `half-cocked', make `asses' of ourselves. I don't want to be `hard on' you ... give the sailor talk the old 'heave-ho'
Hot diggity!
Let's not and say we did
Thought I'd fire up the brier
Well, if that don't put the 'dink' in 'coinkidink!'
That's a 'Neddy No-No.'
Want me to zinc your sniffer?
Whoa, Nellie!
Godspeed, little doodle
That's a dilly of a pickle
Golly, if that doesn't put the 'shaz' in 'shazaam!'
Well, get out the Crayolas and color me "Tickled Pink".
Ooh, what's with the lead pipe, were you going to give my noggin a flogging?"
What's the brew-ha-ha-ha?
What the gumdrops is going on?
Ho, ho, this is a dilly of a pickle.
No siree-bob
Hey, a toast to the host who can boast the most roast!
Well, as the tree said to the lumberjack, I'm stumped.
I dub myself pickled tink!"
Works for me when I get bubbly-gum in the old push-broom
I'm in a rhubarb of a pickle of a jam
It's a corker of a case
Well, if God didn't make little green apples...
Ho ho ho, suckin' down the cider, uh? ... Here's a little trick to help you remember. If it's clear and yella', you've got juice there, fella! If it's tangy and brown, you're in cider town. Now, there's two exceptions and it gets kinda tricky here ... can be yellow, if they're using late season apples. And, of course, in Canada, the whole thing's flip-flopped.
Hunker in our bunker
Absitively notarino!
I've got a fozzy of a bear of a problem
It sounds you're strainin' to do some explainin'
This doomsday thing has me just a smidge tritterpated.
That's a dilly!
slim pickins
No, no and double no!
Gosh-darn it
This may sound just a teensy bit insane in the ol' membrane...
Oh my stars!
Watching you risk your life turned my beat box all the way up to ... rumba
Not my cup of tea
Leapin' Lazarus!
I'd better skidaddle
One more weensy little thing
What the dickens?
Doggone it, Eve, I think you better high-tail it outta this garden.
What the flood?
Ooh, that looks scrum-diddily-doodily-duddily
Diddily - used on its own as an interjective
Hi-diddily-ho, schuss-in-boots
I'm just a Q without a U
Catch you later, computator!
Better turn off that engine before those fumes put us in tombs
in a pickle
Plow Kingily-ding
Oh, we're done for. We're done for. We're done diddely done for. We're done diddely doodily, done diddely doodily, done diddely doodily, done diddely doodily
Zounds, I did thee mightily smitily!
Reverend...emergency! I -- it's the Simpson kids -- eedily -- I, uh, baptism -- oodily -- uh -- doodily doodily!
What can I do-diddily-doodily-diddly-hobbily-hibbily-gobbily-gobbily-gobble-gabba-gabba-hey?
Son of a gundiddily-un
I just can't dang diddily do dang do damn diddily darn do it
Calm down, Neddly diddily diddily diddily, doodily. They did their best shodaiddily iddily iddily diddily diddily. Gotta be nice, hostidididildilidilly ah HELL diddily ding dong crap! Can't you morons do anything RIGHT!?
Pretty darn doodily-diddily...good
Well, I'll be darndiddily-arned
Impy & Jimpy
Guildiddily-ilty as chardiddily-arged
Oh mydiddily-eye!
I've wasted my whole dang-diddily life
I okily-dokily-schmokily do!
Son of a diddly!

Foreign Language
Carpe diem. (seize the day)
C'est la vie.
Mi Casa es Su Casa.
sprechen Sie Englisch?

Whatever bakes your cake
Whatever blows your bone
Whatever butters your biscuit
Whatever butters your crumpet
Whatever chokes your chicken
Whatever creams your cheese
Whatever creams your soda
Whatever cranks your tractor
Whatever flies your flag
Whatever flips your pancake
Whatever flips your switch
Whatever floats your boat
Whatever gobs your knob
Whatever humps your bump
Whatever lifts your skirt
Whatever lights your candle
Whatever mows your lawn
Whatever peels your banana
Whatever pickles your gherkin
Whatever pokes your beaver
Whatever pops your cork
Whatever pops your corn
Whatever razzles your berries
Whatever rings your bell
Whatever rocks your socks
Whatever shakes your rattlesnake
Whatever sizzles your sausage
Whatever slaps your salami
Whatever spills your pills
Whatever tickles your fancy
Whatever tickles your oyster
Whatever tickles your pickle
Whatever tips your hat
Whatever toots your horn
Whatever tosses your salad
Whatever trips your trigger
Whatever turns you on
Whatever turns your screw
Whatever wets your harbour
Whatever wets your whistle

Movie Music
Just tea for two, And two for tea, Just me for you, And you for me
we don't need no "item" Pink Floyd

To Be Sorted (Wild Territory)
cant let it go to waste, i'll let it go to my waist
go to bat for someone
march to the beat of your own drum
march to the beat of a different drum
one for the ages
checks and balances
what the deuce?
coup de grace
like white on rice
like bald on a cue ball
like tie dye on a hippie
like stickers on a NASCAR
like angry on a wet cat
like smart on a rocket scientist
like black on an emo
like sick in a hospital
like funny on your face
like boom on an a-bomb
like slick on a politician
I'm on it like stink on a skunk
I'm on it like a tick on a hound dog
I'm on it like a loose mule in the corn patch
I'm on it like ugly on an ape
I'm on it like a dog on a bone
I'm on it like flies to honey
I'm on it like glue on a postage stamp
I'm on it like bugs on a windshield
I'm on it like filings to a magnet
I'm on it like peanut butter and jelly
like sea lice on a fresh run salmon
Like flies on shit
spots on dice and cold on ice
when someone sneezes, mazeltov
look with your nose
all things considered
plugging away
knock em dead
living the dream
rats - exclamation
namby pamby
take a trip down memory lane
as fun to talk to as a box of rocks
as fun to talk to as a brick wall
puts a twinkle in your eye
smoke like a fiend
lock step
dead nuts
holding pattern
join us for a game of talk
that's my story and I'm sticking to it
See ya, wouldn't want to be ya
the eagle has landed
ten four
going cowboy
batshit crazy
and now time for my disappearing act
all is quiet on the battlefront
this is for all the marbles
what is this sorcery!?
you could hear a caterpillar sneaking across a moss pit with tennis shoes (foghorn leghorn)
you look like two miles of bad road
he's got more nerve than a bum tooth
that dog is lower than a snake full of buckshot
nice girl but about as sharp as a sack of wet mice
kid don't stop talkin so much he'll get his tongue sunburned
as subtle as a hand grenade in a barrel of oatmeal
he's like taxes, he doesn't know when to stop
spur under the saddle
underpromise and overdeliver
rain on parade
poetry in motion
massage one's ego
up and at 'em
my word is my bond
that's how you get the job done
run forest run
whistle or whim
(Doing something) to beat the band
(i'm all over that) a duck on a junebug
(I'm all over that) a fly on shit
(knows it) chapter and verse
(S)he's got the face of an angel
(to describe a well-proportioned woman) "like two tomcats in a gunny sack"
...and Bob's your Uncle (British/Australian) is not big enough for both me and...
800-pound gorilla
a bald faced liar
a band of gypsies
a band of renegades
A barrel of laughs
a bird in the hand
a blast from the past
A Blessing In Disguise
a bolt from the blue
a broken heart is hard to mend
A broken record
a bubble shy of plumb
a bucket full of something
a bull in a china shop
a buzzard shit him on a log, and the sun hatched him
A cat always blinks when you hit it on the head with a sledgehammer
A Cat has nine lives
A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link.
a change is as good as a holiday
a charmed life
a cheap knock off
a cheshire-cat smile
a chicken in every pot
A chink in the armor
a chip off the old block
A Chip On Your Shoulder
a clean slate
a clean sweep
a close call
a cloud no bigger than a man's hand
a clouded crystal ball
a cock and bull story
a cold heart
a coon's age
a corn-fed hick
a cult of personality
a dark horse
A day late and a dollar short
A diamond in the rough
A Dime A Dozen
A dish fit for the Gods
a distinction without a difference
a dog and pony show
a dog day afternoon
a dog in the manger
A Doubting Thomas
a drop in the bucket
a faint heart never a true love knows
a fair shake
a fall guy
a far cry
a feather in his cap
a few balloons short of a parade.
A few fleas are good for the dog
a few french fries short of a load
a fine kettle of fish
a fine-tooth comb
A fish out of water
a flash in the pan
a fool and his money are soon parted
a force to be reckoned with
a foregone conclusion
a forlorn hope
a friend at court
a frog in my throat
a frog in one's throat
A full boat. (referring to a full house in poker)
a gala occasion
a gay Lothario
a golden opportunity like that only comes by once in a lifetime
A good bullshiter is usually a good conversationalist
A good heart is hard to find.
A good man is hard to find.
a good rule of thumb
a good soul
a good time was had by all
a grudge is harmful to the bearer
a hair of the dog that bit you
a half-baked idea
a hallow victory
a harried housewife
a heart as big as all outdoors
A hobson's choice
A hole big enough to drive a truck through (football)
A horse of a different color
A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse
A jack of all trades and a master of none
A kick in the butt
A labor of love
A left hand with its own set of brains
A legend in his own mind
A legend in his own time
a leopard doesn't change its spots
A little bird told me
A little bit pregnant
A little of this, a little of that
A little yeast works through the whole batch of dough
A long shot
A long ways away
A lot of empty flattery
A man after my own heart
A man among men
A man for all season's
A man is his own island.
A man of few words
A man on a mission
A man's got to do what a man's got to do
A marriage made in heaven
A matter of life and death
A mexican standoff
A millstone around the neck
A mint of money
A miss is as good as a mile
A monkey in silk is a monkey no less
A mother's work is never done.
A necessary evil
A new broom sweeps clean
A new do
A new lease on life
A nice enough guy, but I don't think he has enough chlorine in his gene pool
A night of passion
A nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse
A no-win situation
A penny for your thoughts?
A Piece of Cake
A piece of the action
A pink elephant
A place in the sun
A play on words
A pocket full of something
A pound of bud is worth a year of love
A pound of flesh
A punch in the chops
A quick study
A real gulley washer
A rooster one day, a feather duster the next (uncertainty of success)
A rose by any other name would smell as sweet
A rotten apple spoils the barrel
a rubber check
A she devil
a shoestring budget
a shot in the arm
a shot in the dark
a shotgun wedding
a slacker
a slap in the face
A Slap on the Wrist
A Slice of Pie. i.e. piece of cake
a small circle of friends
a smooth operator
a solid head on his/her shoulders
a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down
a square peg in a round hole
a stitch in time save nine
a stitch in time saves nine
a stone's throw away
a submarine with screen doors
a sweet deal
a taste of his own medicine
A Taste Of Your Own Medicine
a thimble full of something
a thing of beauty is a joy forever
A time for all seasons
A Toss-Up
a tough nut to crack
A very pretty box with a bow but nothing inside.
a walk is as good as a hit (baseball)
a watched pot never boils
a wet bird never flies at night
a whale of a good time
a white elephant gift
a whole new ball game
a whole new ball of wax
a winning combination
a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle
a word to the wise
A word to the wise is sufficient
a world of good
a young man's fancy
abandon hope, all ye who enter here
ablaze with light
able to leap tall buildings in a single bound
About BBQ: if you go away clean you ain't eatin' it right.
Above and beyond the call of duty
according to hoyle
ace in the hole
Ace up his sleeve
Achilles' heel
aching void
Acid test
Across the board
Act in haste, repent at leisure
Act like a monkey in the zoo
Act your age
Acted like a circus clown
Acts like he fell off a turnip truck
Add fuel to the fire
Add insult to injury
Adios muchacho
Afraid of his own shadow
After all you've had to drink, that will run through you like a dose of salts.
After the rain comes a rainbow
Against all hope
Against the clock
Against the grain
Age before beauty
Age gracefully
Ah, to be young and foolish...
Ainít even wore the tits off the tires
Ain't gotta pot to piss in let alone a window to throw it out.
Ain't just waltzing around with you
Ain't no hill, for a stepper.
Ain't no point in beatin' a dead horse...'course, can't hurt none either.
Ain't no thing but a chicken wing.
ain't that a bird
ain't that just the cats pjamas
Ain't worth a squirt of piss
Albatross around the neck
All at seas
All bark and no bite
All bets are off
All cats are grey in the dark
All dressed up and nowhere to go
All eyes/ears
All for one and one for all
All for one and one for none
All good deeds go unpunished
All good things come to those that wait
All gummed up
All hat and no cattle
All his dogs aren't barking
All his worldly goods
All hunched over like a dog crapping razor blades
All in a day's work
All in the same boat
All is vanity
All over like a mad woman's piss
All over the place like a dogs breakfast
All paled in comparison
All roads lead to Rome
All sorts and conditions of Men
All talk and no action
All that and a bag of chips
All that glitters is not gold
all the tea in China
all the time in the world
All things being equal
All Thumbs
all to the good
all wet
all wool and a yard wide
all work and no play
all-out war
All's over but the shouting
all's well that ends well
Alligator arms
almost as smart as people say he thinks he is.
alphabet soup
already got one paw on the chicken coop
Alrighty then!
altitude is determined by attitude
always blowing his own horn
always look at the bright side of life
always look on the bright side
am I my brother's keeper?
America, the melting pot of the world
America. Love it or leave it.
an accident waiting to happen
an Albatross around the neck
an animal, throw him some raw meat
An Arm And A Leg
An Axe To Grind
an earful
an easy study
an elephant never forgets
an eye for an eye
an inch deep and a mile wide
an old dog for a hard road
an oldie, but a goodie
an open book
ancestral acres
and how
and I don't mean maybe
and so to bed
and this above all, to thine own self be true
and we're not just whistling dixie
and you can take that to the bank
Angel of Death
another cliche
Another day, another dollar
ants in his pants
Any friend of _________'s is a friend of mine.
Any old stocking can find a old shoe
Any port in a storm
anybody's dog that will hunt with him.
apple of discord
apple of his eye
apple of my eye
apple-pie order
Arbeit macht frei
Are those your thighs, or do you have on riding pants?
are you a man or a mouse
are you gonna pull those pistols or whistle dixie?
are you hard of hearing
Are you having a Blond day?
Are you showing your Blond?
armed to the teeth
arm's length
as every schoolboy knows
As far as going out with him, I'd rather be in hell with a broken back and colon cancer.
as fate would have it
as good a chance as pushing shit uphill with a pointed stick
As High As A Kite
As if!!
As luck would have it
as lucky as a man in a women's prison with a fist full of pardons
as much as a tomcat needs a marriage license
As much use as a yard of pump water.
as one man
As the crow flies
as unavoidable as death and taxes
Ask her what time it is & she'll tell you how to build a clock
ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies
ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country
ask not wont not
Asleep at the wheel
Ass is so tight you could not drive an 8 penny nail in it with a 10 pound sledge hammer
Ass so sweet it'd make your eyes water
At any rate
At death's door
At first blush
At his fingertips
At least it was a very interesting experience
At loggerheads
At long last
At loose ends
At the crack of dawn
At the drop of a hat
At the end of the day
At the end of the pecking order
At the tip of my tongue
At the tip of one's tongue
At this point in time
At wits' end
At your beck and call
Attention span measured in micro seconds.
Avoid like the plague
Babble like a brook
Babe in the woods
Back in a sec
Back in the brown shoe days
Back in the good old days
Back in the saddle
Back seat driver
Back to basics
Back To Square One
Back to square one
Back To The Drawing Board
Back to the drawing board
Back to the salt mine
Back when Hector was a pup
Back when I was younger
Back when men were men and women were proud of it
Backhanded compliment
Back-seat driver
Bad blood
Bad hair day
Bad hands (sports cliche)
Bad to the bone
Bad to worse
Bag of bones bag of tricks
Bag of switches
Bags all packed and ready to go
Bait and switch
Baker's dozen
Balance of power
Bald faced liar
Balloon squeezing (means squeeze one area it just goes somewhere else)
Balls deep to a tall Indian
Balls to the wall
Balm in Gilead
Banding together to beat the odds
Banging your head against a brick wall
Baptism by fire
Bar him for life
Barefaced liar
Barge right in
Barking in the wind
Barking up the wrong tree (making a mistake)
Barkis is willin
Bask in his glory
Bat the idea around
Bats in the belfry
Batten down the hatches
Batten down the hatches, lower the boom, raise the misenmast: full speed ahead!!
Battin' your eyes like a toadfrog in a hailstorm
Battle royal
Be all things to all Men
Be at peace with yourself (shut-up)
Be back in a flash
Be careful or I'll punch your ticket
Be careful or you'll poke your eye out!
Be still my beating heart
Be that as it may
Be the first with the most all of the time
Be your own man
Beam me up Scotty!
