Keeping Your Digestion System Healthy

   –  Do NOT strain on the toilet, know when to say, "enough's enough", don't force yourself to poop, straining is very bad
   –  Do not strain too much when you poop
   –  Sit on the toilet for only as long as you need to poop
   –  If you feel like you're straining and not making any success, just stop and revisit the toilet later
   –  Try to wait to go to make a poop only when your body tells you it's time
   –  Be very delicate when you wipe your anus, try to dab your anus instead of smearing motion
   –  Try to often constrict your anus to make it go inwards
   –  Sit less (Sitting for long periods cramps up your intestines)
   –  Try to avoid sitting as much as possible
   –  Have proper posture (Having a hunched posture cramps your intestines)
   –  No sugar
   –  No high-fructose corn syrup
   –  No artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, stevia, splenda, saccharin, acesulfame-k, sorbitol, mannitol (this shit is worse than sugar, it will fuck you up, please don't be stupid and believe everything when you're told it's ok or it becomes something accepted by society, do research, unless you don't care and want to gamble with the chance of having very bad health problems when you're older)
   –  Avoid coffee (coffee kills good bacteria in intestines)
   –  Don't consume other stuff that kills good bacteria in intestines for breaking down food
   –  Eat foods that promote good balance of intestinal bacteria for breaking down food
   –  Don't get drunk - do not drink to the point of intoxication
   –  No salt
   –  Eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables every day
   –  Get a lot of cardiovascular / aerobic exercise
   –  Try to avoid pills, medications
   –  Eat organic foods, not genetically engineered foods (genetically engineered foods are being designed to take nutritional value out and then used for consumption of the masses, do some research)
   –  No hydrogenated oils
   –  Do stretching exercises for your core
   –  Avoid starchy foods
   –  Avoid unhealthy foods
   –  Try to stick to meat and greens and vegetables and fruits and healthy nuts

FYI to all the intelligent people out there

Gastrointestinal diseases and cancers will become increasingly more common as food is increasingly processed and genetically altered. Google this shit.
For one thing, all these pills, medications, and drugs. The companies who make this shit want your money, they're billion dollar companies and thus have large lobbying groups so they can continue pushing the envelope.
Another thing, genetically altered foods, for example foods that are genetically altered to produce pesticides, so that crops do not have to be sprayed. The crops themselves will produce the pesticide. Therefore, you can no longer just wash off your produce to remove the pesticide, it is part of the produce, so you eat it, and now your body is digesting and processing the pesticides. These reactive chemicals could lead to disorders and cancer depending on the amount that you eat for what period of time.
Your body interacts with the food you injest. This is a chemical process. There is cellular interaction with this food. Certain chemicals can make their way inside cells and react with DNA to result in mutations. Certain mutations in DNA cause cancer.

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