Bear the burden and the heat of the day
Beard the lion in his den
bearings straight
Beat a dead horse
Beating a dead horse
Beat a hasty retreat
Beat around the bush
Beat swords into plowshares
Beat the band
Beat them all hollow
Beaten like a stepchild
beauty is a fading flower
beauty is only a light switch away
Bed head
Bee in your bonnet
Been smokin the wacky tabaccy
Been there, done that, got the t-shirt
Been there, done that
Been there, seen it, done that
Beggars can't be choosers
Beggars description
Behind the eight ball
Being a grandfather doesn't bother me, but sleeping with a grandma certainly does
Being led down the garden path
Belongs in a zoo
Bend a few stories or yarns (lie)
Bend but doesn't break
Bend over backwards
Benefit of the doubt
Benevolent dictator
Beside the point
Best bib and Tucker
Best fish I ever flopped a lip on
Best looking girl I ever took a gander at
Bet a bundle
Better a chip on by shoulder than one at your feet
Better half
Better than ever
Betting the farm
Between a rock and a hard place
Between Scylla and Charybdis
Between the cup and the lip
Between the devil and the deep blue sea
Between the sword and the wall (Spanish)
Between you and me and bedpost
Between you and me and gatepost
Between you and me and lamppost
Bevy of beauties
Beware of Greeks bearing gifts
Beyond the pale
Beyond the sunset
Bickering like two little children
Bide your time
Big Apple
Big brother is watching
Big enough to fight bear with a switch
Big eye little view
Bird's eye view
Birds of a feather flock together
Bite off more than you can chew
Bite the hand that feeds you
Bite your lip
Bite your tongue
Black sheep
Black sheep of the family
Blast from the past
Blaze a new trail
Blaze a trail
Bless your little pea picking heart
Blind ambition
Blind in one eye and can't see out of the other
Blind leading the blind
Blood of the Gods flowing through my veins
Blood on my hands
Blood will tell
Bloom where you're planted
Blow hot and cold
Blow off steam
Blow out your o-ring
Blow your stack
blow your stack blown to smithereens
blown away
Blown to smithereens
blue collar job
blue in the face
blue monday
Blue Moon
blunt words have the sharpest edge
bon voyage
Bone of contention
bone up for the final exam
boon companion
bored to tears
Born with a silver spoon is his mouth
Boston Brahmin
Bottoms up
bought a lemon
bought the farm
boy howdy
Boy was that a new wrinkle
Boy you got about as much sense as God gave a goose
Boy, you best not be messin' with me; I'll slap some schtuff on your head ajax won't take off.
Boy, you'd rather jack off a bobcat as mess with me
Boy, your family tree has no branches
boys will be boys
Boys, if I tell you a rooster can pull a wagon, hitch'em up. (Trust)
brain trust
brains of a biology specimen
brand spankin' new
brass balls
brass hat
brazen it out
bread and butter play (football cliche)
Break A Leg
Break a leg!
breathes his last
bright-eyed and bushy-tailed
bring home the bacon
Bringing home the bacon
broken heart
Brownie points
bruit about
buckle down
buckle under
Build a cup of coffee
Building a better mousetrap
built to last
Bullshit's here bullshit's there, bullshit's flyin' in the air
Bum rushed
Bump on a log
bunch of frivolous babble as always
burn the candle at both ends
burned in stone
Burning question
burning rubber
Burning the candle at both ends
Burning the midnight oil
burning up the track
bury your head in the sand
Busier that a one-armed paper hanger
business as usual
Business before pleasure
busman's holiday
Bust a nut
Bustin my chops
Busting a gut
Busting my chops
But enough about me ...
Butter him up
Butter wouldn't melt in her mouth
Butterflies in his stomach
Buy A Lemon
Buy a pig in a poke
Buy for a song
Buy it for a song
Buy you books, and all you do is read the covers
By a long chalk
By all means, after you
By fits and starts
By leaps and bounds
By the breadth of a bee's dick (narrow margin, close call)
By the grapevine
By the same token
By the seat of his pants
By the skin of your teeth
By the sweat of your brow
Cackle like an old hen
Cady is dandy, but liquor is quicker, (Ogden Nash)
Calamity howler
Calf rope
Call a halt
Call a spade a spade
Call his bluff
Call in question
Calm before the storm
Came at me like a bat outta hell
Came the dawn
Came to the conclusion of his travelling thoughts!
Came up roses
Came up smelling like roses
Came up smelling like roses, or Comes up smelling like a rose
Came within a gnat's whisker
Can of corn
Can of worms
Can or can't take a joke
Can you top this?
Canary in the coal mine
Candy is dandy
Can't (won't) get to first base with her
Can't a cat look at a queen?
Can't be counted on in the clutch
Can't beat that with a stick
Can't blame him for trying
Can't call your soul your own
Can't cut it
Can't Cut The Mustard
Can't find his/her way out of a paper bag.
Can't for the life of me remember
Can't get there from here.
can't hit the broad side of a barn
can't hold a candle to him
Can't judge a book by its cover
Can't live with them and can't live without them
Can't make heads or tails of it
Can't never could and never would
Can't never could do nothing
can't place a finger on it
cant say's I would
can't see beyond the end of his nose
Can't see the forest for the trees
Can't see through muddy water
Can't swing a dead cat without hitting a Wal-Mart.
can't tell his/her butt from a hot rock
can't tell his/her butt from a whole in the ground
can't top it
Can't win for losing
can't win for the sake of losing
Captain of his soul
captain of industry
Cardinal sin
Careful what you wish for
carpe diem
carrot on a stick
carry coals to Newcastle
carrying coal to NewCastle
Carte blanche
case in point
Cash on the barrel head
Cast aspersions
cast bread upon the still waters
cast into outer darkness
Cast Iron Stomach
cast your bread upon the waters
Cat got your tongue?
catbird seat
Catch as catch can
catch hell if I do, catch hell if I don't
Catch some Z's
catch you around
catching some ZZZ's
cat-like grace
cat's ass
cat's pajamas (same meaning as "cat's ass")
cat's paw
Cats take cat fare
Cattywampus or caddywampus
caught between Scylla and Charybdis
caught in the crossfire
caught me off guard
caught red-handed
caught with his hand in the cookie jar
caught with his hands in the till
caught with his pants down
Caught with your pants down
caught'em with his pants down
c'est la guerre
c'est la vie
Champagne taste with a beer pocketbook
chance of a snowball in hell
Change of heart
change of scene
changing his tune
charity begins at home
Charley Horse
Charmed life
chase a rainbow
chasing geese
check it out
checkered career
check's in the mail
Chew someone out
chicken hearted
Chicken squat behind the was pot
Chickens come home to roost
child of nature
children are the future
Child's play
Chink in the armor
Chip off the old block
Chip on his Shoulder
Chip on his shoulder
Chock full
chomping at the bit
Choose the lessor of two evils
Chow Down
Christmas comes but once a year
Christmas Eve Gift
Cinch up your belt another notch or two
Circle up for a meeting
Cite chapter and verse
Clam up and be quiet
Clash of the titans
Clean slate
Clean up your plate
Clear customs
Climb on the bandstand
Climb the stairway to success
Clip joint
Close but no cigar
Close enough for government work
Close enough for horseshoes and hand grenades
Close enough for jazz
Close isn't good enough
Close only counts in horseshoes
Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades
Close shave
Close that pneumonia hole/ gap
Close the barn door
Close the barn door after the horse is out
Close the door; was you raised in a barn
Closing the barn door after the horse has bolted
Clothes make the man
Cloud nine
Cloud-cuckoo land
Clutch shot to win the game
Coast is clear
Cock and bull story
Cock of the walk
Cockles of the heart
Coin a phrase
Coitus interruptus
Cold day in July
Cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey
Cold enough to freeze the balls off a pool table
Cold enough to stick your tongue to the pump handle
Cold feet
Cold fish
Cold hands, warm heart
Cold shoulder
Cold turkey
Collect a bundle of.........
Come a cropper
Come a'callin
Come again?
Come crawling back to me
Come hell or high water
Come off it
Come on like gangbusters
Come up for air
Come up short
Come what may
Comes to the same thing
Coming apart at the seams
Coming out of the closet
Comparing apples to oranges
Comply or die
Conniption fit
Consolidate from misc insults
Conspicuous by one's absence
Conspiracy of silence
Consummation devoutly to be wished
Contemplate my navel
Cooked his goose
Cool your jets
Cop a feel
Cop a plea
Copy that
Corporal's guard
Costs a pretty penny
Cottage by the lake
Could talk a dog off a meat wagon
Couldnít catch a cold if it had handles
Couldnít fall out of a boat and hit water
Couldnít hit the side of the barn from the inside with all the doors shut
Couldnít make a plug for a dog's asshole with a shit for a pattern
Couldnít play the radio
Couldn't beat it with a stick
Couldn't buy a setting of eggs
couldn't care less
Couldn't carry a tune in a bushel basket
couldn't do it to save his (soul,hide)
couldn't drive a knife through soft butter (bad driver)
couldn't give a rats ass
Couldn't hit the broad side of the barn
couldn't make heads or tails of it
couldn't punch your way out of a wet paper bag
count your blessings
counting his money like an old miser
counting my chickens before they hatch
counting the days
counting the ways
Courage of your convictions
cover a bet
cover your backside
cover your tracks
Crack Someone Up
Cracked up
cradled in the lap of luxury
crazy in love
crazy like a fox
creme de la creme
cried all the way to the bank
crock of shit (lie, bullshit)
crocodile tears
cross that bridge when we get to it
Cross Your Fingers
Cross your fingers for good luck
crunch his hand into a fist
cry like a baby
cry me a river
Cry Over Spilt Milk
cry uncle
Cry Wolf
Cry wolf
crying crocodile tears
crystal clear
Cuando hay hambre, no hay pan duro!
cudgel your brains
cultivate your garden
Cup Of Joe
Curiosity killed the cat
curry favor
curse a blue streak
cut bait and run
Cut it up and put sugar on it
Cut me some slack
cut me some slack
cut off your nose to spite your face
cut the coat according to the cloth
Cut through the red tape
Cut to the Chase
Cut to the chase
cutting through all the red tape
Damn skippy
damn with faint praise
damned if you do and damned if you don't
damned if you do, damned if you don't
damsel in distress
dance an Irish jig
dance attendance on
dance cheek to cheek
dance the night away
dance with the devil
Dance with the one that brought you
dance your away around it
dang gone it
Dark Horse
dark horse
darting to and fro
daunting tasks
dawned on me
day - at the end of the day
Day late and a dollar short
dead in the water.
dead letter
dead of night
dead right
Dead Ringer
Dead ringer
Dead to right
dead to rights
Dead to the world
dead wrong
deep in thought
deep, dark jungle
demonstrates a sense of fair play
Den of thieves
Devil incarnate
Devil's Advocate
Devil's beating his wife behind the door
Diamond in the rough
diamonds are a girl's best friend
dictates of conscience
did a slow boil
did a slow burn
Did the two-twenty volt shuffle
Didnít have enough sense to pour piss out of a boot if the directions was written on the eel
Didnít know if he should scratch his watch or wind his ass
didn't even say hello, drop dead
die in harness
die is cast
Different color of horse
Different strokes for different folks
Dig your own grave
Dig yourself out of a hole.
dime a dozen
ding-dong battle
Dirt cheap
dirt cheap
distance lends enchantment
distance makes the heart grow fonder
D-liver, D-letter, D-sooner, D-better
do a bad turn
do a good turn
Do an about face
do as a I say, not as I do
Do or die
do the wild mambo
Do whatever it takes to get the job done!
Do you have peanutbutter in your ears?
Do you have pigeon poop in your ears?
Do you have potatoes growing in your ears?
Do you think I'm made of money?
does my heart good
Doesnít know baby shit from butterscotch
Doesn't have a leg to stand on
doesn't have enough sense to come in out of the rain
Doesn't have two nickels to rub together
Doesn't have two sticks to rub together
Doesn't know his arse from his elbow
Doesn't know his elbow from a hairpin turn
doesn't know if she's washing or hanging out
doesn't know jack-shit
Doesn't know shit from paint
dog and pony show
Dog day afternoon
Dog Days of Summer
Dog days of summer
dog earred
dog eat dog
dog tired
Dollars to doughnuts
Done in by a city slicker
done to a turn
done to death
donkey's years
don't air your dirty linens in public
don't be a party pooper
don't be a stick in the mud
don't be a tattle tale
don't be such a big girl's blouse (English)
don't bend over in the shower to pick up the soap
don't bite the hand that feeds you
Don't blow smoke up my ass
Don't bother trying to teach a pig to sing; you only waste your time and annoy the pig.
don't care a rap for
Don't care if you're walkin' the earth or eatin' the dirt
don't count your chickens before they're hatched
don't count your eggs before they're hatched
Don't count your eggs before they've hatched.
don't criticize him until you have walked in his shoes
Don't cry your heart out
don't do anything *I* wouldn't do
Don't do as I do, do as I say.
Don't eat the yellow snow.
don't fire 'til you see the whites of their eyes
don't fly off the handle
Don't get mad, get even!
Don't get your knickers in a twist
Don't get your panties in a bunch
Don't get your tits in a tangle
don't give a damn
don't give a flying fuck
don't give up your day job
Don't go away mad. Just go away.
Don't hate me 'cause i'm beautiful, hate me 'cause yer boyfriend thinks so!!
don't have a cow
Don't have a cow
don't hold your breath
don't jack me around
don't judge a book by its cover
don't jump to conclusions
don't just sit there like a bump on a pickle
don't know shit from shinola
Don't know which way to turn.
don't let one mistake lead to another
Don't let the bedbugs bite
don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out
Don't let your alligator mouth overload your mockingbird butt
Don't let your bulldog mouth overload your hummingbird ass
don't look a gift horse in the mouth
don't look back
don't lose your head
don't make me do something I'll regret
Don't mess in your nest
Don't muddy the waters
Don't open Pandora's box
Don't open that can of worms
Don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining
Don't piss off the alligator until you've crossed the river
Don't piss on my head and tell me it's raining
Don't piss on my head and tell me it's raining! (don't believe what your saying)
Don't pull the wool over my eyes
don't push your luck
Don't put any stock in it
Don't rock the boat
don't rub where there's already a rash
Don't shit in your own nest
don't slack off
Don't sweat the little things
Don't take any wooden nickels
don't throw out the baby with the bathwater
Don't tick him off or he'll bite your head off.
don't toot your own horn
Don't try and sell me a pig in a poke
Don't try and steal my blessing
Don't upset the apple cart
don't want to cover old ground
don't worry about the horse being blind, just load the wagon
Don't worry about the mule son, just load the wagon
Don't worry too much about it. Just do all you can do and let the rough end drag.
don't worry, be happy
Dot the I's and cross the t's
Double bind and still a going
Double dog dare
Double Dutch
Double in brass
Double ugly
Double whammy
Double-edged sword
Down at the heels
Down the hatch
Down to earth
Down To The Wire
Draden daylight for dark
Drank till he was plum tipsy
Draw a blank
Dressed better than Sunday!
Dressed fit to kill
Dressed to kill
Dressed to the nines
Dressed up in his Sunday go to meeting clothes
Dressed up to the nines
Drink like a fish
Drive for show and putt for dough
Drive it in the ground and bark at the hole
Drive it like you stole it
Drive someone up the wall
Drive the point home
Drive you up the wall
Drives like a bat out of hell
Driving the porcelain bus
Drop a dime on you!
Dropped your candy in the sand that time
Dropping Like Flies
Drown your sorrows
Drummed out of the Army
Drunkern'seven dollars
Drunkern'ten Indians
Dry Run
Ducks in a row
Duct tape is like "The Force." It has a light side, a dark side, and it holds the universe together.
Dumb like a fox
Dutch treat
Dyed in the wool
Eager beaver
Eager for the fray
Eagle eye
Early to bed, early to rise
Earned his wings
Easier said than done
Easier than government work
Easy come, easy go
Easy does it
Easy money
Easy pickings
Eat crow
Eat dirt
Eat humble pie
Eat like a horse
Eat me out of house and home
Eat out of my hand
Eat to your heartís content
Eat up the clock
Eat your Cake and have it, too
Eat your hat
Eat your heart out
Eat your own words
Eat your words
Eight days a week
Eighty Six
Eighty sixed (as in 86'd from a bar)
Eisenhower won the election by such a landslide that when he died they were still picking gravel out of his ass.
Either sink or swim
Elevator is stuck between floors.
Eleven kittens couldnít lick that boy clean
Elvis has left the building
Embarrassment of riches
Empty promises
Empty the baby out with the bathwater
Empty wagons rattle
End of one's rope
End of the story
Enough ants can eat an elephant.
Enough is enough
Enough money to burn a wet dog.
enough to break the ice
enough to kill a plow horse
enough to make him turn in his grave
entertain high hopes
Ethnic Cleansing
even a blind hog finds an acorn once in a while
Even a blind pig finds an acorn sometimes
even a blind squirrel finds an acorn sometimes
Even a broken watch is correct twice a day.
Even at the turning tide
even tenor of their way
Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining
Every day is just a role of the dice, and snake eyes is just a way of life.
every inch a king
Every little drop counts, said the old lady as she pissed in the ocean
every man for himself
every man has his price
every man jack
every Tom, Dick and Harry
every which way but loose
everybody wants a piece of him
Everything But The Kitchen Sink
everything is vanity
everything's coming up daisies
everything's copasetic
everything's hunky dory
exact same (whatever) as you.
Excuse my French
Excuse my French
explore every avenue
extraneous bullshit
eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth
eye to eye
eyeball to eyeball
eyes are the window to the soul
eyes of a hawk
face the music
face up to the facts
fact of the matter
failing to prepare is preparing to fail
faint heart never won fair maiden
Fair to middling
Fair weather friend
fall between the cracks
fall between two stools
fall by the wayside
fall for it
Fall from Grace
fall head over heels
fall on deaf ears
fall on stony ground
Fall on your sword
fall through the cracks
fallen on hard times
falling apart like a cornbread turd
Falling off the roof
false alarm
familiarity breeds contempt
fan the flames
Fancy free
fancy meeting you here
far and away the best
Far be it from me
far from the madding crowd
Fashion victim
fat cat
fat farm
father time
feast or famine
Feast your eyes on this
Feather your nest
Feed a cold, starve a fever
Feed him with a long handled spoon
Feed that corn to the chickens
Feeding Frenzy
Feel all caged up like an animal
Feel all cooped up
Feel it in my bones
Feel like a blind dog in a meat house
Feeling bad is just a new sensation
Feeling his oats
Feet of clay
Fell down cup over tea kettle
Fell down the ugly tree and hit every branch
Festive board
Few and far between
Fiddle fartiní
Fiddling while Rome burns
Field Day
fight fire with fire
fight the battle all over again
fight tooth and nail
Fighting me is like fighting sandpaper Ė I might be skinny but I will scratch the hell out of you
Figure the odds on that
Filthy rich
Find it in one's heart
Find yourself in a hole
Finders keepers losers weepers
Finding Your Feet
Finger lickin' good
Fire answers fire
Fire in the belly
First come, first served
First rate
First rattle out of the box
First saw the light of day
Fish or cut bait
Fishing for compliments
Fit to be hung
Fit to be tied
Fits him to a T
fits like wallpaper on a wall
Five gallons of shit in a 2 gallon bucket
Fix his wagon
Fixed In Your Ways
Flash in the pan
Flattery will get you nowhere
Flea Market
Fleet footed (fleet of foot)
Flesh and Blood
Flip The Bird
Flipped her lid
Flirt with disaster
Flit around like a little bird
Flown the coop
Fly by night
Fly by the seat of your pants
fly in the face of
Fly in the ointment
Fly off the handle
Fly on the wall
Flying off the shelves like hotcakes
Flys in the face
Foam at the mouth
Fold up and leave
Fold up like an accordian
fold your tent and leave
follow suit
Follow the golden rule
Follow your heart
following in his footsteps
food for thought
Foolish is as foolish does
Fools gold
Fools' Gold
fool's paradise
foot loose and fancy free
foot-in-mouth disease
footloose and fancy-free
for all the wrong reasons
For crying out loud
for everything there is a season
For from the madding crowd
for God's sake
for good and all
For love nor money
for pete's sake
For the birds
For the life of me
for the love of God/Pete/Mike
For the umpteenth time
for want of the nail, the shoe was lost
For what it is worth
for what it's worth
Forbidden fruit
forewarned is forearmed
Fork it over
fortunes of war
Four corners of the earth
four on the floor
fourth estate
fox guarding the henhouse
Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn
fraught with danger
fraught with peril
free ballin
French Kiss
fresh out of ideas
fried to one's tonsils
Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ear
Frog in your throat
from A to Z
from bad to worse
From bad to worst
from cradle to grave
from day one
from head to heels
From here to Kalamazoo
From here to ten buck two
From pillar to post
From Rags To Riches
From start to finish
From stem to stern
From the bottom of my heart
From the four corners of the earth
From the frying pan into the fire
From the horses mouth
From the mouths of babes
From the sublime to the ridiculous
From the word go
From time immemorial
From your lips to God's ears
Fudge muffins
Full head of steam
Full Monty
Full of baloney
Full of beans
Full of himself
Full of hot air
Full of mischief
Full of piss and vinegar
Full of the devil
Full of vinegar
Full steam ahead
Full to the back teeth
Funny farm
Funny you mention it
Futher Mucking Bun of a Sich
Gag a maggot
Gag a maggot off a gut wagon
Gag me with a spoon
Gargle his marbles
Gas up the car
Gather rosebuds while you may
Gather ye rosebuds while ye may
Gave him a piece of my mind
Gave it a wide berth
Gentle reader
Get a charge out of something
Get a grip on yourself
Get a handle on it
Get a handle on this
Get a hold of yourself
Get a kick (out of something)
Get a kick out of you
get a move on
get a word in edgewise
get ahead early and stay ahead late
get all bent out of shape
Get back, Jack
get beat like a drum
get down to bare bones
Get Down to Brass Tacks
get down to brass tacks
Get her into the sack
Get his back up
Get his dander up
Get it down pat
Get it outta my hair
Get lost (go away)
Get nailed to the cross
Get off your high horse
Get on a high horse
Get on her high horse
Get on her soap box
Get on the gravy train
Get out of my life. (go away)
Get out of the sack and get to work
Get outta town by sundown
Get over it
Get stuffed
Get that gut feeling
Get the guts to do something about it
Get the hell out and take your friend with you!
Get the lead out
Get the lead out of your feet
Get the peanut butter out of your ears
Get the right angle of the dangle
Get the sack
Get the show on the road
Get thee behind me, Satan and push, push
Get up and go
Get Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed
Get up, your going to sleep your life away!
Get use to it
Get while the getting's good
Get your act together
Get your ducks in a row
Get your ears lowered
Get Your Walking Papers
Gets my goat
Getting money out of me right now would be like trying to shove butter up a wildcat's ass with hot poker
Getting soaked (as in cheated)
Getting the short end of the stick
Getting your goat
Giddee up now little doggie
Gimme a break
Gird your loins
Girls who wear glasses seldom get passes (Ogden Nash)
Git before black baby starts a barkin'
Give a damn
Give a little take a little
Give a wide berth to
give an inch, and he takes a mile
give him a chance to hang himself
give him a dose of his own medicine
give him a little goose
give him a run for his money
give him a way out
Give him an inch and he will take a mile
give him his walking papers
give him the ax
give him the back of the hand
give him the old heave-ho
Give Him The Slip
Give it a rest
give me a hand
give pause
Give peace a chance.
give space to time, and time will fill space
Give the devil his dues
give the go-around
give them an inch and they will take a mile
given to him on a silver platter
Giving someone the cold shoulder
glass ceiling
glass jaw
Gnatís ass
Gnatís whisker
go a round or two
go against the grain
Go ahead, just tear my heart right out of my chest
Go ahead, make my day
Go along for the ride
Go around robin hood's barn
Go at it with hammer and tongs
Go bananas
Go by the board
Go climb a tree
Go crawl up a hogs ass and have a ham sandwich
go crook at someone
Go Down Like A Lead Balloon
go figure
go fly a kite
Go for broke
go fry an egg
go hat in hand
Go haywire
Go in for the kill
Go it alone
Go jump in a lake
Go jump in the lake!
Go off half-cocked
Go on about your rat-killiní
Go on the warpath
Go out and howl with the wolves
Go out in a blaze of glory
Go out on a limb
Go piss up a rope
Go suck a lemon
Go the extra mile
Go to his reward
Go to the bank or go bust
Go to the holy bowl to make an offering to the sewer Gods
Go ugly early; don't wait for closing time
Go where the green lights lead you
Go whole hog wild
Go with the flow
God bless a milk cow
God complex
God help us
God only knows
God works in mysterious ways
God's green earth
God's tater wagon turned over! (loud thunder)
Going against the tide
Going around in circles
Going commando
Going to be a cold day in hell
Going to come a frog floater
Going to come a gully washer
Going to come a toad strangler
Going to hell in a handbasket
Golden age
Golden mean
Gone but not forgotten
Gone South
Gone to bed with the chickens
gone to ground
Gone to pot
Gone to the dogs
Good always wins over evil
Good enough for the galls I run with
Good hands (sports cliche)
Good Lord willing and the creeks don't rise
Good men and true
Good Night, sleep tight, and don't let the bed bugs bite
Good one!
Good riddance to bad rubbish
Good Samaritan
Good things come in little packages
Good, bad or indifferent
Goodie gumdrops
Goodie two shoes
Gopher, go for this and go for that
Got a behind like two finely packed bags of sugar and i got me a sweet tooth
Got a bird nest on the ground
Got a cob (bug) up his ass
Got a frog in your throat?
Got a hole in his pocket
Got a hole in my pocket
Got a leg up on it
Got a loaf in the oven
Got enough money to burn a wet mule
Got hosed (cheated)
Got knocked up
Got more _____ (money,wives) than he knows what to do with
Got my mojo working
Got my tongue wrapped around my eyeteeth, couldn't see what I was sayin'.
Got off on the right foot
Got one foot in the grave
Got taken for a ride
Got the blues
Got the reds
Got them by the short and curlies
Got up on the wrong side of the bed
Got you over a barrel
Got your hand caught in the cookie jar
Got your head in the clouds
Gotta let loose my wild goose
Gotta lick that calf again
Grab your socks and pull up your jocks
Grandfathered in
Grandstand play
Granny cooked enough supper to feed Pharoah's Army
Granny is so old she was alive when the dead sea was just sick
Grapes of wrath
Grasp at straws
Grasp the nettle
Graveyard Shift
Gray eminence
Greased lightning
Great open spaces
Great unwashed
Greater love hath no man
Greek to me
Green enough to grow
Green enough to stick in the ground and grow
Green eyed monster
Green Room
Green with envy
grim reaper
grin like a possum
Grind to a halt
grist for the mill
ground and pound
Gung ho
gunning for a fight (or something)
Gut buster
Gut Feeling
Gut reaction
Ha, ha, that was a thigh slapper!
Habit is a second nature
had eyes that light up a room
had eyes that would burn a hole right through you
had eyes that would pierce right through you
had hate in his eyes
had his bell rung
had ice cold eyes
had love in his eyes and lust in his heart
Had me stumped
had to lick a skunks butt to get the taste out my mouth
Hair of the dog
hair of the dog that bit you
hair today - gone tomarrow
hair today, gone tomorrow
half a bubble off
half a loaf is better than none
half seas over
Half the battle
half-baked idea
Halt! Who goes there!
hammer out the details
hand in glove
Hand over fist
hand over hand
handle it with kid gloves
handsome is as handsome does
handsome reward
hand-to-mouth existence
handwriting on the wall
hang by a thread
hang in balance
Hang in there
hang in there
Hang loose
hang loose
Hang tight
hanging fire
hanging onto mother's apron strings
haraka haraka haina baraka (Swahili: "in hurry, hurry there is no blessing")
hard and fast rule
Hard at work or hardly working?
Hard fight with a short stick
Hard liquor and a hammer oughta fix that
hard nose
hard of hearing
Hard row to hoe
hard to swallow
Has a skeleton in the closet
has her cap set for him
has the cat got your tongue?
has the golden touch
Hasnít got the sense to bell a buzzard
hasn't a grain of sense
hasn't got a pot to piss in (nor a window to throw it out)
Hasn't got the sense God gave a goose
Hasn't got the sense of a Betsy bug
hat is in the ring
Hat Trick
hate his guts
haul over the coals
have a chip on the shoulder
Have a cup of coffee, it's already been saucered and blowed
have a field day
have a finger in every pie
have a jag on
have a little nip
Have a nice day
Have a screw loose
Have a tiger by the tail
Have an ax to grind
Have an eye for the main chance
Have both feet on the ground
Have 'em in stitches
Have gun, will travel
Have it right by the time your maker comes to collect
Have no truck with
Have the courage of his convictions
Have the last laugh
Have the short end of the stick
Have to go like a rushing racehorse
Have your back to the wall
Have your heart in your mouth
Have your nose out of joint
Haven't got a row to hoe
Haven't seen hide nor hair of him
He Lost His Head
He/she only lies to me when his/her lips move
Head and shoulders above
Head in the clouds
Head over heels
Heads will roll
Heap coals of fire on his head
Hear a pin drop
Hear hear
Hear me now, believe me later
Hear no evil
Hear no evil-see no evil-speak no evil
Hear some gossip or rumor
heard it through the grapevine
Heard that lip flop
Heart of a lion
Heart of stone
Heart-to-heart talk
Heat it up!
Heave a sigh of relief
Heaven help us
Heaven sent
Heavens to Betsy
He'd bitch if you hung him with a new rope
He'd cut off his right arm
He'd drive a wooden Indian crazy
He'd give his right arm
He'd give you the shirt off his back
He'd tear up a steely ball with a rubber mallet
He'll argue with a fence post
Hedge your bets
Hell bent and heaven bound
Hell bent for leather
Hell in a Handbasket
Hell is paved with good intentions
Hell to pay
Hell's Angel
Hen pecked
Her biological clock is ticking
Her driveway doesnít go all the way to the road
Her face would stop an eight-day clock
Her glasses are so thick when see looks at a map she can see people waving
her legs go clear up
Here comes Mutt and Jeff.
Here he comes, hell-bent for leather
here today and gone tomorrow
Here today gone tomorrow
here, there and everywhere
here's an idea, let's run it up the flagpole and salute it
Here's Johnny!
Here's looking at you, kid
here's mud in your eye
here's your hat, what's your hurry?
hewers of wood and drawers of water
hide the salami
hide your light under a bushel
High five
High hopes
High on the hog
High-water mark
Highway robbery
Highway to heaven
Hiked up his pants
Hind site is 20/20
His bark is worse than his bite
His cheese has slid of his cracker
His days are numbered
His dick was so hard a cat couldn't scratch it
His eyes are bigger than his stomach
His face puckered up like he had eaten a lemon.
His gal is so fat they hire a rodeo clown to distract her when grocery shopping
His hands were glued to the steering wheel
His left hand doesn't know what his right hand is doing
His mind is a steel trap
His pants were so tight if he'd a farted it'd blow his boots off
His/her elevator doesn't go all the way to the top
His/her light's on, but nobody's home
Hit a lick
Hit below the belt
Hit him right between the numbers
Hit pay dirt
Hit the books
Hit the hay
Hit the nail on the head
Hit the road
Hit the sack
Hitch your wagon to a star
Ho hum
Hocus Pocus
Hoist by your own petard
Hoist with (or by) one's own petard
Hold at bay
Hold the bag
Hold your horses
Hold your wagon!
Holy shit and shove me in it
Honest as the day is long
Honesty pays
Hook, line and sinker
Hop like a rabbit
Hop like a toad on a hot road
Hope against hope
Hope springs eternal
Horse around
Hose job (cheated again)
Hot enough for you?
Hot under the collar
Houseguests and fish stink after three days
How are you driving? "I'm keepin' her between the ditches
How do you like them apples?
How low can you go
How much wood can a woodchuck chuck?
How's that for a ...
Hugged him closer than peel does a banana
Hum drum
Hung out to dry
Hung up, but not stress out
Hungry enuff to eat the ass end of a dead skunk
Hungry like a big dog (southern)
Hurry dog eats raw meat.
Hurry when you have time, then you'll have time when you are in a hurry
I ainít had this much fun since the hogs ate junior
I ain't never
I always complained because my work was being interupted - until I realised the interuptions were my work.
I been in the dog house so many times that when I meet another man I don't know whether to shake his hand or sniff his tail
I beg to differ
i bid you farewell
I bought it for a song
I busted my hump
I can feel it in my guts!
I can't lose this election unless I get caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy
I can't make head or tails of it
I can't sing and its too wet to plow
I can't stand it
I can't tell you what a pleasure its been / It's been a pleasure
I could chew nails, and fart tacks
I could eat a horse
I could eat the ass end out of a rag doll
I could shit through a screen and not hit a wire
I could take a cotton to you
I could whip you with one arm tied behind my back
I could've bought that for a song and dance.
I cried because I had no shoes until I saw the man who had no feet
I did not fall off a turnip truck
I didnít know whether to shit or go blind so I closed one eye and farted
I didnít let the door hit me in the ass on the way out
I didn't come down the Clyde in a banana boat (Scottish, Glasgow)
I didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition
I didn't like the color of his money
I didn't pull your chain
I donít understand, so I disagree
I don't care how they handle it cause I ain't got no dog in this fight
I don't care if it harelips Georgia
i don't care if you're king of kalamazoo
I don't give a damn
i don't give a flying toot
I don't give a monkey's balls
I don't give a rat's ass
I don't give a tinker's damn
I don't give three shits
I don't know him from Adam
I don't know how to break this to you but....
I don't know whether to shit or go blind
I don't know your from adam's house cat!
I don't like to dive in until I know how deep the water is.
I don't playóI quit school ícause of recess
I don't put any stock in it
I double dog dare you
I feel for you but I just can't reach you
I feel it in my bones
I feel like a rat in a cage.
I felt bad because I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet
i got a fine jam from the fair
I got hosed
I got to go see a man about a horse
I gotta go see a man about a dog
I had to shit in the creek to keep from setting the woods on fire
I hate his stomach for carrying his guts
i hate to love but i love to hate
I have a bone to pick with you
I have an ax to grind
I have no bones about that
I have not slept one wink
I have nothing to offer but blood toil tears and sweat
I have other fish to fry
I have three speeds: on, off, and don't push your luck
I have to pee like a race horse
I have worn out more tool pouches than you have sox
I haven't a clue
I haven't had this much fun since the pigs ate my brother
I haven't seen him since Hector was a pup
I haven't the foggiest
I hope you bring cocktail sauce. She's got the crabs dear and I don't mean Dungeness.
I just asked you what time it was, not how a watch works
I kid you not
I laughed till I cried
I like kids, but I couldnít eat a whole one
I locked that thing up tighter than Casey's nuts
I love being free, it's the best way to be
I love the smell of napalm in the morning
I may be tall but I sure am short
I might as well be shoving a cinder block through a brass horn
I might as well I can't dance
I need a man like a fish needs a bicycle
I need it like a hole in the head
I need your help like a kangaroo needs a purse
I need your help like I need a migrane
I need your help like i need termites on a raft drifting downstream
I never met a man (horse, etc.) I didn't like
I never went to bed with an ugly woman; woke up with a few
I ought to tan your hide
I promised my heart to one woman, and Grandma's dead so you're outta luck
I put two and two together...
I quit smoking cold turkey
I revoke thee!
I say jump, you say, "how high?"
I shall return
i shit you not
I slept like a baby, I woke up and cried every two hours.
I smell a rat
I spy with my little eyes
I take the challenge
I trust him as far as I can throw him
I want it so quiet in here I can hear a rat pissing on cotton
I was born at night, but not last night
I was roped into it
I was so nervous I didn't know whether to scratch my watch or wind my butt
I was stuck hub deep to a ferris wheel
I wasn't born on a Christmas tree
I wasn't born yesterday
I will if it harelips hell
I will wear my heart upon my sleeve
I won't take no for an answer
I would drag my bare balls over forty miles of ground glass just to finger fuck her shadow
I would help you out but I did not see where you came in.
I would rather see them shake than rattle
I would rather take a beating
I wouldn't get in that car without a tetanus shot first
I wouldn't give you a plug nickel
I wouldn't give you two bits for his opinion
I wouldn't have that in my ass if I had room for a drilling rig
I wouldn't pay $50 to see a piss ant pull a freight train
I wouldn't piss down your throat if your lungs were on fire.
I wouldn't send a dog out on a night like this
I wouldn't shit you, you're my favorite turd
I wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot pole
I wouldn't touch that with a 10' pole
I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him
I wouldn't want to be in his shoes
I would't speak to him if I met him in hell carrying a lump of ice in his hand
Iīll teach you the international language...
icing on the cake
I'd bet my bottom dollar
I'd drink her bath water
I'd eat a mile of her shit just to get to kiss her ass
I'd eat a mile of her shit just to see where it came from
I'd eat the corn out of her shit
I'd fight tigers in the dark with a switch for him
I'd have to get better just to die
I'd like to have two of those coats. One to shit on, and the other to cover it up with
I'd lose my head if it wasn't attached
I'd love to have a dress just like that, but I don't go to many Puerto Rican proms
I'd rather be a hammer than a nail
I'd rather be beat with a sack of wet catfish
I'd rather be dead than red. (60's cliche)
I'd rather be in hell with a broken back than (fill in the blank)
I'd rather have a bottle in front of me, than a frontal lobotomy
I'd rather have a sister actively serving in a whore house than...
I'd rather have his/her nose full of nickels than all the ten dollar bills I could carry
I'd rather jump barefoot off a 6-foot step ladder into a 5 gallon bucket full of porcupines than...
I'd rather stare directly at the sun with binoculars than...
I'd walk through hell in gasoline underwear for you
idle chit-chat
If a frog had wings he wouldn't bump his ass when he hops
If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound?
If a tree fell in the forest and no one was around, would it make a sound?
if at first you don't succeed, try try again
If brains was leather you couldnít saddle a flea.
If brains were dynamite you wouldnt have enuff to blow your nose
If brains were lard, he couldnít grease up a skillet
If duct tape don't fix'r then you're not using enough duct tape
If frogs had wings, they wouldn't bump their asses when they land
if given a shaft, make a car
If God had intended for Texans to ski, he would have made bullshit white
if God had meant for man to fly, he would've given us wings
If he accidentally told you the truth, he would come back and apologize
If he fell into an outhouse he'd come up smelling like a rose
If he were to give a concert in my backyard, I'd pull the blinds
If his word were a bridge - you'd be afraid to cross!
If I (he/she) had a brain, I (he/she) would be dangerous
If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put U and I together
if I had a dime for every...
if I had a nickel for every time he _______, I'd be a millionaire
If I had my druthers
If i had swing like that i would ride it evey night.
if i had that swing on my back porch id ride it every night.
If I had told you once I have told you a thousand times
If I said you have a beautiful body would you hold it against me?
If I was on my way to hell with a car load of ice it would come a freeze
if I were in his shoes
If I'd ordered a dozen sonzabitches and they sent me only him, I wouldn't feel shortchanged
If I'm lyin', I'm dying
if it ain't broke, don't fix it
If it can't be cooked with bacon grease, it ain't worth fixin', let alone eatin'
If it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck...
If it took a nickel to get around the world, I couldn't get past the front door.
If it was a snake it would've bitten you.
If it were up to me, I'd take Heaven for the climate and Hell for the company
if it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all
if it's not one thing it's another
If It's Not One Thing, It's Another
if looks could kill
if looks could kill i'd be having a funeral
If my aunt had balls she'd be my uncle
If stupid could fly, you'd be a jet
If syrup was a nickel a sop I wouldn't have a biscuit
If that ainít right then grits ainít groceries
If that don't beat the band
If that don't light your fire, your wood is wet
if that isn't a fruitcake then i don't know what is
If that kid don't leave home I'm going to break his plate
If that was my kid, I'd kill him and tell God he died
if the shoe fits, wear it
if the shoe fits, wear it
If things get any better, I may have to hire someone to help me enjoy it
If this is living, I'd rather be dead.
if today was a fish, I'd throw it back in the river
If wishes were horses we'd ALL take a ride
If wishes were horses, all beggars would ride.
If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.
If worse comes to worst
If you ainít the lead dog the scenery never changes
If you ask kindly, I might could
If you can sleep with 'em, I can eat with 'em!
If you don't use your head, you might as well have two asses.
if you expect to soar with the eagles during the day, you can't hoot with the owls at night
If you had a brain you'd be dangerous
If you had half a brain, your head would be tilted
if you lie down with dogs, you rise up with fleas
If you play with a pup long enough, it will lick your mouth
if you play your cards right...
If you taped his mouth shut, he'd fart himself to death
If you told her to haul butt, she would have to make two trips
if you were any closer, it would bite you
If you were on fire I wouldn't piss on you to put out
If your aunt had nuts she'd be your uncle.
if your foresight was as good as your hindsight, we would be better by a far sight
If your head wasn't screwed on you'd lose that too.
If your ship doesn't come in, you have to row out to meet it.
If your the last one to leave, turn out the lights.
If you're going to be a turd go lay in the yard
If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem
ignorance of the law is no excuse
i'll be back in a few, I have to drop the browns off at the super bowl.
I'll be the judge of that, thank you
I'll be there in two shakes of a dead sheeps tail
I'll bet a dollar to a donut
I'll bet she could suck the water out of an old pump
I'll bet those legs go all the way to heaven
I'll bet you a dollar for a doughnut
I'll fix your little red wagon
Ill gotten gains
I'll have my usual Mexican breakfast--a piss and a cigarette
I'll hit you so hard when you wake up your clothes will be out of style
I'll hit you so hard you'll cough up bones
I'll hit you so hard your children will be born dizzy
I'll knock you from here to next Wednesday
I'll leave you with something to chew on
I'll procrastinate later
I'll punch his lights out
I'll put a knot on your head a calf could suck
I'll see you in hell
I'll show him/her how the cow eats corn.
I'll slap the taste out of your mouth
I'll slap you bald-headed
I'll slap you naked and hide your clothes
I'll slap you so hard, when you wake up, your clothes will be outta style
I'll slap your teeth loose
I'll thank you until you get better pay
Ill-gotten gains
I'm a bit under the weather today
I'm a simple man with simple taste
I'm all ears
I'm all over that like a fat kid on a smartie
I'm better off alone
I'm getting nowhere fast
I'm glad I bumped into you today.
I'm going bananas
I'm going to carry you to the back of the wood shed
I'm going to clean your plow
I'm going to knock you into the middle of the week
I'm going to make a river
I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse
I'm going to jerk a knot in your tail
I'm going to nail him
I'm going to paint the town red
I'm going to see to it that it happens, even if it harelips the governor
I'm gonna lay down the law
I'm gonna wash that man right outta my hair
I'm happy to go down that path
I'm in a nine line bind
I'm in hog heaven
I'm just needling you
I'm mad enough to drown puppies
I'm not a rocket scientist (it ain't rocket science)
I'm not getting any younger
I'm not going to let this turn into a jack-off contest
I'm not just blowing smoke at you
I'm not my brother's keeper
I'm not sure I understand all I know about it
I'm not that fast, I'm half-fast (like half assed)
I'm off like a prom dress
I'm on a roll
i'm shitting my head off
I'm so happy I could kiss a gay guy
i'm so horny I'd do a snake if it didn't have teeth!!!
I'm so hungry I am about to fall through my asshole and hang myself
I'm so hungry my belly is rubbing a callous on my back bone
I'm so hungry my belly thinks my throat has been cut
I'm so hungry I could eat a bear
I'm so hungry my belly button is sticking out of my ass hole.
I'm so hungry, every time I swallow my asshole says thank you
I'm so hungry, I'd eat the balls off a low flying duck!
I'm so mad I could spit! (only ladies say this)
I'm so poor if I stepped on worn out dime I'd bet you a nickle I could tell you whether it's heads or tails.
I'm so poor I've got to fart to have a cent.(scent)
I'm so tickled I can't get my leg down
I'm up to my ass in alligators
imagination runs riot
imitation is the sincerest form of flattery
improve each shining hour
improves with age
in a blue funk
in a brown study
In a coon's age
In a New York minute
In a nutshell
in a pickle
in a pig's eye
In a pinch
In a quandary
In a 'round about way
In a rut
In a trice
In a twinkling of an eye
In a week or ten days
In a word
In at the death
In bed with one's boots on
In close quarters
In cold blood
In durance vile
In for a fleecing
In for a penny
In for a penny, in for a pound
In for a pound
In for the long haul
In full cry
In hot water
In Like Flynn
In my black book
In my mind's eye
In one ear and out the other
In one fell swoop
In over his head
In over your head
In response to "have a good one," or "have a nice one," the answer is: "I already have a good one. I'd just like a bigger one (or a tighter one)."
In seventh heaven
In the arms of Morpheus
In the Autumn of your life
In the bag
In the black
In the blink of an eye
In the buff
In the cart
In the doghouse
In the groves of Academe
In the heat of battle
In the heat of the battle
In The Heat Of The Moment
In the heat of the night
In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king
In the lap of luxury
In the limelight
In the nick of time
In the offing
In the pink
In the red
In the twinkling of an eye
In this day and age
In those high heels, she looks mighty like a barrel on pegs
In trouble
In your dreams
In your face
Independent as a hog on ice
Indian giver
Information wants to be free
Instead of measuring we'll just eyeball it
Instead of sayin hey, save it you might marry an jackass one day!
Iron hand in a velvet glove
Is nothing sacred?
Is that a mouse in your pocket or are you just happy to see me
Is that the same mouth you kiss your ma with
Is the glass half-empty or half-full
Isn't that special
Isn't that the cat's ass
It ainít no fun when the rabbits got the gun
It ain't fit for man or beast
It ain't nothing but a piss ant in the big ant hill of life
It ain't over till the fat lady sings
It ain't over until the fat lady sings
It ain't rocket science.
It all boils down to this
It could knock a buzzard off a shit wagon
It gets in your blood
It goes against the grain
it goes without saying
it has to get worse, before it gets better
It is a dirty job but someone has to do it
it is a good experience, it makes me stronger
It is frequently more economical to be inefficient.
It is two hole seater
it isn't all sweetness and light
it just goes to show...
it makes me sick
it never rains but it pours
it never rains on a golf course
It never rains, it pours
It rained so much that the river got so high you could see under it
It shines like a diamond in a goats ass!
it stands to reason
it takes a big dog to weigh a ton
It takes all kinds
it takes guts
it takes one to know one
it took my breath away
It was a gas!
It was a long time ago, way back when I was knee-high to nothin'.
it was a piece of cake
it was a white-knuckle ride
it was all a mistake
it was an ill-fated idea
it was like a circus
It was like having one foot on shore and one foot in the canoe
it was poetic justice
It was so hot once that I was plowing the corn and it started to popping; the mule saw it, thought it was snow and laid down and froze to death
It was swept under the carpet.
it wasn't the caughing that carried him off, it was the coffin they carried him off in
it will be a cold day in hell
it will be hard to try and fill his shoes
it will never be seen on a galloping horse
it would be a black day in hell
it would not be fun when life is so easy
It'll all come out in the wash
It'll be a cold day in July
It'll be a whore house before it is a church
It'll be okay if the Lord's willing and the creek don't rise
it'll put hair on your chest
it's a catch
It's a catch 22 situation
it's a dilly
it's a dog eat dog world
it's a dog's life
it's a downhill road
It's a far cry
it's a freckle past a hair
it's a guessing game
it's a jungle out there
it's a long shot
it's a one-horse town
It's a piece of cake
It's a real hum dinger
it's a small world
it's a sure thing
It's a two-dog night
it's a zoo out there
It's all about pride
it's all cut and dried
It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye
it's all gravy
it's all Greek to me
it's all in your head
it's always darkest before the dawn
it's always the quiet ones.
Its Anyone's Call
It's back of beyond
It's been hotter'n a goat's butt in a pepper patch
it's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick
It's cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey. or as my uncle would say, it's cold enough to freeze the brass off a bald monkey...
It's cold enough to freeze the balls off a pool table.
It's cold, but it's a dry cold!
It's come-to-Jesus time
it's comming like a freight train.
it's cutting edge
it's darkest just before the dawn
it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission
it's enough to make you go crazy
It's going to rain little children
it's got a great beat, but you can't dance to it
It's just one of those days, I guess
its kid stuff
It's later than it has ever been before
It's like talking a dog off of a meat wagon
it's like trying to fit ten pounds of shit into a five pound bag
It's my Mother's fault. I was never like this 'till I was born.
it's my way or the highway
it's neck and neck
it's never too late to learn
it's not all it's cracked up to be
it's not over till it's over
It's not the end of the world
it's not the heat it's the humidity
it's not the heat, it's the humidity
it's not whether you win or lose it's how you play the game
It's not worth the paper it's written on
it's not written in stone
it's nothing earth-shattering
it's on the tip on my tongue
It's pea pickin' good
It's raining cats and dogs
It's snowin'down south
It's snowing down South
It's so cold the lawyers have their hands in their own pockets
It's so cold, I saw a politician with his hands in his own pockets
It's so dry, the trees are bribing the dogs
It's so good it'll make you slap your granny
It's so humid you could beat the water out of the air with a boat paddle
it's sometimes better to be lucky than good
it's Superman
it's the best/greatest thing since sliced bread
It's the pits
its the quality not the quanity
It's time for a tumble with the bundle
It's too little, too late
I've been had
I've got a monkey on my back
I've got other fish to fry
I've had an ear full.
I've seen better arms on a rocking chair. (refering to someone throwing an object like a baseball)
I've seen better looking legs on a table.
Ivy League
jack of all trades
jaundiced eye
Jerkwater town
Jewish-American princess
jibber jabber
Jiminy Christmas
jockeying for position
john hancock
join the ranks
Joshing Me
jpl (just plain lazy)
jump at the chance
jump on the bandwagon
Jump out of the frying pan into the fire
Jump to conclusions
Jury rig
just a drop in the bucket
Just a stone throw away
just admiring the view
just another cliche
just around the bend
Just barking in the wind
Just bear with me
just because your cat had her kittens in the oven doesn't make them muffins.
just between you and me
Just between you and me and the post
just between you, me, and the fence post
Just 'cause the cat had 'er kittens in the oven, don't make 'em biscuits! (referring to Yankees coming down south).
just cruising along
Just deserts
just fell off the turnip truck
Just had a brain storm
Just hunkey dory
Just in time
Just say charge it.
just the right age
just thought I'd throw that in
just wait till your father gets home
just washed my hair and cant do a thing with it
just what the doctor ordered
Katy bar the door
Keep a stiff upper lip
keep a stiff upper lip
keep a watchful eye
Keep An Eye On Him
Keep body and soul together
Keep body and soul together
keep body and soul together
keep 'em flying (keep your spirits up)
keep going in the same circle
Keep it simple stupid (KISS)
Keep it under your hat
keep on your toes
Keep out of my hair
Keep the ball rolling
keep the ball rolling
keep the home fires burning
keep the wolf away from the door
Keep two hands above high water
keep your booger hook off the bang switch
Keep your chin up
keep your eye on the ball
Keep your eyes peeled
Keep your fingers crossed
Keep your head above water
keep your head above water
Keep your nose clean
keep your nose to the grindstone
Keep your powder dry
Keep your shirt on
keep your shoulder to the wheel
keep your thoughts to yourself
keeping (staying) on top of it
keeping the camp fires burning
keeping the world safe for democracy
Keeping their feet to the fire
Keeping up with the Joneses
keeps her cards close to her chest
kept me up all night long
Kick a man when he is down
kick 'em when they're down
kick him right in the ass
kick in the seat of the pants
Kick The Bucket
kick the dog and cat
kick up a fuss
kick up a storm
kicked (took it) in the huevos
kid-glove treatment
kids turned a classroom into a zoo
kill the fatted calf
Kill the goose that laid the golden egg
kill the goose that lays the golden eggs
Kill them with kindness
Kill two birds with one stone
killed his chances
King Shit of Turtle Island
kiss ass
kiss of death
kitten on the keys
Knee high by the fourth of July
Knee high to a gnat
Knee high to a grasshopper
Knee jerk reaction
Knee knocking scared
knee-high to a grasshopper
Knock back
knock it off
Knock me over with a feather!
Knock off work
Knock On Wood
Knock the horns off, wipe its ass, and drag it in
Knock you from hell to breakfast
knock yourself out
Know the Ropes
Know which way the wind blows
knows enough to be dangerous
knows what side his bread is buttered on
Knuckle down
La veritť est toujours l'idťe de tout le monde
la via esta duro, amigo
Labor of love
lady luck was smiling on me
Lamb to the slaughter
lame duck
Land of hope and glory
Land of milk and honey
last about as long as a snowflake in summer
Last but not least
Last ditch effort
last gasp
Last night it snowed so deep, we had to shit in the shotgun and shoot it up the chimney
last resort
last straw
last-ditch effort
Laugh all the way to the bank.
laugh out of court
laugh out of the other side of your mouth
Laugh till you cry.
laugh up your sleeve
Laugh, Laugh, I thought I'd die.
Laughing all the way to the bank
laughter is the best medicine
lay an egg
lay down the law
lay down with dogs you get up with fleas
lay it on with a trowel
lay of the land
lay on, Macduff
lay the golden egg
lay there like a beached whale
lay your cards on the table
lead by the nose
leading edge or cutting edge
lean and hungry look
learn to love
least said soonest mended
leave no stone unturned
leave out in the cold
led down the garden path
led up the garden path
Left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing
Left hanging with your bootie flapping in the breeze
Left holding the bag
Left in a lurch
left-handed compliment
Legs so bowed he couldn't herd a hog in a narrow lane
lend a helping hand
lend a helping hand to those less fortunate
Lend a kindly light
lend an ear
lend me an ear
Lend me your ear
Length and breadth of the land
Lesser of two evils
Let a sleeping dog lie
Let Bygones Be Bygones
Let God sort 'em out
Let her hair down
Let it all hang out
Let loose the dogs of war
Let me bend your ear
Let me count the ways
Let one thousand flowers bloom
Let sleeping dogs lie
Let the cat out of the bag
Let the chips fall where they may
Let them eat cake
Let there be light
Let yet another golden opportunity slip away
Let your hair down
L'etat, c'est moi
Lets "Chew the fat."
Let's all band together
Let's cross that bridge when we come to it
Let's face it
Let's forge ahead, shall we
Let's get down to where the rubber meets the road
Let's get the ball rolling
Let's get the show on the road
Lets no grass grow under his feet
Let's send it up the flagpole and see who salutes
Let's sleep on it and talk about it in the morning.
Let's tie the knot
Let's touch base on that subject sometime.
Level playing field
Liar liar pants on fire
Licking one's wounds
Lie down if you don't have to sit down
Lie down with dogs and wake up with fleas
Lie like a rug
Life and soul of the party
Life in the fast lane
Life of Riley
Lift myself up by the bootstraps
Lift your game (get your act together)
Light a fire under it
Light at the end of the tunnel
Lightning never strikes twice
Lights are on but no one is at home
Like a bat out of hell
Like a blind man in a dark room
Like a blind man in a dark room looking for a black cat
Like a booger that you can't flick off
Like a breath of fresh air
Like a bull in a china shop
Like a bump on a log
Like a bump on a pickle
Like a chicken with its head cut off
Like a cork in the ocean
Like a duck on a June bug
Like a duck on water
Like a fish on a bicycle
Like a fox in a hen house
Like a hen pecked husband
Like a hubcap in the fast lane
Like a little fly on the wall
Like a loose mule in the corn patch
Like a possum eating shit
Like a red flag to a bull
Like a thief in the night
Like a three ring circus
Like a time bomb waiting to explode
Like being nibbled to death by ducks
Like being shot out of a cannon
Like death warmed over
Like father, like son
Like flopping in a pint glass
Like greased lightning
Like it or lump it
Like peas in a pod
Like school in the summer ...No class
Like shooting fish in a barrel
Like socks on a rooster
Like stealing candy from a baby
Like the pot calling the kettle black
Like throwing a match in a gasoline tank
Like trying to herd cats
Like trying to piss up a rope
Like trying to poke a cat out from under the porch with a rope
Like trying to stack BB's with boxing gloves on
Like two fleas on a dog arguing who owns the dog
Like walking on egg shells
Like white on rice
Line up and be accounted for
Line up and be counted
Lip smackin good
Lions and tigers and bears, oh my
Lion's share
Liquor someone up
Lit (cocked) to the gills
Little pitchers have big ears
Little shaver
Live and let live
Live dangerously
Live fast and die hard
Live in the present not in the past
Live off the fat of the land
Live to a ripe old age
Livin high on the hog
Living in an ivory tower
Living in tall cotton
Loaded to the gills
Long in the tooth
Look at both sides of the coin
Look at the brighter side of things
Look at the pot calling the kettle black
Look before you leap
Look both ways
Look daggers at
Look out for number one
Look what the cat dragged in
Look what the cat dragged in and the kittens wouldn't have
Look what the tide washed in
Look what the wind blew in
Looking like a lost dog in a meat house
Looking like the cat who swallowed the canary
Looks can be deceiving
Looks good enough to eat
Looks like a black cat with a red bird in its mouth
Looks like she was hit in the head with a bag of nickles.
Looks like there's a new sheriff in town
Loose Cannon
Lord love a duck
Lord willin' and the creeks don't rise
Losers find ways to lose
Lost ball in high weeds
Lost cause
Lost your marbles
Loud (something) as all get out
Loudmouth fucker learned to whisper in a sawmill
Love and hate are two horns on the same goat
Love comes around while doing things you like
Love is a many splendored thing
love is like a rose
Love is never having to say you're sorry.
love thy neighbor
love triangle
low man on the totem pole
lowest common denominator
Luck of the draw
lying about the size of your dick won't make it any bigger
lying through your teeth
Mad enough to eat barbed wire and spit nails
made in the shade
made it by the skin of my teeth
made my eyes pop out
mailed fist
Main chance
Maintain the status quo
Make a beeline for it
make a big deal out of nothing
Make a clean breast of it
make a fast buck
make a freight train take a dirt road
make a fuss
make a mountain out of a mole hill
make a statement without saying a word
make a virtue of necessity
make an ass out of yourself
make an honest woman of her
make ends meet
make hay while the sun shines
Make it a bakers dozen and I'll take it
make it plain and clear
Make mole hills out of ant hills
make money hand over fist
Make no bones about it
Make one's blood boil
make or break
make the best of a bad bargain
Make the fur fly
make the grade
make tracks
make your own breaks
Makes about as much sense as a screen door on a submarine
Makes me mad enough to chew nails and spit out bulLet's
Makes me so mad I could pull up green corn and stomp little chickens
makes your hair stand on end
Makes your hair stand straight on end
makes your mouth water
making a bad decision is better then making no decision at all
making a decision is easy: when the difference is big you know what to chose, and when the difference is small, it does not really matter what you chose
making a mountain out of a molehill
making money hand over fist
making the beast with two backs
mama said there would be days like this
Man after his own heart
man bites dog
man in the moon
Man of few words
man's best friend
Man's inhumanity to man
Many are called but few are chosen
many hands make light work
marbles together
march to the beat of a different drummer
mares eat oats and does eat oats
mare's nest
Mark my words
mark time
May as well, I can't dance
may the wind be at your back
may you be a half hour in heaven before the devil knows your gone
maybe something will jog your memory
Measure twice. Cut once.
meat and drink to me
meat and potatoes
Meet your maker
Meet your waterloo
mellow like a fine bottle of wine
Mellow out man
memory like a sieve
messed up like a Polock's checkbook
methinks she doth protest too much
Method To My Madness
Mickey Finn
Midas touch
Middle of the road
Might as well, can't dance, to wet to plow, fish ain't biting
Might as well hang up my jockstrap (turn in, give it up)
Milk of human kindness
Mind like a sieve
Mind over matter
Mind the Gap
Mind your own beeswax
Mind your own business
Mind your Ps and Qs
Mine of information
Misery loves company
Missed by a hair
Missed the boat
Monarch of all he surveys
Monday-morning quarterback
Money burns a hole in his pocket
Money talks
Monkey around
Monkey see, monkey do
Month of Sundays
Moon over a boyfriend
Moral victory
Morals of an alley cat and scruples of a snake.
More ass than class (only thing going for you is looks)
More cliches than you can shake a stick at
More here than meets the eye
More honored in the breach than in the observance
More in sorrow than in anger
More or less
More sinned against than sinning
More than I bargained for
More than one way to skin a cat
More than you could shake a stick at
More thrust then a nitro powered weed wacker
More trouble than it's worth
Morning - Glory
Mosquitoes big enough to stand flat footed and screw a turkey
Most of the work is being done to counter the effects of other peopleís work: when we all agree to work half as much, the total result would be the same.
Most people aren't happy unless they are complaining
Most people donít even know why they feel they have to work
Move heaven and earth
Moving at a snail's pace
Much ado about nothing
Muddy the water
Mumbo Jumbo
Mum's the word
Music has power to soothe the savage beast
Music to my ears
Must have a hole in the head
Must I live my days in these concrete ways
My/your/his/her head on a platter
My belly's so tight a tick would slide off
My better half
My cow died last night so I don't need your bull
My crow is the blackest
My cup runneth over
My dogs are barking (meaning: "my feet hurt")
My father didn't raise any idiots
My grandmothers favorite saying
My hair was on end
My hat's off to you
My head is swimming
My heart bleeds for you
My heart sank
My lips are sealed
My little black book
My mind is tuned out
My name is legion
My name is mud
My stomach is tied up in knots
My teeth are floating
My two cents
My, my said the old blind man'and he picked up a hammer and saw
Naked truth
Name that tune
Name your poison
Nary a word was spoken
Nature's first green is gold
Near and dear to my heart
Needle in a haystack
Needless to say
Neither a borrower not a lender be
Neither fish nor fowl
Neither here nor there
Neither hide nor hair
Neither rhyme nor reason
Nest Egg
Never a lender or a barrower be
Never challenge a skunk to a pissing duel
Never darken my door again
Never felt better and had less
Never hurts to try
Never in a month of sundays
Never look a gift horse in the mouth
Never look back
Never place anything bigger in your ear than your elbow
Never say never
Never try to teach a pig to sing, it wastes your time and annoys the pig
Never underestimate the power of a woman
Never-never land
New beginnings - old endings
New kid on the block
New York Minute
Nice cage, no bird
Nice day for a picnic
Nice play, Shakespeare
Nice work, if you can get it
Nine-day wonder
Ninjas always fight together
Nip it in the bud
No accounting for taste
No common horse sense
No dice
No earthly business
No getting blood from a stone
No getting blood from a turnip
No great shakes
No hands (sports cliche)
No horseplay
No means no
No monkey business
No need to reinvent the wheel
No one here but us chickens!
No problem, it's a cinch
No problem, it's a done deal
No quarter given
No rest for the weary
No rest for the wicked
No rhyme or reason
No room to swing a cat
No shit sherlock
No skin off my back
No skin off my nose
No sweat
No thanks to you
No two ways about it
No use crying over spilled milk
No way (or why) on God's green Earth
No way, Jose
Nod off
None the wiser
None too pleased
Nose around (snoop)
Nose running off my face
Not a chinaman's chance
Not a ghost of a chance
Not a hair out of place
Not a hope in hell
Not a spinning wheel in the kingdom and then you prick your finger!
Not able to make head or tail of it
Not all beer and skittles
Not another fish story
Not by the hair on my chinny-chin-chin!
Not enough room to swing a cat
Not even on the barest mountain
Not fit to hold a candle
Not for all the tea in China
Not for nothing, but...
Not in this lifetime
not just another pretty face
Not much hand for work like killing rattlesnakes
not my cup of tea
not my cup of tea
Not overdrawn, just under deposited
Not Playing With a Full Deck
Not playing with a full deck
not rowing with both oars
Not shabby
not the brightest bulb
Not the brightest crayon in the box
not the quickest bunny in the forest
not the quickest cat in the alley
not the sharpest tool in the shed
Not the sharpest tool in the shed/the brightest crayon in the box
not to mince matters
not what it's cracked up to be
not worth a hill of beans
not worth a plugged nickel
not worth a rap
Not worth a tinker's dam
Not worth the paper it's written on.
nothing great, nothing gross
nothing new under the sun
nothing to fear but fear itself
nothing to sneeze at
nothing to write home about
nothing ventured, nothing lost (or gained)
Now ainít that enough to piss off the pope?
Now honey that is to much sugar for a dime
Now is the winter of discontent
Now let's not fly off the handle.
Now or never
Now that'll throw your hat in the creek
Now that's a knee slapper
now this won't hurt a bit
now we're cooking with Crisco/ga
Now you're diggin'where there's taters
now's as good a time as any
now's your chance
nurses call the shots
O ye, of little faith
obtained a black eye over something(meaning a loss of reputation or respect)
Odd man out
of all things
of course life is hard, that's why they pay you the big bucks
of mice and men
of the first magnitude
Of the first order
of the first water
Off on the wrong foot
Off the beaten track
Off the chain
Off the cuff
Off The Hook
Off the record
Off the top of my head
Off the wall
Off with his head
Off your rocker
Oh that way madness lies
Oh what a tangled web we weave
Oh, to be a fly on the wall
Oh, woe is me
Oh, your grandmother was most particular
Okey dokey
Old blowhard
Old coaches never die, they just lose their balls
Old customs die hard
Old guard
Old habits die hard
Old hat
Old saw
Old so n' so kicked the bucket
Old stamping ground
Old standby
On a roll
On a short leash
On a wild goose chase
On a wing and a prayer
On bended knee
On board
On cloud nine
On equal footing
On his last legs
On ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure
On pins and needles
On the ball
On the beam
On the brink of disaster
On the carpet
On the double
On the edge of your seat
On The Fence
On the horns of a dilemma
On the lam
On the make
On the other hand
On the QT's
On the rampage
On the rocks
On The same page
On the shoulders of a giant
On the skids
On the spur of the moment
On the up-and-up
on the wagon
On tinderhooks
on to something
Once in a blue moon
once in a coon's age
once in a dog's age
Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more
one brick short of a load
One brick short of a load (reference to being stupid)
one day I will wake up, and it will all fit together
one eyed jack
One foot in the grave
one foot in the grave and the other on a banana skin
One for the books
One for the road
One hand doesn't always know what the other is doing.
one justice for all
One more time and I'll send you up the road kicking rocks
one sandwich short of a picnic
one sandwitch short of a picnic
one size fits all
one slice short of a loaf
One thing for certain and two things for sure
one toe over the line
one tomato short of a good spagetti sauce
Only difference between a woman and a vulture is that a vulture circles at least once before it chews your ass out
only in America
open a can of worms
open and shut case
open mouth, closed mind/ears
Open mouth, insert foot
Open sesame
open the floodgates
open-and-shut case
opened a can of worms
opened another can of worms
opened up a can of worms
or more painful than
orders from headquarters
other things being equal
Out behind the wood shed
Out damn spot!
out for a Sunday stroll
Out like a Light.
Out of sorts
Out Of The Blue
out of the blue
Out of the coals and into the fire
out of the frying pan into the fire
Out of the jaws of death
out of the mouths of babes
Out On A Limb
Out on a limb
Out On The Town
Out with the old and in with the new
over a barrel
over hill and dale
Over My Dead Body
over the edge
over the hill
Over the hill
Over the Top
Over the top
pack a wallop
Pack it in
packed in like sardines
packing heat
Packing lead
Paddle your own canoe
Pain in the ass
Pain in the butt
Pain in the neck
Paint oneself into a corner
Paint the town red
Pandemonium reigns (or breaks out)
Panting like a dog in august
Par for the course
Paralysis by analysis
Part the wind
Parting shot
Pass the buck
Passed with flying colors
Passing gas
Pat on the back
Patience is a mild form of dispair disguised as a virtue.
Patience of Job
Patience of Jobe
Pave the way
Pay a king's ransom
Pay an arm and a leg
Pay as you go
Pay attention to details
Pay the dept of nature
Pay the piper
Pay through the nose
Pay your money and take your choice
Payback is hell
Paying lip service
Pea brain
Peaches and cream complexion
Pearls of wisdom
Pedal to the metal
Peel out
Peel the onion one layer at a time
Peeping Tom
Pennies from heaven
Penny for your thoughts
Penny pincher
Penny wise and pound foolish
People make mistakes, we're human
Peter Out
Petered out
Physician heal thyself
Pick his brain
Pick over the ruins
Pick up your ears
Picture of health
Picture perfect
Piece together all the details
Pig in a poke
Pig Out
Pigs ear
pillar of society
pillar of the community
pillar of the establishment
Pin money
pin your hopes on something
pinch a penny
pinch a posey
pinch me to see if I'm dreaming
Pink Elephant
Pinpoint accuracy
Pipe down
Pipe dream
Piping hot
Piss out the fire, call the dogs, and lets go home.
Pissing in the wind
Pitched battle
Pixie sticks
Place your cards on the table
Play a trump card
Play both ends against the middle
Play by ear
Play dead like a possum
Play fast and loose
Play hot potato
Play into someone's hand
Play it again Sam
Play it by ear
Play like you practice
Play musical chairs
Play possum
Play the cards you're dealt
Play the final card
Play the race card
Play with fire
Play your cards right
Played me for a fool
Playin poker with the pros (he's dead)
Playing hardball
playing possum
playing the field
playing with fire
plenty to go 'round
plum mad dog mean
Plum tuckered out
Poker face
Politics makes strange bed fellows
Pon my honor
Pontificate ad nauseum (continued so long to the point of nausea)
Poor baby, cry me a hand full of tears
Poor planning on your part does not create an emergency on my part
Pop a cherry
Possession is nine-tenths of the law
Potty mouth
Pour the baby out with the bathwater
Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely
Powers of darkness
Practice makes perfect
Practice 'till it becomes second nature to you
Practice with a purpose
Practice your plan
Pray to the porcelain God
Preach to the converted
Preaching to the choir
Pregnant pause
Pretty is as pretty does
Pretty penny
Prick up one's ears
Pride before the fall
Pride goeth before a fall
primed to the sticking point
procrastination is the thief of time
proof of the pudding is in the eating
puckered pooper
pull a boner
pull a fast one
pull a rabbit out of a hat
pull a rabbit out of the hat
pull an all-nighter
pull out all the stops
Pull the plug
pull the rag out from under
pull the train
pull your head out of your ass
pull yourself up by the bootstraps
Pulled the wool over my eyes
Pulling at my heart strings
Pulling Your Leg
Pulling your leg
Push the envelope
Pushing up daisies
Put a fork in me, I'm done.
Put a good face on it
Put a little elbow grease into it
Put a monkeywrench in the works
Put a price on his head
Put a sock in it
Put a tiger in your tank
Put all your eggs in one basket
Put any stock in it
Put in mothballs
Put it to bed
Put on airs
Put on his pants one leg at a time
Put on the back burner
Put that in your pipe and smoke it
Put the arm on
Put the cart before the horse
Put the hammer down
Put the kibosh on it
Put the moves on ( a girl or guy)
Put the pedal to the metal
Put the rubber to the road
Put up your dukes
Put up your feet and stay awhile
Put your best foot forward
Put your foot in your mouth
Put your heart into it
Put your mouth where your money is
Puts the nail in the coffin
Putting a bug is someone's ear
Putting his feet to the fire
Putting the cart before the horse
Putting the screws to him
Quaff a brew
Quality of mercy is not strained
Quality time
Que sera, sera
Queen for a day
Queer the pitch
Quick off the mark
Quick on the draw
Quid pro quo
Quit horsing around!
Quit like a bad habit
Quit milking it children, it's a steer
Quit while you're ahead
Quit your bellyaching
Rack my brain
Rack of bones
Rags to riches
Railroad him right out of town
Rain cats and dogs
Rain on you
Rain on your parade
Rain or shine
Raining cats and dogs
Raise hell and put a chunk under it
Raise his hackles
Raise the roof
Raising cain
Rake over the coals
Raking in the dough
Raking it in
Rally round
Rally 'round the flag
ran his fingers through his hair
Rat race
rats abandon a sinking ship
rats ass
rattle the rafters
rattle trap
rattling 'round like a pea in a jam jar
read between the lines
read him like an open book
read it and weep
Read something into it
read the handwriting on the wall
Read the riot act
read the tea leaves
ready for the funny farm
ready for the nut house
Real McCoys
really laying it on thick
really on the ball
reamed him out
receive a black eye over this
receive his just rewards
Red letter day
Red on a Tomato
Red tape
red-carpet treatment
red-headed stepchild
red-letter day
relax and be fucked
reopen an old wound
rest assured
Rest in peace
Rest on your laurels
Resting on a bed of hot coals
resting on one's laurels
rests on his laurels
Revenge is sweet
Riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma (by Winston Churchill about the Kremlin)
ridin' a gravy train on biscuit wheels
Riding in a car with a crazy driver..."I was chewin' buttonholes."
riding the wild pony
right on the money
right on the nose
right up your alley
ring around the collar
Ring down the curtain
Ring Fencing
ring in the new year
ring the changes
rings a bell
Rise and Shine
risk life and limb
river of tears
road hog
road to perdition
roar like a lion
roaring fire
roast it toast it
rob Peter to pay Paul
Robbing Peter to pay Paul
rockin out with your c out
Rocking chair syndrome - lots of movement, but not going anywhere
Rocky mountain barking spiders
Rocky mountain oysters (bull testicles)
Rode hard and hung up to dry
Rode hard and hung up wet
Rode hard and put away wet
Rode hard and put out to pasture
Roger that
Roll out the red carpet
Roll over in his grave
Roll with the punches
Rolled off his tongue and went across town
Rolling in the dough
Rome wasn't built in a day
Room for your ass and a gallon of gas
Root hog or die
Rotten to the core
Round third and head for home
Rub salt in the wound
Rubbing salt in his wounds
Rubs me the wrong way
Rule of thumb
Rule with an iron fist
Rule with an iron hand
Rules are made to be broken
Run a fever
Run a temperature
Run amok
Run circles around
Run it up the flagpole and see who slautes it
Run like a deer
Run of the mill
Run off at the mouth
Run out of steam
Run the gauntlet
Run the table
Run to earth
Run with the fox and bark with the hounds
Run with the hare, hunt with the hounds
Running around like a chicken with it's head cut off
Running with wolves
Runs like a girl
Russian roulette
Ryme nor reason
Sacred cow
Sad but true
Sad sack
Sadder but wiser
Saddled with work (or some other burden)
Safe rather than sorry
Sail (ride off) into the sunset
Salad days
Sales pitch
Salt of the earth
Same ol' same ol'
Same old song and dance
Same time, same place
Sands of time
Saturday-night special
Save face
Save for a rainy day
Save it for the jury
Save the best for last
Saved by the bell
Saving face or losing face
Saving grace
Sawing a log
Say uncle
Say what you will....
Say yer prayers (...rabbit)
Scared money don't win, boys
Scared of his own shadow
Scared out of my wits
Scared stiff
Scattered from hell to breakfast
Scattered to the four winds
Scott free
Scraping the bottom of the barrel
Scratch the surface
screaming bloody murder
Screaming your lungs out
screwed around
sealed with a kiss
seals the deal
search for happines and find sorrow
searching for that special someone
searching for the right woman or man
searching my brain for the right word
secrets are secret
see how the land lies
see light at the end of the tunnel
see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil
See the world through rose colored glasses
seeing red
seems just like old times
seen better things crawl off the back of a dog
Seen more meat on a hockey stick
sell like hotcakes
Selling a pig in a poke
separate the men from the boys
separate the sheep from the goats
separate the wheat from the chaff
set like a jelly
set your teeth on edge
Sets ones teeth on edge
settle your hash
Sex is the question, no is the answer
Shake a leg
shake a leg
Shake his hand and count your fingers
shaken like a baby (scared)
Shaking hands with an old friend
Shaking some dew off the lily
Shape up or ship out!
Share and share alike
Sharp enough to stick in the ground
shining like a black mans ass in a snow bank
ship of state
Ship shape
ships that pass in the night
shirt off his back
Shit fire and call the Captain
Shit fire and fuck a fat woman on a dead run
Shit fire and save matches
Shit fire and save your matches
Shit from apple butter
Shit from Shinola
Shit on your parade
Shit out of luck (SOL)
Shit stinks, eggs don't bounce and you can't buy generals in a general store (answer to the question "whaddya know")
Shiver me timbers
Shoot from the hip
Shoot it straight
Shoot the breeze
Shoot the shit
Shoot yourself in the foot
Shooter's bounce(basketball cliche)
Shooter's eye (basketball cliche)
Shooter's touch (basketball cliche)
Shooting for the moon
Shot at and missed, hit on and hit
Shot calla big balla high rolla
Shot his wad
Show a clean pair of heels
Show me the money!
Show some spine
Show the flag
Shuffling the deck (or cards) - moving things around
Shut my jaws
Shut the door. Were you born in a barn?
Sick As A Dog
sick to death of it
Sight for sore eyes
Sign of the times
Sign your John Hancock
Sign your John Henry
signed, sealed and delivered
Silence is golden
Silk on a Sow is just a well dressed pig
silk purse from a sow's ear
silly like a duff man
Silver tongue Devil
silver-tongued orator
simple pleasure are the best
since Christ was a cowboy
since Hector was a pup
sing for your supper
sink a hook in the fish's mouth
sink a shot ( basketball cliche )
Sink or swim
Sis on you Pister, you ain't so muckin' fuch!
sit around and collect dust
Sit down and take the load off you feet
Sit down and talk a spell
sit down if you don't have to stand up
Sit tight
Sitting duck
sitting on pins and needles
sitting on the fence
Sitting Shotgun
six feet under
Six in one hand, half a-dozen in the other
Six of one and Half a dozen of the other
six of one, half a dozen of the other
Sixth Sense
skate on thin ice
skating on thin ice
Skid Row
Skill, not luck, leads to fortune
slap on the back
slap the salami
sleep in the raw
sleep like a log
sleep with the fishes
sleeping her way to the top
Sliced so thin it has only one side
Slick enough to slide on barb wire
slide a quarter in the slot
Slightly burned out, but still smokin'
slip and slide all over the road
slither around like a snake
slow off the mark
slow to anger
sly like a fox
smack dab in the middle
small beer
small potatoes
small world, isn't it?
smart cookie
smart enough to be dangerous
Smell A Rat
smell a rat
Smell Something Fishy
smells to heaven
smile and the world smiles with you, cry and you cry alone
smite them hip and thigh
Smoke that in your pipe
smooth moves, Exlax ( a good put down for a buddy)
SNAFU (situation normal, all fucked up)
snake in the grass
snap to it
snip snap snout this tale's told out
snowball's chance in hell
So bowlegged he could hem a hog up in a ditch
So buck toothed he could eat corn-on-the-cob through a key hole
So cold I saw dogs stuck to the sidewalk
so deaf, he can't hear himself fart
So drunk he couldnít find his ass with both hands and a highway map
so drunk he couldn't hit the floor with his hat
So far up the holler, they have to pipe the sunlight in
so far, so good
So fine I'd crawl over a mile of broken glass just to hear her fart over the telephone
So good it would make a rabbit spit in a bulldog's eye
So good it'll make your tongue slap your brains out
So hard a cat can't scratch it
So Hungry He Could Eat The North End Out Of A South Bound Cow
So hungry I could eat a bowl of lard with a hair in it
So hungry I could eat a cat turd fried in snot
so hungry I could eat a horse
So hungry I could eat a horse and chase the rider
So hungry that I could eat the south end of a north bound skunk
so low you can walk under a swamp alligator with your hat on
so many men so little time
so matter-of-fact
so mean he could make a worm jump
so much bad in the best of us and so much good in the worst in us that it ill-behoves us to talk about the rest of us
so much for that
So nervous he couldnít find his ass with both hands and a road map
so quiet you could hear a pin drop
so scared you couldn't drive a wet watermelon seed up his butt with a sledge hammer
So stubborn she'd argue with a stop sign
So sweet honey was dripping off of her tongue
so thin-skinned, it's just barely enough to keep him from bleeding to death
So tight he squeaks
so tight that he wouldn't shout if a shark bit him
so tight that his ass squeaks when he walks
So tight you stick a chunk o coal up his ass and he'd shit a diamond
so tired I about slopped the cows and milked the hogs
So unpleasant he/she can piss off the Pope saying good morning.
soak up the sunshine
soaked through and through
Social Butterfly
Soft soap
Some people get all the breaks
Some things are better left unsaid
Someone needs a spring tonic
Something good always comes out of something bad
Something here is half bubble off plumb
Something rotten in the state of Denmark
Something smells fishy
Something you can really sink your teeth into
Somethings fishy in tuna town
sSometimes you just gotta let your hair down
Son of a gun
Sooner get blood out of a stone
Sooner get blood out of a turnip
Sooner or later
Sounding off
Sounds like a deal
Soup to nuts
Sour grapes
Sow wild oats
Sowing his wild oats
Speak my mind
Speak for yourself
Speak little -- hear much
Speak now or forever hold your peace
Speak of the devil
Speak off the cuff
Speak to me
Speaking in riddles
Spill beans
Spin a tale
Spin a yarn
Spin like a top
Spinning another long cord of yarns
spinning your wheels
Spitting image
Split hairs
Spring cleaning
Spring forward and fall back
Spring has sprung
Square deal
Square meal
Squeeze a nickel Ď til the buffalo shits
Squirt blossom
Stalking horse
Stand on your own two feet
Stand pat
Stand the gaff
Stand up and salute the red, white, and blue
Staring off into space/nowhere
Stark raving mad
Start from scratch
Statistics are for losers
Stay for dinner have something to eat, stay a week if you don't eat no meat
Stay in your own circle
Stayed too long at the fair
Staying power
Steady Eddie
Steal a march on
Steal his thunder
Steal victory from the jaws of defeat
Steeping my life in beauty brings color to my days and a song to my heart
Steer clear of it
Step on a crack, you'll break your mother's back
Step on a stick, you're bound to get sick
Step on a stone, you'll end up all alone
Step on it
Stepping on people's toes
Stick a fork in him, he's done
Stick a paper umbrella up my butt and call me a hurricane
Stick it where the sun don't shine
Stick to your guns
Stick to your last
stick up for the little guy
stick with it
sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me
Still water runs dirty and deep.
still waters run deep
stinking to high heaven
stir up a fuss
stir up a hornet's nest
stir up an ant's nest
stirring up trouble
stomp around like an elephant
Stone cold
stonewall it
stop and smell the roses
stop crying or I'll give you something to cry about
stop milking a dead cow
stop on a dime
Stop with the chin music
straight from the horse's mouth
straight from the shoulder
straight off the farm
straighten up and fly right
strain at a gnat and swallow a camel
strange bedfellows
stranger in a strange land
stray off the reservation
stream of consciousness
street smarts
Strike while the iron is hot
string along
strut around like a banty rooster with your chest puffed out
Stuck in a rut
Stuck so bad I had to get a four whell drive helicopter to pull my truck out!
Study long study wrong
stupid is as stupid does
Success is a journey not a destination.
such is life, and it's getting sucher and sucher
sucking hind teat
Sucking on hind tit
suffer the agony of defeat
Suffer the ravages of outrageous fortune
Sunday driver
Sunday go-to-meeting clothes
Sure, drinking kills brain cells - but only the weak ones
Survival of the fittest
Swallow your pride
Swan song
Sweat blood
Sweating blood
Sweating bullets
Sweating like a whore in church
Sweep it under the carpet
Sweet and never been kissed
Sweet fancy Moses
Sweet tooth
Swim like a fish
Sword of Damocles
Table your plans
Tackle my homework
Tacky tongued
Tail between your legs
Tail wagging the dog
Take a back seat
Take a bow
Take a breather
Take a bullet for you
Take a chill pill
Take a crap
Take a dump
Take a hike (go away)
Take a leaf out of your book
Take a leak
Take a lick
Take a licking and keep on ticking
Take a load off your feet
Take a long walk off a short plank
Take a page out of your book
Take a powder
Take a rain check
Take a shine to
Take a slow boat to china
Take a timeout
Take a trip down memory lane
Take a walk on the wild side
Take by storm
Take him down a peg
Take him out with the trash
Take him to task
Take it and run with it
Take it at face value
Take it easy
Take it on the lam
Take it or leave it
Take it to the limit
Take it with a grain of salt
Take one for the gipper
Take one for the team
Take pen in hand
Take potluck
Take the bit between your teeth
Take the bit in his teeth
Take the bitter with sweet
Take the bitter with the sweet
Take the bull by the horns
Take the money and run
Take the plunge
Take the rough with the smooth
Take the veil
Take the wind out of your sails
Take this job and shove it
Take umbrage
Take up the cudgels
Take with a pinch of salt
Take your fate into your own hands
Taken back
taken to the cleaners
taken with a grain of salt
takes its toll on you
takes on a life of its own
Takes one to know one
taking his pound of flesh
taking the scenic route
tale of woe
taling about apples and oranges
talk in circles
talk it up
talk through your hat
talk 'till your blue in the face
Talk to the hand
talk turkey
talk your ear off
talkative as a doormat
talkative as a magpie
talking behind his back
talking out of your head
talking to ralph on the big white telephone
Talking to the walls
Talks in circles
talks like he has a mouth full of shit
tally ho
tan your hide
tarred with the same brush
tastes like chicken
Tastes so good it'll make you fight your grandma
Tastes so good it'll make your tapeworm stand up and bark
tea for two
tear into it
tear to shreds
tear your hair
tell a white lie
Tell him I said for him to go pound salt up his ass with a wire brush
Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are
tell tales out of school
tell that to the Marines
Tell them what God loves
tempest in a teacup
tempest in a teapot
testing one's mettle
Thank God it's friday
Thanks but no thanks
That and $x can buy you y [where y is an item costing $x]
That and a quarter will get you a cup of coffee
That argument doesn't hold water
That BBQ is tangier than my brother's cutoffs
That boy there is a poster child for birth control
That boy's about a half bubble off plumb
That boy's quick enough to turn around and kick himself in the ass
That burns me up
That chaps my hide
That coffee is too thick to drink and too thin to plow
That does the trick
That dog will hunt
That dog won't hunt
That feller is a shit salesman with a mouthful of samples
that gets my goad
That girl's a six or seven. Six or seven kicks to the face wouldn't hurt
That girls jeans are tight enough to see Lincoln smiling on the penny in her pocket
That gravy Mother fixed for breakfast was so thin, I had to put side rails on the biscuits
That hits the spot
That house is so small you couldnít change your mind in it
That is a hair brain idea
That is a horse of a different color
That is harder to find than a white bean in a black cat's ass
That is music to my ears
That is my cross to bear
That is par for the course
That is the day we part company
That is the last straw
That (she, he, it) isn't the light switch we're looking for
That just slipped off your tongue
That kid ain't through climbing fool's hill yet
That made my nuts draw up so tight you couldn't reach them with knittin' needles
That makes me want to puke
That makes me whopping mad
That makes my ass draw up so tight you couldn't drive a toothpick through it with a sledgehammer
That makes my ass want a dip of snuff
That means about as much to me as a strawberry up a bear's butt
That old dog don't hunt
that oughta tide you over
That probably stuck in his craw
That really brings it home
That road leads to nowhere
That size don't come no bigger
That SOB has the nerve of a government mule
That sucks!
That takes the cake
That truck couldn't pull a spoon out of a cats ASS!
That was cold-blooded
That was old when God was a kid
That went over like a pregant pole vaulter
That which does not kill us makes us stronger
That will be the day when I die
That will turn your head
That woman learned how to whisper in a saw mill
That won't last two foggy mornings
That would gag a maggot on a gut wagon
That would make a rabbit hug a hound
That would tear the twist in the back of your crutch out
Thatís a tall order
That'll be the day
That'll make a tadpole slap a whale
That'll make your hair curly
That's a bitter pill to swallow
That's a fart in a windstorm
That's a load off my mind
That's a new wrinkle on my old horn
That's a piece of cake
That's a real stem-winder
That's a wrap
That's a young shirt/outfit/etc
That's about the size of it
That's all folks
That's all she wrote!
That's easy for you to say
That's enough to piss off the good humor man!
That's enough to piss off the Pope
That's gonna itch when it dries
That's gooder'n grits
That's half the battle
That's his ticket out of here
That's icing on the cake
That's it in a nutshell
That's just an R C H off (Red Cunt Hair)
That's just like wiping your ass with a wagon wheel. There just ain't no end to it.
That's just the tip of the iceberg
That's like preaching to the choir
That's LOWER then a mole's belly button on digging day!
That's not a bald spot, it's a solar panel for a sex machine
That's not cricket
That's old hat
That's par for the course
That's pretty run-of-the-mill
That's rubber on the side of the road
That's so good it would make a puppy pull a freight train
That's so hard to do it'd be like trying to put butter up a wildcat's ass with a hot poker!
That's some ole good
that's the $, question
That's the best thing since sliced bread
that's the hand i was dealt
that's the long and short of it
That's the long way Ď round Kelly's barn
that's the name of the game
that's the story of my life
That's the ticket
That's the way lady luck dances
That's the way the ball bounces
That's the way the cookie crumbles
That's the whole ball of wax
That's water under the bridge
That's when the lightening hit the merry-go-round
That's why we keep score
That's your ass talking Ď cause your mouth knows better
That's your ball of wax
the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree
the almighty dollar
the American way
The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.
The back of beyond
The ball is in your court
the belle of the ball
the best of all possible worlds
The Best Of Both Worlds
The best of friends make the worst of enemies
the best part of that boy run down his mommas leg
The best part of you ran down your mama's leg
the best thing since little apples
the best things in life are free
the best-laid schemes
the bigger they are the harder they fall
the biggest liar who ever shit behind shoeleather
The blind leading the blind
the bottom line
The buck stops here
the butler did it
the butt of a joke
The call of the wild
The cat's meow
the cat's pajamas
The cat's whisker
The cat's whiskers (English version of 'the cat's meow')
The check is in the mail
The chips are down
The clickety-clack of the railroad track
The coast is clear
The conventional wisdom
The cream of the crop
The dark side of the moon
The defensive side of the ball
The devil made me do it
The devil must be beating his wife
The devil take the hindmost
The devil to pay and no pitch hot
The Devil's getting married (i.e., the sun is shining and it's raining at the same time.)
The die is cast
The dog ate my homework
The dog days of summer
the do's and don'ts
The eagle has landed
The early bird catches the worm
The enemy is at the gate
The eternal triangle
The eternal verities
The everyman
The exception of which proves the rule
The exception that proves the rule
The eyes are the mirrors (windows) of (to) the soul
The face that launch a thousand ships
The fair sex
The fat is in the fire
The fat man walks alone
The few, the proud, the marines
The fickle finger of fate
The fish stinks from the head down
The fruit never falls far from the tree
The game is afoot
The game is not worth the candle
The game is up
The game is worth the candle
The game plan
The girl next door
The glass of the mirror simply melted away!
The golden age
The good old days
The gospel truth
The greatest thing since sliced bread
The green apple two-step
The hand that rocks the cradle
The honeymoon is over
The inner man
The is FUBAR (Fucked Up Beyond All Repair)
The jig is up
The kid can tear up an anvil with a rubber hammer
The kiss of death
The last straw
The law is an ass
The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing
The light at the end of the tunnel
The light at the end of the tunnel is the headlight of a train.
The lights are on but no one's home
The live-long day
The long and the short of it
The long arm of the law
The Lord's willing and the creek don't rise
The love of money is the root of all evil
The lowest on the totem pole
The luck of the draw
The man you're rolling those pills for is dead
The many ways of grace
The meanest old bastard who ever shit behind shoe leather
The meanest SOB ever to shit behind shoe leather
The melting pot
The money shot
The moon is made of green cheese
The more the merrier
The more things change, the more they stay the same
The more you stir a turd the worse it stinks
The night is far gone, the day is at hand
The night is young and so are we
The night of all nights
The noises sounded like they were coming from a zoo
The old ball and chain
The one that got away
The only people I trust are you and me , and I am not too sure about you!
The only thing that seperates you from white trash is your rich husband!
The ox is in the ditch
The pick of the litter
The place was crawling with cops (hookers, something)
The play's the thing
The pot calling the grass green
The pot calling the kettle black
The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
The powers that be
The proof is in the pudding
The quiet before the storm
The race is not to the swift
The real deal
The real McCoy
The real thing
The right hand of God
The road of life (and endless varitaions)
The road to nowhere
The road to recovery
The roar of the crowd
The rocky road to success
The rooster crows, but the hen lays the egg
The shit hit the fan
The shoes on the other foot now
The show must go on
The sky's the limit
the slings of arrows of outrageous fortune
the south end of a north bound horse
the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak
the squeaking wheel gets the grease
the staff of life
The straw that broke the camel's back
the stronger the breeze the stronger the trees
the strongest steel is cast in the hottest fire
the sun always shines after the rain
The sun don't shine on the same dog's behind everyday
The sun don't shine on the same dogs butt all the time
The sun is going down
the tables are turned
the tail that wagged the dog
the tale of the tape
the tales will be long and many
The third degree
the tide's beginning to turn
The toes you step on today just might be connected to the ass you kiss tomorrow.
the truth hurts
The truth shall set you free
the twilight years
the waiting is the hardest part
the wheat belt
the wheel is turning but the hamster is dead
The whole box and dice
the whole enchilada
the whole kit and caboodle
the whole nine yards
the whole shootin' match
The wolf is at the front door
the world is my oyster
The worm has turned
The writing's on the wall
their name is legion
them's fightin' words (Bugs to Yosemite)
There ain't going to be any hanky panky going on around here
there are ears in the corn field
there are lies, damned lies and statistics
There are many ears in the cornfield
there are plenty more fish in the sea
there are starving children in Africa
there are two sides to every question
There but for the grace of God go I
there for the taking
There is a hunter's moon tonight
there is a light at the end of the tunnel
There is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
there is a thin line between love and hate
There is blood on the moon
there is harmony in disharmony
There is more meat on a chicken's forehead!
There is more way than one to choke a hound
there is no place like home
There is something rotten in Denmark
There may be snow on the roof, but there is still fire in the furnace
there now, that wasn't so bad, was it?
there ought to be a law against that
there will be another one
There will be frost on the pumpkin tonight
there will come a day when all the work is finished or when it is too late to finish it
thereby hangs a tale
there'll be hell to pay
there's a God and I'm not him
There's more hams on a hog than you think there are
there's more than one way to kill a cat than choking it with butter.
there's more than one way to kill a cat than to drown it in cream
there's more where that came from
there's no "I" in "team"
there's no defense like a good offense
there's no fool like an old fool
There's no jar doesnít have a lid somewhere
there's something eating gilbert grape
there's something fishy about that
there's something I've been meaning to tell you
They are double trouble
They couldnít hit a bull in the ass with a bass fiddle
they devoured him like a pack of wolves
They fought a good fight
they gave him carte blanche
They haven't got a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of
They just go hog wild
They live up the holler far as you can stick a knife
they threw the book at him
They will fight tooth and nail
they'll have my balls in a salad shooter
they're getting hitched
they're jumping the broomstick
They're no better than they should be
They're riding'me harder than a rented mule
things are hopping
things are not always as they seem
things that go bump in the night
thinking with the wrong head
third times a charm
this could be the start of something big
this hurts me worse than it does you
this is a process of eliminating options
This is a turd hunt
this is for the birds
This is gooder'n grits
This is just like fucking a skunk. I've had about all of this good shit I can handle.
This knife so dull twuldn't cut hot butter
This old truck wouldnít pull a slick prick out of a lard bucket.
this too, shall pass
this town's not big enough for the two of us
This'll jar your preserves
thorn in my side
those are the breaks ( dems da breaks)
Those legs go all the way up and make an ass of themselves
Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
Three bagger, one for you, one for her, and one for the dog so he'll respect you in the morning
Three reasons to be a teacher- June, July, and August.
Three sheets to the wind
Threw a curve ball
Threw up my hands (in concession/in disgust)
Through thick and thin
Throw a fit
Throw a wrench in the works
Throw another log on the fire
Throw caution to the winds
Throw in the towel
Throw some glass in that pneumonia hole
Throw the baby out with the bathwater
Throw the book at
Throw the key in the water bucket and keep on going
Throwin me under the bus
Throwing caution to the wind
Throwing out the baby with the bath water
Thrown for a loop
Throws like a girl
Ticket to stardom
Tickle your fancy
Tickled pink
Tie the knot
Tied to the apron strings
Tied up right now
Tienes nalgas de mejoral
Tight lipped
Til the cows come home
Till Hell won't have it
Till the chickens come home to roost
Till the cows come home
Tilt at windmills
Time and time again
Time for the bullwhip
Time has passed him by
Time in a bottle
Time is a cure
Time is of the essence
Time is passing me by
Time is ticking
Time is up
Time is what keeps everything from happening at once
Time on my hands
Time stands still
Time to bite the bullet
Time to hit the sack
Time to hit the saddle
Time to meet your maker
Time to pay the piper
Time to put him out to pasture
Time to rest my dogs
Time to slap leather
Time to turn over a new leaf
Time will tell
Time's a wasting
Times are changing
Timing is everything
Tin ear
Tin pot dictator
Tingling with anticipation
Tit for tat
To a T
To all intents and purposes
To be at sixes and sevens
To be at the end of one's tether
To be buffaloed
To be honest with you
To be one's own man
To be one's own master
to coin a phrase
to come the raw prawn
to cry wolf
to each his own
To each his own like the man who kissed the cow
to err is human, to forgive divine
to everything there is a season
to feather your nest
to fish in troubled waters
to get a red ass over someting
to go postal
to have a bone to pick with you
to have a knack for it
to have and to hold
to have egg on your face
to have half a mind
to hell and gone
to lie down with lions
to live from hand to mouth
to make a long story short
to one's heart's content
to paper over
to pour oil on troubled waters
To Steal Someone's Thunder
to stick in one's craw
to tell you the truth
to the best of my ability
to the manner born
to the victor go the spoils
to wear sackcloth and ashes
tobacco road
today is the first day of the rest of your life
toe the line
tomorrow is another day
Tongue And Cheek
Too big for your britches
too clever by half
Too hot to tango and too old to stroll
too hungry to eat
Too lazy to hit a lick at a snake
Too many chiefs and not enough Indians
too many cooks in the kitchen
too many cooks spoil the broth
too many irons in the fire
Too much candy for the penny
too much of a good thing
Too much Sanity is madness, but the madest of all is to see life as it is and not as it should be.
Too pooped to pop and too old to stroll
too rich for my blood
took me to the cleaners
Toot your own horn
Top brass
Top-drawer people
Torn asunder
Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore
Touched in the head
Touchy feelie
Tough cookie
Tough nut to crack
Tough row to hoe
Tough titties (too bad)
Track record
Train of thought
Trial by fire
Trim one's sails
Trip the light fantastic
Trouble with a capital `T'
True blue
Truth is nothing but a feeling that something is true
Truth is relative
Truth is stranger than fiction
Try as hard as you can
Try as I might
Try as you may
Try your hand at something
Trying to rip me a new asshole
Trying to rip me a new one
Turn a blind eye
Turn a deaf ear
Turn back the clock
Turn it around the horn (baseball cliche)
Turn on a dime
Turn on, tune in, drop out
Turn over a new leaf
Turn something into a zoo
Turn the other cheek
Turn the tables
Turnabout is fair play
Twenty (or Forty) miles of bad road
Twenty three skidoo
twice as nice
twice as strong as an ox and half as smart
twiddling your thumbs
twist of fate
two days older than dirt
two grapes short of a fruit salad
Two left feet
Two of a kind
Two peas in a pod
two shakes of a lamb's tail
two sides of the same coin
Two sticks of wood don't make a fire
Two ways to do it. The wrong way and my way.
two wrongs don't make a right
two's a company, three's a crowd
ugly enough to make a freight train take a dirt road
unalloyed delight
unbeknownst to me/him
under a cloud
under my skin
under the gun
under the sauce
under the table
Under the weather
unkindest cut of all
until we meet again
unvarnished truth
unwept, unhonored and unsung
unwritten law
Up a blind alley
Up a creek without a paddle
up a tree
up against it
Up and down like a toilet seat at a mixed party
up for grabs
up in arms
Up shit creek without a paddle
Up the creek without a paddle
up to his ears in trouble
up to my neck in alligators
up to par
up to scratch
up up and away!
uphill battle
Upper crust
upset the applecart
Use it or loose it
Use it up, make do or do without
use the gray matter between your ears
use your head
Use Your Loaf
vale of tears
value added
Van Gogh's ear for music
vanish into thin air
Vanished into thin air
Vent your anger
Vicious Circle
visions of grandeur
Wag the Dog
Wages of sin
Wait broke the bridge
Wait with baited breath
Waited on hand and foot
Waiter, there's a hair in my soup
Waiting always lasts long
Waiting for his ship to come in
Waiting for the other shoe to drop
Waiting in the wings
Waiting with baited breath
Wake up and smell the coffee
waking up on the wrong side of the bed
waking up with the chickens
Walk a mile in my shoes
Walk if you don't have to run
Walk like a cowboy
Walk like a drunken sailor
Walk like a duck
Walk like an Egyptian
Walk on air
Walk on eggs
Walk on the safe side of the road
Walk softly and carry a big stick
Walk the plank
walk the staight and narrow road or path
walking dictionary
walking encyclopedia
walking on air
walking on sunshine
Wandering around
want my place in the sun
warm heart
warm welcome
warms the cockles of your heart
wash dirty linen in public
wash one's hands of
wash your mouth out with soap
waste not want not
waste of breath
watch where you tread you ll bring out all the dead
watching the clock
Water over the dam
Water Under The Bridge
Water under the bridge
Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink
wave of the future
wax wroth
way of all flesh
wayward ways
We are going to have a knee slapping good time
We are going to have a mess of fish
We are not amused
We go back a long way. I've known him since dirt was new.
we have (there are?) " bigger fish to fry"
We have seen better days
we have to take "one game at a time"
We might as well get our ears wet
We need a level playing field.
We was fishin' on that lake, an' it come up a cloud an' the bottom dropped out! (Interpretation: "We were fishing, and got caught in a downpour.")
We will cross that bridge when we get there
Weak in the knees
wear out your welcome
wear two hats
Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve
wear your heart on your sleeve
wearing nothin' but his birthday suit
wearing the big girlie blouse (Australian)
weasel words
weasel your way in
weasel your way out of trouble
weather the storm
weave a tale
weighed in the balance and found wanting
welcome to the club
Welcome with open arms
we'll cross that bridge when we come to it
We'll have to save this argument until later when he's not loaded up on loudmouth soup. (drinking)
Well Hell yes it's hard for him to understand 'cause he's always got both ass-cheeks wrapped around his ears!
well hit me with butter and roll me in nuts
well how do you like *them* apples?
Well it's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick
Well it's what the cat said after it got its tail run over with a rocking chair wonít be long now
we'll jump that fence when we get to it
well oiled machine
Well pon my honor
Well that sinks the duck
well this is a fine how do you do
well trained monkey
Well well, well'three holes in the ground
Well, I'd smack the fire out of 'em if they acted that way around me.
Well, that beats a jab in the eye with a sharp stick.
wend one's way
went belly up
went off with his tail between his legs
went storming off in a huff
went through the roof
Went to the outhouse to do his business and the hogs ate him
We're all here 'cause we're not all there
we're going backwards and forwards,backwards and forwards and ain't getting no eggs, nohow
we're going to burn the midnight oil
we're gonna tie one on tonight
we're not laughing at you were laughing with you
we're not playing for sheep
we're really going to town
we're sitting ducks
Were you born in a barn
Wet behind the ears
wet blanket
Wet your whistle
we've hit paydirt
what a drag
what a tangled web we weave...
what a way to go
what are you going to do for a face when the monkey wants his bum back?
what are you stewing about?
What blows in on a ill wind
What crawled up inside of you and died?
What crawled up your ass and died?
What do you mean overdrawn, I still have checks.
What I'd like to know is who pulled your chain
what in tarnation
What in the compound cat hair do you want me to do
What is sauce for the goose, is sauce for the gander.
What is the rigmarole about
What is this, a tea party?
what on earth is wrong with me (you)?
What the cat dragged in and the kittens wouldn't have
What the Dilly Yo
what will be will be
what's a little ______ among friends
What's done is done
what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander
what's that got to do with the price of eggs in chicago
What's that got to do with the price of rice in China?
What's the score?
What's your major malfunction numbnuts?
what's your major malfunction soldier?
when a boat goes aground, mother nature has spoken
when all is said and done
When all is said and done, its the politicians who say it and the taxpayers who pay and do it
When elephants fly
when God said brain he thought he said train, and took the next one out
When God said let there be light, he hit the switch
When Hell freezes over
When I first saw her my eye's bugged out like a stepped on toady frog!
when I was young I WALKED to school,... uphill,.... both ways
when in doubt, consult your inner child if it doesn't come naturally, leave it
When life gives you lemons make lemonade
When pigs fly
when push comes to shove
when shit hits the fan
When the bed's a rockin' don't come a knockin'.
When the bed's a squeakin' don't come a peekin'.
when the cats are away the mice will play
when the cat's away, the mice will play
when the chips are down
When the cows come home
When the creek runs dry
When the fertiliser hits the windmall (i.e., when the shit hits the fan)
When the going gets tough the tough get going
When the rubber hits the road... (meaning: when it comes down to it)
when the shit hits the fan
when the tide goes out the rocks begin to show
when the work is done, I will have time for myself
When this van's a-rockin, don't come a-knockin.
where do you draw the line?
where the rubber meets the road
where there's smoke there's fire
Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
while away the hours
while the cat's away the mice will play
whip up something to eat
whip your ass or my ass or everybody's ass
whistle dixie
whistle in the dark
white collar job
White elephant
who cares about reasoning anyway
who died and made him king (God)?
who died and made you boss?
Who died?
Who is the boss around here anyway?
Who opened the cattleguard?
who pissed in your Cheerios?
who'll bell the cat
Who's hauling those logs
Who's to say what's right or wrong?
Who's your daddy?
Why buy the cow, when you can get the milk for free ?
Why donít you take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut!
why don't we all chip in
Why don't you go fry yourself a snowball.
Why don't you just cry me a hand full of tears
Why I'll slap you so hard you'll starve to death before you stop slidin'.
Why is there more horses asses than horses
Why me? Why is it always me?
Why, it's so cold here...we got dogs stuck to fire hydrants all over town.
Wide birth
Wild goose chase
Wild horses couldn't keep me away
Wild-goose chase
Will it be cash or charge?
Will miracles never cease
Will walk that extra mile for you
Will wonders never cease
Win at all costs
win hands down
Win one for the Gipper
Win the battle and lose the war
Wind swept hair
Wing ding
winning is contagious
Wins hand down
wintry blast
Wipe your nose and pull up your socks
Wish in one hand, crap in the other, and you'll never be empty-handed.
Wish in one hand, shit in the other and see which gets filled up quicker
wish on a star
with a full head of steam
With age comes wisdom
with all due respect
with bated breath
With bells on
With flying colors
with heart and soul
with malice aforethought
with might and main
with one hand tied behind my back
withering glance
within an ace of
Without A Doubt
without fear or favor
without further ado
Wives often object to life insurance, widows never do
Wolf in sheep's clothing
women and children first!
Women, can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em
women: can't live with 'em, can't kill 'em
women: can't live with 'em, pass the beer nuts.
Won't pull a greasy string out of a cat's ass
won't work a lick
work like a dog
worked night and day
worked over like an old punching bag
worked to death
Working for Alyeska is smoking a joint, the more you suck the higher you get.
world weary
worm your way in
worn threadbare
worn to a frazzle
worse than having my teeth pulled
worth his salt
worthy of his salt
would you like some cheese with that whine
Would you not meet a man in the middle
Wouldnít hit a lick at at snake with a stick
Wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating crackers!
wouldn't kick her(him) outta bed for eatin' crackers
wouldn't say shit if he had a mouthful (quiet)
wouldn't touch it with a 40ft pole
wound tighter than a clock
Wound up tighter'n a two-dollar watch
wreak havoc
X marks the spot
yada, yada, yada
Ya'll are a bunch of Sallys
yawning gulf
Yeah, and if a frog had wings it wouldnít bump itís ass on the ground
Yeah, if a frog had a pocket do you think he would carry a pistol
year in and year out
Yesterday called, it wants its information back
You ain't just whistlin dixie
you ain't worth the salt that goes in your bread
you and who's army?
You are adding insult to injury
You are going to get my dander up
You are going to have to eat crow
You are going to have to eat humble pie
You are in way over your head
You are your brother's keeper
You aren't getting up until you say uncle
you back is to the wall
you bet your boots
You better measure twice and cut once
you can bet on it
you can bet your boots
you can bet your bottom dollar
You can bury that advice in a Mason jar
You can buy it for a song
you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar
You can choose your friends and you can chose your enemies, but you can't chose family!
You can cry all the way to the bank
you can decide your own life, dont worry about others
you can dish it out, but you sure can't take it
you can dress her up but you still can't take her to town
you can dress up a pig, but it'll still be a pig
You can fool some of the people all of the time, and you can fool all of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time. - Abraham Lincoln
You can get glad in the same pants you got mad in, and if not, you can go change them
you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink
you can pick your friends,you can pick your nose but you can't pick your friends nose
You can put glitter on shit but it still stinks!!
you can run but you can't hide
You can say that again.
You can see it clearer than balls on a tall dog!
you can sit for a while but keep your boots on
You can stand up or waller in your own self pity
You can take that & put it back in the horse
you can talk like a thoroughbred so talk and give to me sound on the goose
you can't fool a fool
You can't get there from here
you can't handle the truth!
you can't have your cake and eat it
You can't legislate morality.
you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear
you can't make orange juice outa lemons
you can't please your honey without any money
you can't put anything past her
you can't swing a dead cat without hitting one
you can't take it with you
You can't touch pitch and figure not to get dirty
You can't trust him as far as you can throw him
you can't win 'em all
you chap my ass
you could get a well-trained monkey to do that
You could give her Heaven and Earth - she'd still want a tater patch in hell
you could hear a pin drop
you could knock me over with a feather
you could put your eye out
you could talk a dog off a meat wagon
You couldnít hit sand if you fell off a camel
You couldnít yell at a cat without getting a mouthful of fur
You couldn't hit a bull in the butt with a bass fiddle. (bad shot)
You couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with a handfull of rice!
You could't whip half my ass if the other side was helping'you
You cound'nt pull a pint, never mind a bird
you dont believe that fat meat is greasy
You don't give me the right of time
You don't have an STD until your diagnosed
You drive a hard bargain
you drive me crazy
you drive me nuts
you drive me up a wall
you eat like a pig
You get what you give
you get what you pay for
you got a long row to hoe
You got me in a trick bag
You got to be 10% smarter than the equipment you're runnin'.
you got your just deserves (desserts)
you gotta have heart
you gotta put your foot down
You have a real tear jerker there
you have to get up pretty early in the morning to pull the wool over my eyes
you have to kiss a few frogs before you find a prince
You have won half the battle
You have your glad shoe and mad shoe
You haven't got the ambition God gave an earthworm
you hit the nail on the head
You just spun your own web
You just won yourself a five-gallon pail of whoop-ass
You keep me in suspenders
You know I wouldn't shit you. You're my favorite turd.
You left the barn door open
You live in a fools paradise
you look like somebody shot at and missed, shit at and hit
You made your bed, now sleep in it.
you made your bed, now your gonna have to lie in it
You made your bed, you lie in it
you make a better door than a window
you make your own breaks
you messed up my chi, man!
you must be out of your mind
You must have had an oral enema this morning, youíve been talking shit all day
You need to count your fingers after shaking hands with him
you only hurt the one you love
You put the big pot in the little one
you reap what you sow
you said a mouthful
you say potayto, I say potahto
you set my blood to dancin' with all your pillowy parts (Joad Cressbecklerism)
you talk about slitting that hog's throat ear to ear and you want to caress it and call it Sweet Sally (Joad Cressbecklerism)
You talking to me?
You two boys together don't make a half wit
you walk like an old grandpa
you wash my back, I'll wash yours
you win some you lose some
You would be late for your own funeral
You'd never see that from a galloping horse
You'd rather sandpaper a bobcats ass in a phone booth than mess with me
You're a day late and a dollar short
You're a virgin until youíve filmed it
You're gonna shove a bee up his ass
You're just offering me one beer? Do those things come like dead men, one to a box?
You're pissing in the ocean
You've always got something up your sleeve
You've gotten enough miles outta that road
You've rode that wagon till the wheels have fallen off
You'll know it when you see it
Young enough to be his daughter
Your barn door is open
Your cooking is so bad that the dog licked its butt to get the taste out of it's mouth
Your desk looks like an explosion in a paper factory.
Your guess is as good as mine
Your head is as big as a keife
Your mother was a thief - she stole the stars in heaven and putīem into your eyesÖ
Your mother's so stupid, she thinks cheerios are donut seeds!
Your past is a blueprint for your future
Your past might catch up with you
Your place or mine
Your room looks like a pig stye
You're a gentleman and a scholar
You're all wet
You're barking up the wrong tree
You're darn tootin
You're driving me insane
You're driving your ducks toward a mighty poor pond
You're eyes are bigger than your stomach
You're going so slow you might as well be a rock
You're just pissing on me without the curtesy of calling it rain
You're not just a tooting
You're number is up and time to cash in the chips
You're so sharp we can stick you in the ground and so green youíll grow
You're still wet behind the ears
You're the gleam in your father's eye
You're treading deep water
Youth is wasted on the young
Youthful exuberance
You've got another thing coming
You've got till sundown
Zero is sometimes better than nothing
Zero sum game
Zero Tolerance

Not really sayings...

Goes out, proverbs

apple-pie order: in exact or very nice order
belly-timber: food, grub
biggest toad in the puddle: the recognized leader, the most important person in a group
brain canister: head, often used by pugilists
bully for you!: excellent, first rate (coined by Teddy Roosevelt)
cad: a mean or vulgar fellow
catawamptiously chewed up: totally beaten and destroyed
caterwaul: a loud, disagreeable, complaining noise (also, caterwauling)
cheese it: be silent, be quiet, don't do it
chucklehead: much the same as "buffle head," "cabbage head," "chowder head," "cod's head" - all signifying stupidity and weakness of intellect; a fool
cupboard love: pretend love to the cook, or any other person, for the sake of a meal. My guts cry cupboard; i.e. I am hungry.
dew beaters: feet; "hold out your dew beaters til i take off the darbies"
drumsticks: legs
drumstick cases: pants
dumpling-depot: stomach
dunderhead: blockhead
earth bath: a grave
fimble-famble: a lame, prevaricating excuse
fisticuffer: one who gives fisticuffs, a bare-knuckled pugilist
full chisel: to go at full speed or full drive; to show intense earnestness; to use great force; to go off brilliantly
gentleman of four outs: when a vulgar, blustering fellow asserts that he is a gentleman, the retort generall is, "Yes, a gentleman of four outs" - that is, without wit, without money, without credit, and without manners
gills: shirt collar
like a grave digger: up to the arse in business, and don't know which way to turn
grumbletonian: a discontented person; one who is always railing at the times
guzzle guts: one greedy of liquor
havy cavy: wavering, doubtful, irresolute
idea-pot: the knowledge-box, the head
huckleberry above a persimmon: to excel, to be a cut above the rest
jaw-twister: a hard or many-syllabled word
jollification: party or outing
maneuvering the apostles: robbing Peter to pay Paul, i.e., borrowing from one man to pay another
no great shakes: no big deal
rank spoon: a simpleton, a shallow fellow who runs too much at the mouth. A man who has been drinking till he becomes disgusting by his very riduculous behavior is said to be spoony drunk.
rumbumptious: haughty, pugilistic.
scalawag/scallywag: a rascal
scamp: a worthless fellow
smart sprinkle: a good deal; a good many
snotter, or wipe-hauler: a pickpocket whose chief fancy is for gentlemen's pocket handkerchiefs.
sockdologer: a powerful punch, a decisive blow
square-rigged gentleman: a well-dressed man
to give the mitten: when a lady turns down a lover or spurns a proposal
to milk the pigeon: to attempt an impossible task
to raise one's bristles: to excite one's anger
to throw up the sponge: to submit, to quit, to give over the struggle; from the practice of throwing up the sponge used to cleanse a combatant's face at a prize-fight, as a signal that the side on which that particular sponge has been used has had enough - that the sponge is no longer required
tune the old cow died of: an epithet for any ill-played or discordant piece of music
unlicked cub: a loutish youth who has never been taught manners; from the tradition that a bear's cub, when brought into the world, has no shape or symmetry until its dam licks it into form with her tongue; ill-trained, uncouth, rude and rough
snow job
Harvest moon
Hunters moon
A bad hair day
A bolt out of the blue
A dead ringer
A drop in the bucket
A man of few words
Ace in the hole
Bony Moroney
Brown eye
Charlie horse
Wise old owl
Worry wart
Yankee Dime
Young Whippersnapper
happy camper
the full monty
Indian giver
Bosom buddy
blood brothers
Fifth wheel
Little Miss Priss
Monkey's uncle
red herring
tall tale
teacher's pet
Whipping boy
Cabbage ass
Swamp ass
pass the mustard
the worm turns
two sheets to the wind
you win some you lose some
I've laid more chicks than mother goose
Wet nurse
Paper tiger
happy smoke (marijauna)

Insults go out